Reviews for The Old Maid's Tale
Anne chapter 6 . 4/25/2017
A great re-telling of this story with your own input.

I really enjoyed reading it.

Thank you.
Guest chapter 6 . 10/26/2016
After finding Andy safe, loved the description of Dorrie's classic reaction.
Johnny shows himself to be a class act, not just in his dealings with Andy, but also with Dorrie. His gentle humanity towards Dorrie is just the right touch. And while the main focus of the story remains, about how Johnny helped change the life of young Andy. The secondary story, of Dorrie, shows how Johnny helped change her life as well.
How bittersweet to think that this encounter, may be the
best that it gets for Dorrie. But in the future, at least she will look like springtime. Sometimes, one moment can help substain one, for the rest of your life.
October 26, 2016.
Guest chapter 5 . 10/26/2016
This captures perfectly the pesky younger sibling, in Dorrie's case, Andy. Oh to have to put up with badgering, when you are trying to make an appearance of your own.
Still, the relationship between Dorrie and Andy is very reminiscent of the one between Scott and Johnny. The family dynamics, was humorously done.

With all that was going on, the prospects, or not, of Lucky Morgan, no longer mattered. Interesting how life can be turned, up side down, so quickly. All that mattered to Dorrie, now, was the outcome at McCall's Crossing. And what that outcome might mean for her, and Johnny, and Andy. She had every reason to be terrified, especially for Andy. Andy was still more boy, than man. What happen next, and how it happened , would change his life.
October 26, 2016.
Guest chapter 4 . 10/25/2016
Had to chuckle. Just finished watching an episode of "Versailles", where King Louis XlV, is ranting on about image was power, and that "appearance was everything".
Then started to read Chapter 4, and here is Johnny, capitalizing on the same principle. True to the point that
Johnny's foes, "won't know themselves in a mirror".
Guess if you know what works, you use it. Still was a chuckle.

Also chuckled over Dorrie not disclosing to Mrs Williams why she was backsliding from attending church.
Widow Tracy's account of Madrid's arrival in town was humorous. ( This showcased Johnny's rather unique, battle plan for his little game to advert bloodshed).

Meanwhile, Johnny's presence has caused Dorrie to examine her life. The " greeny - yallery" dress is helping
to improve her outlook.
October 25, 2016.
Guest chapter 3 . 10/24/2016
"Johnny Madrid, for land sakes - wanted to help her and Andy". Lancer or Madrid, Johnny does seem to imbue such reactions from people.
The dime novels keep returning to hound Johnny's existence.
Side Note:
There is one Dime Novel story that begs to be a real back story for Johnny, when he was still Madrid. (Johnny
may have called these novels, "trash", but even fancy, can have the elements of truth about them). Johnny, early in his Madrid career, experienced love with a soul mate. A woman that took him beyond physical love, to real love, to spiritual love.
This person helped him keep his moral compass, while he was still a gunslinger. But what happened to her, is not known. It would be interesting if Johnny would at least reminisce about her, maybe in a flash back. I am a reader, not a creative writer. But, if Johnny is so upset over the misinformation given in the Dime Novels, it would be a chance to set the record straight, and still explore a great back story.
Johnny's recalling, his teaching school was a chuckle. Funny to think that those kids would scare him. Especially since, Johnny is a natural teacher. His interaction with Andy, proves his talent.
October 24, 2016.
Guest chapter 2 . 10/23/2016
Loved the description of Johnny's easy arrival at the farm. Also loved Dorrie's description ( as well as her reaction), of Johnny during their first meeting.
Dorrie has many admirable qualities. Her strong Puritanical work ethic. She takes her responsibility as Andy's sister, very seriously. Her own surprise, at her gratitude toward Johnny. One, that Johnny cared enough to discipline Andy. Two, Johnny motive in wanting to help. "It's the boy who makes the man, Dorrie. I don't want to see Andy take the road I walked".

Each of these characters needs something from the other
Andy needs Johnny to help him get past this incident. He needs to learn from Johnny how to be a man.
Johnny needs to help Andy. In doing so, helps purge a dark part of his past.
Dorrie needs Johnny to show her how to keep Andy safe.
Dorrie also needs Johnny to help her learn about herself.
October 23, 2016.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/22/2016
Amazing. In the episode, " The Kid", the story centered around Johnny and Andy. Dorrie, as Andy's sister, was just kinda there. She was important as being something of a truth bearer for the story plot. And she obviously loved Andy and worried about him. But Dorrie, as a fully developed character, in her own rite, never happened. in face she was so overlooked, one didn't give her much thought. Amazing. Because you have obviously given Dorrie a great deal of thought. Now, she had a fully developed back story.

Dorrie's past, and grim prospects for the future, reminded one of the character, Lizzie, in the beginning of the old movie, "The Rain Maker". ( Whether, Johnny will be able to brighten up Dorrie's prospects, remains to be seen).

But when we pick up Dorrie's story, the dress, is of great importance. And the fact that Dorrie wanted to earn the dress, shows something of her character.

Dorrie also represents women, in a time in recent history, when life choices were limited. Yet she continues to do her duty as she feels she must.

It will be interesting to see if the dress will continue to take on a "Glass Menagerie ", kind of importance in future chapters. And what will be the influence of the gunfighter, on Dorrie's future self image.
October 22, 2016.
SerenaDeb chapter 6 . 4/17/2010
What a wonderful story. I loved every word of this.

Dorrie was a wonderful character and I enjoyed seeing Johnny through her eyes. Thank you.
Cadillac Red chapter 1 . 2/22/2010
Another beautifully crafted and written story from you! I am always amazed how you work well-developed original characters into well-known episodes and expand our understanding of their and the Lancer's actions. I really enjoyed this one!