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Blade of light chapter 1 . 10/20/2016
One of the hardest parts of this site, is actually trying to search through older stories, without the right filters, you can easily miss gem's hidden away behind hundred's of pages due to being posted so long ago, with no real categories to search for them, but if you keep trying, you eventually find a true gem like this one.

It's a really pleasant departure from most of the stories are like, following an older Ike's perspective isn't something you often read (or at least isn't anymore, hard to tell what used to happen with these fanfics years ago) as well as getting a story that has a serious nature to it, filled with a bit of suspense and mystery, and while it does have some focus on shipping a few characters, it isn't exactly a slash fic.

The portrayal of the characters is both, fun and sad to read, they feel a lot like a grown up version of the characters from the show (of course there are many ways to write that, but this feels like one of them) so it does feel like a proper portrayal, of course it's all the tragedies that they have faced that makes it rather sad to see. Having a proper sad tone to South Park is always hard to read, just because it can easily feel out of place with all the insane stuff the boys have already gone through and manged to come out alright, which is what sort of makes this story all the more sadder to go through, dealing with situations that not even the madness of South Park can just fix.

It has a nice feel of jumping between 2 different stories, the first being what is currently taking place as Ike tries to learn all he can about his brothers death, and the second being the summary of all the flashbacks we get from a lot of the characters. It doesn't quite feel like it has a happy ending, but it does a good job at resolving some of the characters issues and offering hope.

Something that really is awesome to just see, is the 3 way relationship between Stan, Kyle, and Kenny. I don't know if this was a common ship to read in fanfics once, but this is really the first time I have seen it in a fic, so if it used to be done a lot, it's rarely ever done now, which is a shame. One of the hardest parts of reading a ship fic that has 2 of these boys with each other, is often how much it feels like one of the boys is getting left out; If it's a STYLE story, then Kenny is being left behind as the third wheel like always (things like this are addressed in the story, which is nice to see). If it's a STENNY story or a K2 story, then it leaves one of the former best friends out, which isn't always a bad thing depending on how the characters are portrayed in each fanfic, but there is always a feeling of, Kenny getting the backseat, or the 2 best friends splitting a little apart as one of them gets the close friend Kenny.

It would be awesome just to see more stories that address Kenny sort of being left behind, so it was nice to see it happen here, just a shame that this particular story didn't give them a happy ending.

Anyway, it was well worth the read :)
AzaleaTea chapter 14 . 7/12/2014
*sorry for so many typos and the non existant paragraphs, it's 3 in the morning haha
AzaleaTea chapter 1 . 7/12/2014
This fanfiction hasn't had a review in a long time, and the author seems to foget completely; but I felt like this masterpiece could use more justice (so little's almost unsettling) that I decided to add anorher worthy review. So I stumbled upon this fanfic by coincidence and let me tell you (whoever is reading this), that since the very first chapter I knew this was gonna be promising. First of, this story has the best of both words plus a bit of a third: suspence, crime and romance. It keeps the reader anxious, asking for more, and chapter after chapter, it all unfolds gracefully until we find the truth and reach a conclusion. The writing style is truly amazing, as it switches from first tense to flashbacks with such harmony that you feel like you're watching the real thing from both the prespective of the reader (obviously) and Ike's perspective. I adore the fact that it seems so unreal and yet unreal. The ambience of the town is a plus. The town had this weird eerie and gloomy feel to it like if it was stuck forever in the past; the personalities and the behaviors of each character were SPOT ON. Regarding each character: Henrietta was a surprise, liked how the author portrayed her, not at all out of character and very honest and friendly in her own way. I also found Keiran very likable, with a cool personality and a strong presence. I hope I'll be seeing more of him on your other fics .
I also need to mention the parts with Bebe and Clyde, they were SO well written. Clyde kind of pissed me off for the way he acted in the flasbacks and how he turned out to be in the future, haha. Bebe's reaction to her own mistakes was heart shattering. She seems like she might have alcohol problems, and that she is living a life of guilt. Craig and Tweek's reactions apon finding out about the boys was also really delightful to read. Loved their little moments (specially when they are together at the end) and the fact that Tweek developed a phobia due to the fact that after he came out, he started being bullied.
Ike. I freaking love Ike. No complaints. None. Love his whole smart-ass atittude and the fact that he has a tempter similar to his brother. He was devoted, caring, always looking up on Kyle has his role model, his source of light, of guidance. And sweet jebus on a rollerskate I cried. So much. And I never EVER cry over a movie, tv show, a fic or book, NOTHING. Managing to make me, to make at least some readers feel that way- something so strong- is something many, many writers can NOT achieve...
Found interesting on how Kyle was Ike's conscience, it makes sence, considering Kyle's whole personality. It kind of gives more depth to Ike's character, how his brother's death affected him psychologicaly. The way Kyle is portrayed, happy then shocked then angry and alarmed, it truly reminds me of certain aspects in his character/personality. Smart, sometimes a go with the flow guy, less skeptican than Stan, unselfish, loyal, lovable, caring, short tempered, et cetera. Such an amazing character...
Now, the boys relationship felt a bit-weird, I guess?- only in the very beggining, but oh god it turned out to be so realistic and amazing. Like someone has already mentioned in the comments, the author used the almost over-used "ship" of the fandom consisted of Kyle x Stan x Kenny and made it serious, made it REALISTIC. So many strong emotions. I don't want to sound like a fangirl but THE FEELS.
We get to see a glimpse of the happiness that the three had shared, then Stan's and Kenny's injuries made me almost wince in pain (specially Stan's tho he broke the member, I at least know what's it feel to have your leg being cut open.). Felt so sorry for him and Kenny... I found it interesting how both of them reacted after their boyfriend's departure. Stan TRIED to cope with both the lost of Kyle and his whole relationship with Ken and Kyle, but obviously failed to do so (not having a leg didn't help much to his misery); while Kenny stayed behind, ended up trapped, chained by his own past and seeing no other way out of it. Kyle's death struck me hard. I was overwelmed by the death scene at the very end. I swear I was holding my breath until it wad revealed to be Cartman. Always suspected to be him. I noticed how the author rarely brought him up, and whenever she did, she kept saying that he had a strong alliby. I dont necessarily hate Cartman. He's a very cool but difficult character to work with due to him being an neurotic psycho. But I do think there IS some good in him tho you'd have to dig VERY deep. Obviously he is no saint AT ALL, his actions are selfish and almost always evil. I truly believe he is tormented for all of the family abuse he received as a kid, the molestations etc; and for the fact that he indirectly killed a guy not knowing beforehand that it was his father. Then later feeding him to his half-brother at a chilly con carnival.
He has mental problems, period. I have mixed feelings regarding him, but that last info really justifies his obcession with Kyle that I presume has grown over the years. He probably didn't intend to kill him but at the same time he didn't show true guilt. All we know is that he's the one who proved to be the accident himself.
What more is there to say? This fanfic made me intrigued, frustrated (cliffhangers, Clyde, Cartman), ALWAYS INTERESTED and incredibly sad. So sad. It was all so reliable. From the flashbacks from their youth, to the very finale. I love it and I love the author for taking (canonly) not-alltime-serious-characters and giving them more depth while putting their actions into context. I enjoyed the fact that you used themes such as homosexuality, poligamy, drugs, high school drama, jealousy, loss of a loved one, phobias and talked about mistakes to which dont have emmend, death and coping, and of course, seizing the day. This fic felt like a stab in the heart, because the ending tho it's somewhat happy and very vague (and yet conclusive?), it still has that feel that nothing will be exactly the same but that nothing ever changed in the first place because we knew since the beggining that NOTHING, not even finding out the culprit, would ever be able to bring Kyle back...
Truly, TRULY sensational.
xxx-thenaruto-xxx chapter 14 . 6/20/2011
I loved your story, is really cool
Mapon chapter 14 . 6/13/2011
This story made me cry.

Okay, so I started reading this one a while back but lost track of it...and I knew I had to find it again or I would be wondering what the heck happened for the rest of my life. As a poly person myself, and one who prefers triads, I friggin' loved that it was Kyle -and- Kenny -and- Stan. It made me so happy that they were together and so, so, so deeply sad that Kyle had died and they drifted apart.

And OMFG the whole Cartman thing made me soooo angry. I already hate Cartman (well, who doesn't? He's pretty evil) but reading what happened that night made me want to vomit. And I totally believed it...

I believed everything in the story actually. It just felt real...and surreal. I...DUDE OMFG this is just the saddest fic I have ever read and I love you for it and I love the ending and it made me cry and it made me so so so so friggin' sad and I LOVE YOU!

You're brilliant. Please keep writing~
unironic chapter 14 . 5/15/2011
Definitely a helluva ride, but one of the best fafi's on here. The formatting was ingenious and I like how the story slowly unraveled, going from outsiders all the way to the killer himself. It's kinda weird to say, but I actually really liked the Clyde and Bebe interviews, as it was interesting to get perspective from seemingly normal citizens. I really hope every thing works out for Keiran and Ike, Stan and Kenny, but you tied up everything that needed to be tied, so a sequel would be unnecessary, though thoroughly enjoyable.
Fizz Frenchtoast chapter 14 . 12/27/2010
gah! *fangirl squeal* i loved the writing, the story, the ending.

now to attempt all your other fics...
amsay8D chapter 14 . 10/1/2010
I actually made a (new) account so I could review this unanonly.

It was probably the greates work of fan fiction I've read in god knows how long. The whole thing, from begining, middle, to end, had kept me intrested (a feat which is not usually done unless it's a gorey comic book), and on my toes.

I felt really into it, trying myself to figure out the whole mystery. It was a treat to be in the same situation of Ike in terms of knowledge.

And not to mention the plot points and twists and oh god. I'm trying to not sound like an obsessive lunatic, but there I go.

I mean, I was like, up all night, screaming at my cell phone over it. I'm glad I got to it when it was completed, I don't think I could have waited.

But anyways, the point.

It was amazing.

I loved it. I really did. And though I was looking for some cutesy romance thing (oh how I love Ike, but he's not gotten enough love), I got this. And I am incredibly happy.

xmodernxtragedyx chapter 1 . 7/11/2010
I've read the entire story, but just now remembered my password and I wanted to stop by to write a review. I can say very honestly that this is one of the most well-written fics I've ever read. The plot sucessfully kept me interested. The characters were very well developed. :)
D McVetty chapter 14 . 7/8/2010
The ending was certainly worth everything. It was perfect. After all the depressing events, it is great to read the happiness in this chapter. I'm so glad you wrote this. I loved every second of it.

ketamine.methanol chapter 14 . 6/27/2010
I love you
JellyBellyJellyBeans chapter 1 . 6/26/2010
This was really good! I loved it! The Whole Thing!
let's point out the obvious chapter 14 . 6/26/2010
I read this chapter like a sigh- a lovely, satisfying end to an interesting, exciting story. I'm not even sad it's over, everything turned out so well.

I hope you never stop writing fanfiction, silly as it may sound, because catching the occasional chapter of any of your stories really makes my day.
D McVetty chapter 13 . 6/13/2010
Beautiful. fantastic. just amazing. your writing never ceases to amaze me. I Love this story so much. Everything came together perfectly, nothing let down. this is the most amazing fanfic i've ever read

on a side note, finally reconstructed their site for cell phones, which is how i'm finally reviewing


Good luck writing the final bits. they can sometimes be the hardest.
J.E.McCormickGal chapter 13 . 6/12/2010
Awwh the end bit was really sad :(

Glad they kno what happened though. Evil Cartman :(

Awesome story, loved it.
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