Reviews for Stories of the Lone Traveler
Kurai chapter 60 . 7/1
I greatly enjoy this series. I don't know if you do requests, but I would like to see some takes on cross overs with Bleach, Campione, and especially Fate Stay/Night. Maybe with Stargate, Avengers, and X-Men as well, you manage to make the majority of your short stories appealing to me.
Guest chapter 60 . 7/1
Awesome chapter
Nytefyre chapter 60 . 7/3
Great to see more. Thanks for writing and sharing.
Fellow chapter 60 . 6/30
sunsethill chapter 60 . 7/2
I adored Babylon 5. It was one of the few shows where everything stopped so I could watch it. Marcus dying at the end and Susan surviving made it hard for me to want to ever rewatch it, so I greatly appreciate Harry fixing that terrible plot decision. ;-)
sunsethill chapter 59 . 7/2
Harry sure has learned what to look for in potential problems. It's amazing how just a little forethought can prevent such massive problems. I'm glad you got a bit of a desire to write some more on this fun story.
Kairan1979 chapter 60 . 7/1
Thanks for another B5 X-over.
The death of Marcus was a sad moment in the series. I agree with Harry's thoughts about sacrifices and what the others feel about them.
Maybe your Lone Traveler can find a solution for Byron and his group of rogue telepaths?
CRose chapter 59 . 6/29
Its good to see you back in action, great job.
Cateagle chapter 60 . 7/1
*snicker* Oh, now that's just plain mean to Marcus, but he earned it. I do like how this worked out and it works quite well.
PhilH chapter 60 . 6/30
Excellent scenario! Poor, poor Marcus. evil grin
Mo.auxier chapter 60 . 6/30
lol... I just read your last chapter the other day and I got on today and I was like, didn't I already read that? I had to check the dates. I've never even seen anything of Babylon 5, but with your style of writing, I feel like I can probably piece together most of the plot. You writing style is just so detailed, yet engaging. You are really good and I hope you continue putting chapters out when you can.
-Moira :)
texasjeanette chapter 60 . 6/30
Totally love your reinterpretation of events... as well as the wisdom shared by Harry regarding the sacrificing of one's life for another... I hope you post more... as I love these stories!
badkidoh chapter 60 . 6/30
another great chapter.
CAG7 chapter 60 . 6/30
I still think a Robotech or Macross story, would be a good idea (or another star wars)
geetac chapter 60 . 6/30
Good chapter
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