Reviews for Bella's Story!
YEEEEEEEEESSSSSS chapter 2 . 7/30/2014
mia chapter 10 . 6/29/2014
I really like ur story
Guest chapter 12 . 5/17/2014
Please, could you update! I love this story! It is awesome!
Luna chapter 10 . 3/9/2014
I love your story
Guest chapter 1 . 1/6/2014
Really amazing!
Guest chapter 10 . 10/26/2013
I love it. Don't feel bad. I wish I could write like this.
Grace park chapter 12 . 10/20/2013
Love it
Guest chapter 5 . 10/8/2013
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LittleMissBeth96 chapter 12 . 8/22/2013
Love the story line, please start updating again!
nine tailed demon fox chapter 12 . 12/13/2012
please write more thanks
casady deathwood chapter 2 . 9/21/2012
hey this is really good im wondering if u could read my first fanfic ? Half vamp Half god
The Riptide Writer chapter 12 . 9/2/2012
Your back? (raises eyebrow)
No offense, but it doesn't seem like it. Good story, though. I recommend you go back through this chapter and fix all the typos you find. They distract from the story.
gest chapter 12 . 8/15/2012
More chapters.
Darkling XIII chapter 12 . 3/3/2012
this is such a great story, and you are a great writer! please don't give up on it! i want to find out what happens as i am surre do many other of you readers! you said at the end of this chapter that you were back but you're not! where did u go! dont abandon us like this! please continue! *inser irresistable pout here(even better than alice's)*
Bree chapter 12 . 2/20/2012
please update as fast as u can and please write an extra long chapter explaining this carlilse bella ,please a really great story.
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