Reviews for A New Chance At Life
MichaelNS chapter 2 . 6/12
Just re-reading waiting for chapter 18..
MichaelNS chapter 1 . 6/10
literally just re reading this waiting for chapter 18 of adventure ;p
zephyr hb chapter 21 . 5/26
love this but.
Still eleven, varely twelve?
GeassDragon chapter 27 . 5/16
It should be pointed out that your custom ball is way to overpowered for this type of fanfiction. That an I'm pretty sure most of the legendaries could just smack the ball away, even if there were weakened from combat. "like whiscash did in that one episode"
Idea Tamer Chaos chapter 22 . 5/16
So umm, i enjoyed the chapter a bit but it was either this chapter or last chapter where Charizard was admonished for cracking his knuckles. Cracking your knuckles does not increase your chances of any bone disease. At all. It’s a common misconception thanks to a bunch of parents of hated the noise.

In the words for a person who is a physiotherapist. You’re just dispersing a pocket of air. Nothing special. If it’s painless you should be fine.
Sefera chapter 27 . 5/15
Very good! I look forward to more!
1995hzq chapter 27 . 5/15
Is he Hoenn story going to be continued?
Birthday Pikachu chapter 27 . 5/15
Thank you. This is a very iconic Pokémon fanfic and deservedly so. This is a fun and light world that you just want to sink into. Far too many stories stray from the lightheartedness and wonders of life—as an eager reader, I thank you for this story. Worlds like these feel the most like Pokémon to me!
IchiFell chapter 26 . 4/1
I always find myself feeling hesitant when I see such high stakes like this prison ball. It sounds like there will be a huge blow to the main characters, especially to one of the Legendaries in Ash's possession, but most people avoid that. They either asspull a way to fix any damage or just don't affect the main cast when a death should be implimented. It isn't enough to make me stop, mostly because I have greatly enjoyed the story up to here, but I am still worried about the easy way out being taken instead of a more painful event.

Maybe that's just me though.
Crazy Marauding Raven chapter 28 . 4/1
I have a question. I've just read 2 chapters and it seems to me that you're foreshadowing Ash/Latias. If thats right then I'm sorry to say I cant continue reading this story because it feels weird. But I wish you the best. If thats not right can you please send me a reply and let me know? I'd appreciate your candor.
TheSilverUmbreon chapter 21 . 3/30
man lance is a dick in this
Glace2 chapter 4 . 2/28
Hey, wait, wait, wait... Fairy types don't exist yet!
King of Crows chapter 28 . 1/2
Will you retcon Togetic to be a Fairy-type?
Ash chapter 11 . 12/14/2017
I hated the to much cluelessness he isn't that dense he learned after the lugia incident with the kiss for welcoming.
YokaiAngel chapter 28 . 11/22/2017
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