Reviews for Beyond Time
raven haired girl chapter 38 . 4/28
wonderful story ...
anaficreader chapter 38 . 4/22
I tend to forget to comment, but I couldn't do it this time.
this story was amazing, I honestly don't know why it took me so long to find it and read it, but I'm so very glad I did!
loved the whole concept and I particularly love that scene with Bella and Alice singing very fitting in a way xD
thank you for writing such a beautiful story!
greeneyes97 chapter 38 . 4/14
This is my second time reading this story. I never review, but I had to drop a note in case you still check in here.

This story is stunning. It is heart wrenching, hilarious, thrilling, and deeply romantic all at the same time. I don’t know how you came up with this concept, but 10 years after reaching the Twilight series for the first time I find myself preferring it to the original because of the thought you put in to enhancing and almost perfecting what Meyers wrote. It explains the deep connection Bella and Edward have in a much more satisfying and beautiful way. It also puts Bella and Edward on a level playing field in regards to what they bring to the table— Edward, as a supernatural creature, always had this invisible upper hand and Bella, as a mere mortal, always came across as weaker and unremarkable (partially because of her own self-perception, which you improved upon greatly). But in this story, Bella becomes this strong, resilient, transcendent character who has her own supernatural experience, giving her an equal footing with Edward in my opinion. Edward is also condescended in the reader’s minds through his very real, flawed, human self. I adored what you did with their characters.

My heart clenched every time I remembered that Bella has the rejection from Edward, the heartbreak from her 21st century timeline, in the back of her mind. Her pleas for him to never leave her are tragic because of it, painting the whole story with a desperation and melancholy. It was high stakes, and I really felt it all alongside Bella. No other story has transported me so well. That made your conclusion all the more sweet. Really an incredible literary feat.

Well done. Returning to this story was like returning to old friends. I think of it often, and just had to let you know how thoroughly I enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing this with us. Truly.
Guest chapter 10 . 4/10
Mr. Cullen?
Guest chapter 7 . 4/9
Its a good thing Edward had so many years from the date he died until Bella met him. He certainly had a lot to learn .
Guest chapter 2 . 4/9
Lol, so Jacobs destined to be a big dick. Lol. How fitting.
LumosLyra chapter 38 . 4/10
This story was absolutely beautiful. It kept me captivated for several days as I sank into the tale you wove. It made me laugh, cry, and worry that things wouldn't work out as they should. Each original character felt like canon and I'll forever think of them as part as Edward's past. Thank you for writing this. I loved it, truly.
Kemq chapter 38 . 3/12
Great story. One of the best I've read.
CD chapter 1 . 3/5
I just finished reading this story and I was blown away on how great it was. I also read the one-shot as well and loved it as well (but did prefer the original ending). Love how you were able to tie everything together! Thanks for a great story!
Child of Dreams chapter 36 . 3/6
(sulks slightly)
I liked Renesmee...
alk2015 chapter 1 . 2/18
I loved this... I am new to fan fiction, and this story is all I have been thinking about for the past week since I’ve finished it. I am spoiled for any further reading of other stories. You have a very special gift, and others are right to say that this would have made a better novel than any of the other original Twilight books. I am sorry that I didn’t know if it’s existence for so long. You’re fanfic had made my Bella/Edward fascination come penultimate! Love this more than anything I’ve read so far!
Jessterday chapter 38 . 2/16
What a lovely story. I really enjoyed it. Thank you!
atouchofcitron chapter 38 . 1/25
what an extraordinarily beautiful piece of writing. truth be told, this was the first story where i actually cried. i had no idea what to expect, and bella's grief when edward still falls ill and is on his deathbed touched me. to fight desperately against fate only to realize you never escaped its grasp in the first place is heartbreaking. as fantastical as this whole thing is, you were able to tie it all in to their canon personalities while breathing a whole new life into this period, and it was refreshing to read. i LOVED that maggie's descendants were expecting bella and edward later on. i also loved bella's whole history with carlisle, and am so happy you provided his perspective on his reflection. i didn't even know how much i needed it in my life. and obviously, bella, edward, and even alice in 1918 was spectacular. thank you so much for this, i honestly can't wait to reread this later.
Darrah Meuret chapter 33 . 1/8
Boots or best
Darrah Meuret chapter 26 . 1/7
Let me guess- he told them she was pregnant
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