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Guest chapter 14 . 11/15
So cool! I love this story!
Mas2009 chapter 14 . 11/7
is there a difference from their original world? you made aizen godly and maybe things will be more complicated than the past...sorry I skipped to this chapter after I read the first 2 chapters and I was right because this is unreal, ichigo , his father, kisuke and yoruichi could not beat him? also your "we don't have a prove" shitty thing is absurd in my opinion...bye
Yukino-chan chapter 14 . 10/7
We can't help but ask when cause this fic is too awesome!
Guest chapter 12 . 10/7
wait sorry but idk if it's just me (probably is but sigh) but i'm having like these discontinuities when i'm reading so i'm not sure if I'm missing it or...? like for one when did kiyoko become masaki and i feel like i still don't know what tsuzuki and yukimaru actually look like ahhh send help ;_;
Raine Haruto chapter 3 . 8/27
At first I thought I was remembering things wrong...but it seems that it's actually because you've rewritten this chapter already... haha. C:
I feel that there are a few places where it gets too long to keep interest in reading, and there are some parts from the old version where I found funny have been cut out. D: But otherwise, I like that the scenes have been expanded upon!
sierra.steinbrecher chapter 10 . 7/19
Whoa! Not a choice I was expecting, but now that I think about it, it's perfect for him!
sierra.steinbrecher chapter 1 . 7/18
I loathe this chapter, but in such a way that you are an incredible writer for making it happen. It makes me loathe war.
Sailor Pandabear chapter 14 . 6/21
neverland25 chapter 14 . 6/4
j'aime ta fic vivement la suite.
bribright91 chapter 14 . 5/11
I'm really loving this story and can't wait for the next update on the rewrite over at AO3. Thanks for posting!
Guest chapter 8 . 4/8
I'm gonna say I like this fic but I have a few problems with it 1. I feel ichigos personality is a little off just a little I but I get it he's undercover so I can deal 2.I miss shirosaki original personality he seems a lot more mellowed out again I know you need to him to act that way did yoruichi and urahara go back in time since their younger selves are in the past and if you explained it in earlier chapters I'm sorry 4.I miss zangetsu is there a way to bring him back without messing up the story in his as tensa zangetsu so it won't be a huge ass sword and I'm sorry if this is to much
whisperchild chapter 14 . 3/30
The mere thoughf of having Yoruichi as a motherly or rather sisterly figure is somewhat terrifying... Poor Ichigo
I really like Ichigo or rather Tsuzuki going to the Fourth Division, because many people simply don't appreciate the important role of the healer, and it also poses as a symbol of his evolving character, because I believe no one would have expected him at the very beginning to prefer becoming a combat medic instead of the simple stereotypical hero-warrior (no offense meant, that role is also important and by no means dumb or something like that).
Masaki is in canon not an ordinary ghost, but rather a full-fledged Quincy - but I don't mind, this is probably because you started writing earlier than the manga developed to that point. Or maybe you just don't like Ichigo being a hybrid of every species existing, excluding animals. I am fine with that.
Besides, I love the idea of his mother still being a fierce, strong and caring woman and her adapting a mother role for Yukimaru, god knows he deserves it.
It is an interesting turn of events, and I hope you will soon continue writing : )

rebecca taylor chapter 10 . 3/26
I love the Kisuke vs Aizen in episode 300
Krinya chapter 14 . 2/19
I started this a few days ago and now I can't wait for chapter 15! Ichigo-or rather Tsuzuki- has really come a long way. But I have a question, is Tsuzuki still wearing his two daytime reiatsu suppressors and 3 night time ones (I think those were the numbers)? Is that why he was having somewhat of a hard time in this most recent battle, the failed picnic thingy? I noticed the parts about him struggling with carrying two people in the boat thing and how he was feeling pretty drained partway through. I'm wondering if that's normal (twas a hard battle), or because he has to hold back and not seem TOO powerful, lest suspicions be raised?
Guest chapter 14 . 2/17
Wow, loving it and all the detail you've gone to. Also on a slight side note I'm curious as to how Tsuzuki's 'twin' is doing during all this. I was almost expecting him to notice and comment the first time Tsuzuki was harmed in the living world and panic by pestering Tsuzuki when he woke up via mind link if nothing else. That he hasn't had a concerned scene all the times Tsuzuki has been hurt so far is kinda ..unusual. Although knowing the plan I'm assuming he just had to grit his teeth and bare with it hoping Tsuzuki will be alright since he can't exactly move in to help. Still it would be interesting to see a little more interaction between the two of them or even Yukimaru's communication and interaction with the others who came back through time. I'm slightly curious as to how Yukimaru's training is going as well since he would have to learn through Tsuzuki in their mind battles unless the skill translation is automatic or something. Also I've kinda been assuming Kisuke has been giving Yukimaru power limiters as well unless he simply does need one due to not being constant scrutiny.

Ahem a rather long side note and right in the middle of things getting really interesting for the others as well but it would be nice to see a little of how Yukimaru is doing as well as Tsuzuki and I really enjoy the scenes where they're all together like on their birthday with Kisuke and their mother as well (I'll be slightly disappointed and amused that Tsuzuki's 'adopted mother' wasn't there as well. XD)

Anyway absolutely loving it and all the detail and really wondering just what is going on at the moment since constantly claiming it's Aizen seems like it might be to easy so I'm curious as to what else is going on behind the scenes as well.
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