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Linzerj chapter 19 . 3/10/2012
Uh oh...if all of those villains are ganging up on Robin, then...oh, this does NOT bode well for them!

Darn, I want to hear what happened when Beast Boy walked out the door that day... Curse you, cliffhangers!

I can't wait for the next update to come around!
Shac89 chapter 19 . 3/10/2012
Wow epic work as always oh and to answer your question its Two Face
that guy too chapter 2 . 10/6/2011
great chappy, needs more bbxrae
Merchant of Menace chapter 7 . 8/5/2011
Ummm...I saw the drawing of Falc, and he looks more like Robin than Rae. Also, i imagined Falcon would be taller.
xSaffire55x chapter 18 . 7/19/2011
Hey look! I'm reviewing again! :D Anyway! Just reading it again cause Fanfiction hates my email so I don't get notified. Anyway! I still ABSOLUTELY love this story! So intense and you can't seem to want to stop reading once you start! Anyway! Please update soon! :D
Merchant of Menace chapter 4 . 7/16/2011
I think that BB and Rae should be together, and Falcon should find another. Anyways, I also was wondering why Rae and Falc are so similar if they're not even related.
Merchant of Menace chapter 2 . 7/16/2011
I'm guessing that the person Falcon's searching for will either be Trigon or Slade. Great story!
Dude chapter 18 . 7/3/2011
Dude like all of the chapters are awesome,Im dying with SUSPENSE HERE!I wana know what happens to Falcon and what about beast boy and Terra,your writng is intoxicating IS FREAKING AWESOME!I think he makes a cute couple with raven lol I cant wait till you update
lilswmr427 chapter 1 . 6/3/2011
Okay. I'll admit I haven't even read one word of your story. I probably won't, either (sorry!). However, I would like to commend you on the length of it... OVER 400,000 WORDS? THAT'S INSANE (-ly awesome!)! You have dedication. Bravo.
Shac89 chapter 18 . 5/31/2011
I enjoyed it but what really interest me was the whole conflict with Blackfire
Linzerj chapter 18 . 5/25/2011
...That's gotta be one of my most favorite cliffhangers of all time. Wow. Now I'm really excited for what's going to come next...

Oh, and that was a very interesting meeting, to say the least. Ah, Blackfire...I hope you convince them, for your sake.
muddie chapter 17 . 4/30/2011
This chapter was overall quite enjoyable, firstly because your grammar is continually improving and secondly because your dialogue this time around was much more interesting to read than the last time. From the humourous one between Cyborg and Raven and the tense one between Blackfire and Slade, all dialogue was brilliantly executed.

However, plot isn't moving quickly enough in this chapter. Perhaps the only significant revelation in this story is Wildfire and Blackfire's concern for him since we readers already know about Cyborg's OCD. Hence, the long description of Cyborg's search for clues was quite unnecessary. I personally felt you could have begun the story from: '"What are you after Slade?" Cyborg whispered as he stared blankly at the ruins...' As the words 'ruins', 'large building' and 'entrance was blown clean open from the explosion' make it very clear where Cyborg is. The lenghty introduction was, frankly, ineffective in building much tension and was quite dull since it was insignificant to the central plot.

I'm not sure what you're planning for the following chapters but if you're planning to make Slade execute the next segment of his plan soon, I suggest you avoid dropping hints about Slade's plan, especially in the form of lengthy monologue from Slade about the Titan's thoughts from here on. Here it was fine since there hasn't been much of it but if you're gonna continue adding monologue and explaining each move he makes, it might ruin the surprise when he DOES execute the plan. If you were to deliberately leave out as much key information as possible, you can keep readers guessing and build up far more dramatic tension. That is, unless you're planning to foreshadow instead. However, foreshadowing is best done subtly so readers notice it but still get the surprise, if you know what I mean.

On a lighter note, I love you portrayed a little of Blackfire's human side in her concern and love for her brother and I hope to see more of that in following chapters since it makes her an anti-hero of some sort. Call me a sadist but I would like her to experience a real mental struggle in the following chapters as she continues to follow Slade's orders. Perhaps she might even switch sides and double-cross Slade! :D
Linzerj chapter 17 . 4/1/2011
*twitches* Must...have...more...

Oh, Blackfire...the things she'd do to see her brother - even killing her own sister. It really shows a lot... the Joker gonna come into this, too? Gosh, I hope not. Then we'll need... da na na na na na na na BATMAN!

I hope the Titans get...well, better, as soon as possible...
xSaffire55x chapter 16 . 3/17/2011
STILL LOVE THIS STORY! Its so intense and outstanding. I just never want to stop reading but I gotta when I get to the end of the chapter sadly. Anyway, outstanding chapter! :) I hope the Titans will get through it...I think they will... And Elizabeth's history sounds terrible and sad. Though about her parents being in Africa and searching a cure of a rare disease, makes you think of another Titan. ;) And the Beast earlier mentioned a sister...I wonder... Oh well, keep on writing! :P :)
muddie chapter 16 . 3/11/2011
Wow, finally everything is coming together. I think we, as readers, are beginning to finally see the link between Saffire and the Teen Titans. About time, really!

I love that this time around, your grammar is much better than it was in the last chapter. Overall, I couldn't pick out any major flaws and despite it being long, it was relatively simple to read and it got your points across. Well done!

Looking forward to the next chapter,

muddie :D
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