Reviews for Turbulence
Guest chapter 34 . 3/28/2023
What a beautiful story. Love this 333
Jling chapter 34 . 10/18/2021
Ughhhhh, I just finished re-reading this story again. Your writing never gets old. I truly loved it. I sure wish you would write again, you’re so talented.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/12/2021
You are a wonderful author..I love all your stories!
YoreReader chapter 33 . 10/31/2020
I love this story so much! Jace and Clary’s love story is perfect. Excellent work! Many thanks for sharing your story with us.
YoreReader chapter 32 . 10/31/2020
Omg. All these feelings. They’re clamoring to be let out. I’m so overwhelmed, you can’t even imagine. Above all others, it feels like home.

They’re back together and It’s impossible to be happier than I am right this minute.
YoreReader chapter 31 . 10/30/2020
Is Jace’s sacrifice over? Will he be returning back to his life now? Is he allowed to be happy? Please let him be happy.
YoreReader chapter 30 . 10/30/2020
Still in denial. Was that a sliver of hope dangling in front of me?
YoreReader chapter 29 . 10/30/2020
*ugly cries some more*
YoreReader chapter 28 . 10/30/2020
*ugly cries*
YoreReader chapter 27 . 10/30/2020
The truth comes out. What a diabolical dynastic family! So. Jace is the long lost heir. And apparently, he’s the only one who’s able to save everyone. But at what cost? I’m afraid it’ll be too steep of a price to pay. Will he need to leave his family? Clary?

Ugh! I am utterly heartbroken. Please tell me I’m wrong.
YoreReader chapter 26 . 10/30/2020
Okay. I feel like a broken record now, but I can’t help it. The story is excellent in showing how extraordinary Jace and Clary’s love is. How can I not keep showering it with praises and plaudits when every chapter just keeps getting better and better?

Clary’s birthday turned out memorable. I love the dream about Jonathan. I love the flower and the note that Jace left for Clary first thing in the morning. I love Jocelyn and Clary’s celebrating her birthday with a smiley face chocolate chip pancakes. I love Jace’s precious gift to Clary and how it shows how important she is to him. I don’t love that Julian and Raphael assaulted both Jace and Clary. And I don’t know how to feel about Jace’s father in his house.

More, please?
YoreReader chapter 25 . 10/30/2020
Obviously, I’m ecstatic that Maryse and Jocelyn allowed Jace and Clary to be together albeit with conditions. I don’t care! They’re relationship is not a secret anymore. That is all kinds of wonderful.

Kaelie needs to be gone. I can’t believe I’m going to say this: I want her gone more than I do Sebastian. She hurt Clary! I hope with what Jace did, she’ll be gone.

That double date is so precious, I’m preening with pride for my babies. I’m happy that they’re happy.

Not very happy with Maryse, though. What was that phone call about?
YoreReader chapter 24 . 10/30/2020
You’re making a habit of it. You’re gutting me inside out with the beauty, poetry and magic of it all. This makes me cry, but I don’t mind. I don’t mind when a love is this beautiful.

More, please. Just more.
YoreReader chapter 23 . 10/30/2020
Finally! It’s about time Jocelyn find out about them.

The intimacy guts me. But I want more. I’m greedy like that.
YoreReader chapter 22 . 10/30/2020
I feel everything. Everything. And it is beautiful.
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