Reviews for It's Not A Love Potion
Lifelessmidget chapter 16 . 11/22
OHHHHH LORD thankyou for writing this fic it was awesome and i can't believe i got to the end of it :( I DIDN'T WANT IT TO FINISH but you did a magical job of it! Loved every minute of it :D
Lifelessmidget chapter 15 . 11/22
Lifelessmidget chapter 14 . 11/22
:( Poor lovestruck!harry NOOO! Again the story is so magnificent i'm just barreling through it! Love it!
Lifelessmidget chapter 13 . 11/22
Damn that dream did sound so real! :D
Lifelessmidget chapter 12 . 11/22
LOLOL powerful!harry makes me laugh so bad
Lifelessmidget chapter 11 . 11/22
Agree too well with the "row of metal teeth" comment AHAHA but such hot young love :D TYTYTY for your imaginative humor
Lifelessmidget chapter 10 . 11/22
Awww little clumsy Neville but more DRARRY YAY :D
Lifelessmidget chapter 9 . 11/22
HOTTTT gotta love lustdriven!harry XD
Lifelessmidget chapter 8 . 11/22
Oh lovely lovely Pansy :D And lovestruck harry :D Thankyou for writing this entertaining fic o
Lifelessmidget chapter 7 . 11/22
HOT gotta love needy blowjob!draco ahaha was the funniest sentence I read LOL
Lifelessmidget chapter 6 . 11/22
:D ahh innocent little Harry, love how the story just flows. Awesome writing!
Lifelessmidget chapter 5 . 11/22
Love your portrayal of Pansy ehehe she's such a feisty one :D Poor Draco and his chair ahaha
Lifelessmidget chapter 4 . 11/21
KYAHH the cuteness ensues! Love how possessive Malfoy is of Harry's mouth :D
Lifelessmidget chapter 3 . 11/21
I love all the comical behavior in this chapter! Brilliant!
PrinCkhera chapter 1 . 10/31
Hi! I'm currently reading your story - ch16 of Mental currently, but when I want to continue reading it says that the story can't be found. Is something wrong? It's getting so good, and I'd love to continue reading it
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