Reviews for The Nobody's Guide To The Star Wars
Volixia669 chapter 2 . 3/3/2010
I opened a new tab typed in durex and didn't press enter. I don't need that info O_O. Wow I just remembered, in 358/2 days when I fought with Demyx in Agrabah he kinda sucked. I could just imagine Demyx entering a fetal position in a desert. Please update soon, I almost forgot this fic. Then again I read 10 a day.

Volixia out
Volixia669 chapter 1 . 2/18/2010
No i'm not going to kill you. In fact you make a few good points, I myself love the orgy and think that Sora is a goody-goody idiot. Also the darkness is cool and bad ass. Anywho I can't wait for Xemnas to meet DARTH VADOR. I wonder if they're going to meet the hitchhikers. but I haven't seen hitchhikers so it would be completely new. Also is the Durex the name of the Hitchhiker guide to the galaxy ship? Anywho can't wait to read a new chap.

Volixia out