Reviews for Acadamies, Assingments, and Averageness
TheLegacy79 chapter 4 . 6/19/2012
Now when you day soon how soon is that supposed to be? I NEED to to know! Keep updating. No excuses little missy.
TheLegacy79 chapter 3 . 6/12/2012
Yeah Screamer. Stay quiet and you can keep your face. Maybe. Third review still readin'.
TheLegacy79 chapter 2 . 6/12/2012
I'm gona review for every chapter! This story rocks! Bee kicked some aft out there today!Best time as any to figure out what unknown weapons do eh? AAhhhh again! I don't want to be Canadian! Anyway Nice chapter.
TheLegacy79 chapter 1 . 6/12/2012
Man just wait till Bee gets his hands on whoever hurt her. His shoe is gonna bring a whole new level of pain to their aftplates. It was a great shapter. :D Keep writing eh. Haha, no I'm not Canadian but I still say that sometimes. I also sound British when I say mum instead of mom
CIA Skirt chapter 3 . 8/31/2011
Everyone loves long-winded explanations...I like it
Twylaheart chapter 3 . 7/15/2011
plz plz plz plz plz plz update fast reallu fast ASAP FAST
Rainspiral chapter 3 . 9/29/2010
maybe OP should make a tape and just play it every time something like this happens.
hummergrey chapter 2 . 6/10/2010
Interesting idea with the Decepticons attacking. Accurate on the hologramps popping out, military kids knowing to duck and cover and the girls freaking out at the Decepticons.

Example of the wording: YOURS

Bee, Sunny, and Sides figured out that now would be a good time to show up. So activated their holoforms, and made themselves look as if they'd been through the crisis as well, which wasn't hard.


"That's it, the battle is over," Sideswipe said.

"Beats fighting my English assigment. I still aren't sure its worth learning," Sunstreaker complained, rubbing at a scratch in his yellow armor.

::Am not sure it is worth learning:: Bumblebee corrected over their internal comms.

"Whatever. Now would be a good time to show up, before the others realize we are missing," Sunstreaker returned to the high school side parking lot, transforming his metal body back to his alt mode and materializing his hologram. Bumblebee and Sideswipe copied him, their holograms moving past the NEST soldiers.

TIP: Write out the sentences then turn them into the bots or people speaking with small details added in. Your concept is a good one and worth reading. Waiting for more.
hummergrey chapter 1 . 6/10/2010
Good concept especially with the major twins Sideswipe and Sunstreaker being stuck in high school. Good detailing on them using their middle names as their designations, Prime disabling their internet connections and the noise of humans together being overwhelming.

Little rough on the wording being more "this and that happened" than being present tense and in the action but still good.
Botosphere chapter 2 . 6/8/2010
Enter the 'cons! :) I LOL'd at the girls screaming and refusing to calm down until they could get their arms around the boys - just too much fun. Update soon! :D ~ Eowyn77
Psuedonymous Bosch chapter 1 . 5/25/2010
I Luv it...Can you keep writing more? PLEASE! I bake you cookies ;D
Anodythe chapter 1 . 5/11/2010 this is where Zoey comes from! I like her already. She'll have some great protectors and friends in the Bots. I hope you continue this story. What happens when they all get to gym class? Do they take sex ed? Sunny would love French I think! Oh and maybe there's shop and Home Ec. Oh, you have such possibilities. Don't stop writing!
Rainspiral chapter 1 . 2/18/2010
Is this the right button? I hope so and I hope you keep up this story. I to see to many good idea dies from the author not waiting until chapter ten to get huffy over review small ness. But this is good so I am sure you will get tones!
Botosphere chapter 1 . 2/17/2010
LOL Oh dear - the 'Vette twins playing matchmaker? :) I haven't seen a 'bots in high school fic before. This promises to be good! :) You've also got me curious about Zoey. WHY is everyone giving her such a hard time? Is she kind of a Luna Lovegood character? She doesn't seem too out-there, but I hope we get to see a little more deeply into her character. And yes, 'Bee would very much be the kind to stand up for someone who's being picked on. Can't wait for more! ~ Eowyn77