Reviews for Crimson Dreams
xXxBlessxThexFallxXx chapter 35 . 21h ago
That was super cute :D Except the slight GaaMatsu... but some ppl like that kinda thing I suppose
xXxBlessxThexFallxXx chapter 27 . 4/17
Damnit tell her! Sure it's Sasuke's body... but its not actually Sasuke... :'(
xXxBlessxThexFallxXx chapter 16 . 4/16
I love you Itachi! You make me smile...
xXxBlessxThexFallxXx chapter 6 . 4/16
Oh my goodness was that a bit of ItaSaku-ness I spotted there? xD Yesh!
straYCat chapter 35 . 4/11
THANK GOD you chose this ending! You just made my day!
It's true that sad endings affect you more but happy ones are always BETTER!
Every one was so cute! putting Obito back felt nice especially for Kakashi's sake 3 though in reality I don't think his actions will be overlooked but who cares this is FANFICTION :D
Maybe in an other story you could consider adding some more Sai he's just so adorable. I once read a story that had Sai and Hanabi couple they were super CUTE!
Sasuke and Suigetsu's friendship is quite amusing too!

I'm gonna check your other stories and I'm eager to read the new one!

straYCat chapter 34 . 4/11
I'm soo very sory for not being able to review most of the chaptrs owe to my terrible net AAAHHH!
I promise to try to review as much as i can
The twist of Sasuke is so nice! Eager to read the next chapter!
Sakura's parents are quite amuzing :)

thank u!Love it!
straYCat chapter 23 . 4/11
WHAT WAS THAT?! WHYYY?! I'm not a Sasuke fan but come on! oh I don't know poor who?! And I just started to re-like the guy...
nothing ever seems fare for those two... At least Itachi is back but still! two is always better than one...
Daidara was rather cute
i got a bit lost? when Itachi came back was he in the corp then his soul went to Sasuke's body?

thank u!...not sure that I love it!
straYCat chapter 25 . 4/11
ok typing in the dark suck big time
where is Karin? ;)
you summarized almost every thing which was pretty cool!
where is Daidara? I kind of like him...
so Itachi made Kabuto release the jutsu, but they are able to stay for a bit longer? Good one !
I feel a bit drunk. It's 3 am and I'm starting to have a brain malfunction...
I'll shut up now

thank you!Love it!
i love every body at this moment
nighty night
XSilentxAngelX chapter 35 . 4/10
Holy crap this story was amazing! I couldnt put it away once I'd started and ended up reading the entire thing in one day xD this was brilliant hope to read more from you :)
Stardust413 chapter 35 . 4/9
This has been a great story. Too bad about the alternate endings, they both sound really intense. I'm very excited to read your upcoming Naruto x Fairytale fic, as I love both of them. Who are going to be the main characters, if you don't mind me asking?
Itachiforever342 chapter 35 . 4/7
I'm glad you went with this ending, so Sasuke and Itachi had their happy endings. I don't think I'd like either of the alternate endings, because Itachi wouldn't be there for Sakura, and that was what this story was all about.

I loved this story all the way through! Thanks for writing it! XD
Barranca chapter 35 . 4/7
I've enjoyed this story very much, with the regained lives and happy endings! I'm glad you did not decide in the favour of one of those depressing ones :D
Jbthoughtful chapter 35 . 4/7
Awe inspiring story, a truly good job.
Tsubaki800 chapter 35 . 4/7
Greatest...story...I...have...ever...READ! How did I not see this story before? Really I loved every chapter! I just want to know if Shizune and Kakashi have kids? :D
Th3redjumpsuits chapter 34 . 4/6
Thank goodness for Deidara! I'm so happy Sasuke AND Itachi both get a second chance at life and happiness.

And the situation with Kakashi and Shizune and Sakura's parents was just hilarious.
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