Reviews for It's Not A Love Potion
ToMyMuse chapter 16 . 22h
Great story. Enjoyed every bit of it. Well done!
Hikari.Kuro1994 chapter 12 . 7/5
This lust potion and it's effects are just making me think of One Piece and Luffy in the shadow ark
reved-evasion chapter 16 . 6/30
I love this story thanks to you I have spend a wonderful moment at reading this fiction !
Gowri chapter 12 . 6/30
Well, hon, you should have written the damn books.
Lily chapter 9 . 6/12
Amazing yet very sexual.
Akakuroforever chapter 4 . 6/5
SCCHPLU Dani chapter 16 . 5/8
This storie was absolute perfection. Thank you for being a fabulous writer. 333
Crackers chapter 16 . 4/19
Oh my goodness, this was such a great drarry fanfic. I love this so much! It only took me 5 hours to read because I loved it so much. You are such a great author!
rowenasheir chapter 1 . 4/17
is there a sequel of them bonding? LM cant be the Malfoy lord without magic and with DM knowledge of the WW politics they will be a powerhouse - DM managing the outside world and HP managing their home life and kids!
Cherweeze chapter 16 . 4/3
I really enjoyed this story. Super cute. Thank you for sharing!
Aquawizrd chapter 16 . 4/2
Draco doesn't know that Blaise ended the effects of the potion at the begining XD so all of this was actually Draco...
im-too-tired chapter 16 . 3/30
Thank you so much for giving me the pleasure of reading your fic. I very much enjoyed it. I do have one small complaint, tiny really, but don't you think that Harry is more of a bottom? I understand that you could share this opinion and just wanted to change things for this fic, but it makes more sense for Harry to be the bottom. Harry isn't really into power much, so he'd gladly give it over to Draco, but, seeing as how JK Rowling never gave us the pleasure of providing a gay sex scene between Harry and Draco, we will never know.
Anywho, thanks once again for writing this, I devoured it and loved every morsel. I love you, beastie. 3 keep writing, you're good at it ;)
JR chapter 16 . 3/11
I loved this story. It was funny, emotional, ****ing hot. You captured the characters perfectly... the sweetness and hardness of why I like Draco/Harry so much. Seems like I'm late to the party, so you might not ever see this, but I hope you keep writing these :)
Nebulousss chapter 16 . 2/23
This was cute. Date rape drugging is not something we should romanticize, though. You're the author, and this is just criticism, but it's something to keep in mind. The powerful potion gave them the happy ending, though, and that was great.
igee778 chapter 10 . 2/23
"Ten points to Slytherin for showing initiative, Malfoy."

Yeah, and 100 points from them for RAPING A STUDENT. WHY IS NO ONE CONCERNED ABOUT THIS? DRACO JUST DRUGGED HIM THEN HAD SEX WITH HIM WHILE HARRY WAS IN NO STATE OF MIND TO GIVE CONSENT. THIS IS NOT OKAY. Making it /okay/ for entertainment is so fucked up. I read on after the rape to see if Harry would stand up for himself, but apparently not. Apparently he's completely okay with being raped. This is so fucked up. Explain to me how this is OKAY to you? What the actual fuck?
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