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M E Wofford chapter 10 . 3/10/2010
Well, I can't say this isn't a disturbing ending.

And I can't say it doesn't make me like Tony quite a bit less than I did.

Well written but I am not sure I can handle another story with an ending like this one. So I may not catch the next one in this series.

It makes me way too sad.

Sorry, I am just way too darned mushy inside I guess.

I will catch your next one with a happier end, you bet!
horseninja chapter 10 . 3/10/2010
I don't like angst. I just wanted to say Tony is a judgemental jerk and I hope he realizes what an ass he is in your next story. Just because you don't want them together doesn't mean Ziva's heart needed to get broken. He should know better than to think she is still an assassin. After all they have been through and everything she has told him, well I wouldn't take the jerk back.
MsSchreiber chapter 10 . 3/10/2010
How could you? Ha ha. I'm a happily-ever-after gal, so hoping it goes that way again eventually, but I don't think it will ever be completely smooth for Tony and Ziva so this actually fits and I can't be too mad! ;) Looking forward to reading it (and well done on the super fast update times by the way!)
Bekirock chapter 10 . 3/10/2010
good stuff. I'll look forward to the next story!
Mooncombo chapter 10 . 3/10/2010
I'm reading this from my cell phone at my desk at work and I feel all choked up! Poor Ziva! I've been in this situation and you captured the pain of someone you love walking away from you and all you want to do is beg them to stay. Can't really blame Tony, but I can't agree with him, either. Very powerful.
ncischick09 chapter 10 . 3/10/2010
Bravo! I'm with you on the happy endings thing. Realistically, with all they've been through, expecting fairy tales is just ludicrous! And I totally do not fault you for laughing about something seemingly ill-fated in the episode working into your plotline! That's what we do, right? LOL I am shocked, still, at the ending, so you did a great job! Can't wait for the next part! :)
Pitseleh chapter 10 . 3/10/2010
Oh, come on! What is this? Torture? What's the point of unhappy TIVA fanfic? Sequel, pretty please, 'cause I can't live with these two in this horrible state.
Ziva4Tony chapter 10 . 3/10/2010
ok Just read through the entire story. Please do not have Tony cheat on her. They both have came so far. This is a great story, please let Tony realize that his Ziva is not the one who killed all those people that Ziva died in Somalia.
macadoodle3 chapter 10 . 3/10/2010
ohh i'm sad. :'( see! i'm crying. i was hoping for a happy ending, but mostly because i'm a happy ending kind of person. 'cause i mean really? what's the point of all the suffering and anguish if it ends badly? i think that's why all religions have a 'heaven'... anyway, i'm totally looking forward to 'making mistakes', and i'm expecting a happy ending *glares* ;D lol please? for my sanity? Update soon!
thump chapter 10 . 3/10/2010
ugh... i was in the "happy ending" camp. i know it said "angst" in the header but still (
gsr4ever chapter 10 . 3/10/2010
I'm hoping for maybe a happy ending for part 3? Haha. Nice job
Ryalin chapter 10 . 3/10/2010
Another amazing story. Though I'm not one for sad endings, with these two you kind of had to see it coming. Hopefully, they love one another to work through this. I can't wait to read the next installment.
kanskyny chapter 9 . 3/10/2010
for some odd reason I like this chapter, even if I don't necessarily like the fic. no one seems to think about ziva having actually killed inoocent people, but i'm sure she has. although, she seems a little too... girlish... in this.
The Yardville Girl chapter 9 . 3/9/2010
I think the interviewer got the phrase of the question wrong. It's not much as Tony being too immature for Ziva. I think it's more along the lines of him not being able to understand her past and why she was the way she was. I mean, she didn't start out as a little girl saying she wanted to grow up being an assassin. She volunteered to go into the IDF, as is customary for all citizens of Israel, and became a soldier, if not a very capable and smart one. Her father was head of the Mossad operations. I'm pretty sure he either manipulated her patriotic ways into joining or just gave her ultimatium. That I think would be either one of Eli's style given the way he tried to frame her in Good Cop, Bad Cop.

Also, Tony's been a police office, not to mention and been an NCIS agent. If he could understand what it means to take a life to save a life, things would be a lot better between them on this level. Granted, personally, I don't believe in taking any type of life whatsoever...but I do believe in choosing the lesser of two evils. Ziva's never really just gone out and shot people for no reason. That's what a terrorist does. Ziva is definitely no Saleem because we've seen how much of a heart she really does have. Espeically when she was first introduced and had to shoot her own brother to save Gibbs. Granted it was under orders of her father, but you get the drift.

The lives she's taken have been either terrorists or traitors to the state of Israel...or people who may have known to much information. If she took a terrorist that was killing innocents or soldiers or foreign agents, then I say Ziva deserves a little more credit than just being some mindless assassin. If anything, I probably think once or twice she argued with her father against a hit or two, but who's to say.

Anyways, that's enough of that rant. I just read the post in your author's note and all of this came out in streaming consciousness. I LOVE YOUR STORY! I think it's great. Espeically with how you portray Ziva after everything that happened to her during that horrible time with Saleem. And Tony definitely seems to have matured quite a lot in this story. Don't see that too often. GREAT JOB!
cymraes chapter 9 . 3/9/2010
I'm sure that was hard to right, but it sounded very painfully plausible
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