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ivo1617 chapter 5 . 3/7
I was wondering who the guy with the gun was at the end...

I actually have no problem with Sarah knocking Chuck out; she did beat him up in the very first episode. And left him and Morgan on the floor in an awkward position. Come to think of it, knocking Chuck out at the end of this chapter as well might have been a good idea. Running towards unknown danger on the beach was a very stupid idea. Not just stupid - Morgan stupid. And Sarah was actually being nice to Chuck in this chapter and yet he managed to make things hard between them at the end.

This was pretty exciting and informative for a prologue so you've set the bar pretty high for yourself for the rest of this story. After all, the prologue is supposed to be a little thing compared to the rest of the story.

I am also wondering who left the menu for Chuck in his room in Athens. My first guess would be Chuck's father because only so many people know what is in the Intersect and how it works. But on the other hand, Bryce did have a head start on everyone else who is pursuing Chuck.

Finally, it is worth noting how much Chuck is trying to protect Sarah even though he is still not completely sure who is who and what is what; is he already in love?. He does not know whom he is running from and to whom Sarah is taking him. Casey and company probably think that Chuck is with Fulcrum or some other bad guy group given than Bryce sent him the Intersect. And Chuck being with Fulcrum would explain the mysterious boss and the mysterious pre-Siberia bunker.
ivo1617 chapter 4 . 3/7
I am probably pointing out the obvious, but the ending of this chapter pretty much proves that there was no cuddling in Poland. Or maybe Chuck should not have talked about his good fortune so much...

This chapter also has me hoping that at some point Chuck will realize that being a field agent is not the best job for his skill set. He somehow missed two people entering his room.
ivo1617 chapter 3 . 3/7
So far this story seems to deviate from the usual romantic start for Chuck and Sarah. Chuck will not do very well with the ladies if he falls asleep while they are talking.

I am also wondering whether or not Sarah would know who James Bond is given how much she struggled with movie/TV references. But either way it's safe to say that Chuck finds the idea of a female James Bond more than intriguing.
ivo1617 chapter 2 . 3/7
Actually Chuck vs. The Mask made me think that Chuck is a little bit of a ladies man. Even the bad guy for the episode said so! And then in the next episode Chuck's second relationship was over before Sarah's second relationship could really get started. Is it possible that the idea of Chuck being nervous around women is a misconception?

Well it seems that Chuck and Sarah did bond when they first met, well somewhat bond. Though Chuck is probably right to have doubts about Sarah - things between her and Bryce are a bit of a mystery, so technically it is possible that the two of them could be working together. And on the other hand, despite all of their professional and probably personal history, Bryce decided to trust someone whom he does not see very often ahead of Sarah.

I am sensing that things being awkward between Chuck and Sarah might be one of the early themes in this story. No one has really said anything yet, but that shady Belgian character at the end of the chapter seemed to marry them with the new papers. Or at least people would have a hard time believing that Chuck and Sarah are related by blood...

Also after the first two chapters I am confused as to whom are Chuck and Sarah running away from - the CIA or someone else? If it's the CIA, then Russia is as good of a country to hide as any, so there is no point in leaving. And if they are on their way back to Washington, then why the fake names?
ivo1617 chapter 1 . 3/6
Well, lets get the obvious out of the way - this story seems much gloomier than your Greater stories. I would even go as far as to say that Siberia bunker Chuck makes Greater Chuck look like a complainer. Pretty much everything is significantly better than a bunker in Siberia. There is no seeing his family and friends there and no sleepovers with Agent Walker either.

There are two big questions at this point. First, how did Chuck Vs. The Mask inspire a story with a drastically different alternate universe that starts out at the same time as the very first episode? And second, how well do Chuck and Sarah know each other? They have met before but Sarah seems to know Chuck as more than just one of Bryce's friends. Otherwise, she would not have believed him that he was not a traitor, right? Come to think of it, Sarah seems to trust Chuck more than she does Bryce, though this leads to a third question. When did Chuck manage to make such a good impression on her?

It seems that things between Chuck and Sarah might get even more awkward than usual. Chuck still thinks of Bryce as his best friend and he already knows Sarah so there would not be any love at first sight moments. And to add insult to injury, on the show Chuck seemed to have issues with running away with Sarah on a train...

Another thing that got my attention is that Sarah seemed meaner than usual for most of this chapter. She barely spoke to Chuck on her first visit to the bunker and yet he got a hug goodbye from her. Now I am really hoping for more flashbacks to 2005. It is also worth asking what's her deal with Bryce? Apparently they were to close enough for Sarah to trust Bryce like Chuck does. And we might as well address the elephant in the room for all Chuck stories - Chuck, being the gentleman that he is, will probably end up looking at other women out of loyalty to his friend...

And finally, I am also wondering where is Casey in all this given that Bryce was not shot within a couple of minutes of blowing up the Intersect room. You didn't think that I would do a whole review without mentioning Casey, did you? After all, a Chuck story would just not feel the same without him.
tyog56 chapter 68 . 2/27
Awesome story!
nibuach chapter 1 . 2/20
I am reading this and i just cant stop.I fell in love with Chuck and this is the best fan fiction i have read. It is so detailed and i feel as if I am watching it in my head. This is just INCREDIBLE. My mind is blown ok how well written this is.
Baby Huey chapter 67 . 1/20
you use the prefix "ex-" too often. You use it some times when the should be nothing. try substituting it with "former" every now and then.
Baby Huey chapter 66 . 1/20
I was starting to think that I was going to hate you for how you were treating Sarah in this story. good to see them back together. don't mess it up again.
DarkSpyder25 chapter 68 . 1/18
Really enjoyed this story, especially your attention to the small details. There were some twists in this epic adventure that took me by surprise. While the story does leave with some plot lines dangling, you finished the story in a good place.

Thanks for taking the time to write this.
DarkSpyder25 chapter 55 . 1/18
So I have a few questions:

1. When did Chuck receive his operation Lincoln indoctrination? Was it before he was placed in a bunker, or was some of his training in his daily assignments while in the bunker?

2. Did Bryce only know about Omha or did he know about Lincoln too.

3. I don't think your selling Chuck's anger and bitterness enough. He really shouldn't care what anybody thinks by the end of this chapter besides Ellie. The person who he thought he trusted has back stabbed him on multiple levels, whether their emotions are real or not that is just wrong.

Still I am excited to see show this concludes.
Baby Huey chapter 14 . 1/17
I know that this story has been complete for a few years now but for future writing you may want to start occasionally using the word former instead of the prefix ex.
DarkSpyder25 chapter 17 . 1/16
Got to say I am really enjoying your reimagining of Chuck.
Molotov chapter 68 . 1/7
This fuckin' story. Man oh man.
First let me say, I came to this story on Monday (the 6th) afternoon. I was on the prowl for quality Chuck fan fiction and I'd been striking out for an hour, wallowing in mediocrity.
Then I found this.
I read nearly non-stop until midnight (stopping only for a Subway break!), slept three and a half hours, then read until my alarm went off and it was time for work. I then proceeded to polish off the last two chapters on my lunch break.
Where do I begin.
First off, WOW. This is incredible. Just incredible. If this were ever novelized, I would pay real money for a copy.
PTSD Chuck made me cry, a lot. You did a fantastic job of making us feel how he felt, scared and terrified and tormented. It was incredible.
I was very pleased with the way the Chuck and Sarah romance played out. I loved that Chuck was truly unaware of Sarah's feelings for so long. It wasn't like the TV show or any other storied I've read. Yes, Chuck was emotionally invested in Sarah because she represented his only beacon of security, but he wasn't mooning over her like in the series. When the feelings are finally put out there, it feels very satisfying.
I, like Chuck, was heartbroken upon discovering Sarah knew about Project Lincoln. Man. My heart sunk to my stomach and I had no idea how the story was going to progress from there.
And Project Lincoln. Damn. I really enjoyed its inclusion, the Manchurian Candidate/Bourne vibe it added to the story. It made Chuck's story all the more tragic. Not only had he spent five years in a bunker and had the Intersect forced into his life, but he had been conditioned to be a machine. I was glad when that bastard Graham died in the Intersect explosion.
I enjoyed this Chuck, as well. He wasn't a trained agent, but a man with some competency in the world he'd been forced into, as he had prior (if limited) military experience.
The ending felt very abrupt to me, maybe because you split it into two separate chapters. Perhaps if I had read it as one long chapter, it would have felt more complete.
Maybe one day you'll write the sequel to this. I want to know if Orion is Chuck's father, if Chuck has Lincoln and Omaha removed from his brain, or does he risk keeping them in so he can battle Fulcrum.
So seriously man. This story. Fuckin' amazing.
Molotov chapter 18 . 1/6
Got me sobbing like a little girl with this chapter.
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