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RavenTheSilverKing chapter 18 . 12/3
Hey, just wanted to say I got your work recommended by another Author and decided to give it a try even when I knew it hadn't been updated in a while. I have to say I am still very happy that I picked it up and decided to read it through. It's in my eyes a very good story and well written. While there are some parts that seem to repeat certain things a bit I don't mind it.

I hope you are well and good. I also hope this review/message reaches you. Even if you haven't updated this fanfiction in 4 years and I don't know if you are even active on this site anymore, I hope maybe one day you'll be able to return to this work of yours.
Maverick chapter 18 . 10/23
Aelirenn chapter 18 . 9/21
The first I read through I completely missed the Jensen and Padalecki reference, or I don’t remember catching that anyway. Lol. Gave me a good chuckle. I hope you’ll come back and finish this. It’s been a while, though not nearly as long as Miranda’s absence.
darkphantomkid chapter 18 . 9/1
Ooh... I can't wait for the next chapter. I hope you continue it. Can't wait to see what Anya and Saluris/harry will do. Hope you feel better.
YserriaRey chapter 18 . 8/15
This was a delight to read and fills me with renewed motivation to work on my own writing. Thank you for sharing ( :
TristianWolf chapter 17 . 7/25
P.S... Totally forgot to tell you, I added you to my FAVORITE and to my AUTHOR'S lists in 2016, so I probably read this before, and I will DO SO AGAIN, AGAIN, and AGAIN!
TristianWolf chapter 18 . 7/25
AD-like WOWSERS, I never saw that coming. You Broke me, seriously I think this is THE MOST FABULOUS TALE that I have ever had the opportunity to read
Thank You for taking the time to write this.
Emma, Beta, and being a great Friend. My Hat goes out to you as well. 1; For helping her out with this. 2; For helping her out with her blockage with her Muse.
RL can be a B h. So I hope you are okay.
Keep writing,
TristianWolf chapter 11 . 7/23
YOU ARE NAUGhTY, NAUGHTY LITTLE GIRL! {my emoji's disappeared}
TristianWolf chapter 1 . 7/17
Hi, this is what I've been looking for, for a long time, this prolog has me hooked solid, and favorited. So I will see how it plays out. I read Miranda Flairgold, back in 2017. I LOVE EVERY TALE/Story she has written. And favorited every one. As for Toki, I thought I read their tales years ago but I cannot find them anywhere in my saves. Well, now Toki is on my list. I will get back to them sometime down the road. As for Miranda, she is going to be rea again soon. As for yours, I shall be continuing now.
Thanks, TW
Lizzie389 chapter 16 . 6/14
Hadrian isn't really going to die, is he...?!
Is it just this site, or will the story be visible in other places?
(for some reason, this is the only fanfic site I have access to, so...)
Cassie chapter 18 . 6/14
please update soon, I really really love this story, though it's also been really really hard to find. By far the best hp fanfic I've come across!
Vera chapter 18 . 6/11
Really love it, update soon puhlease~
I loveyou chapter 18 . 6/4
Oh man I had to go down so rabbit holes to find this. Read another Harry goes to a different school fic and all icould think about was your fiction lol. Man it has been a long time since I last reread it but it is still a banger.
Happy writing! ️ hope you are doing well can't wait to see what the terror twins have in store for their future ️
xiu chapter 18 . 4/18
Hello i hope one day you continue this fis is amazing ) i hope for the next ) i'm sad that hedwige was dead, maybe fawks save her and she becomes a pheonix and maybe with the tears of fawks and and a link with hedwige the pheonix harry/salus will be safe.
sorry for my english i'm frenche ) a new chapter soon, please?
rowenasheir chapter 18 . 3/16
The rest of the story and fixing those arrogant wizards once and for all! Please.
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