Reviews for Eight Days a Week
DaughterOfLions chapter 1 . 5/12/2013
Beautiful! Your combination of poetry and story alike is a true artwork, and displays a raw animal/human passion combined. Loved and savored every word, verse, and paragraph almost as much as Carlisle savors Esme. The combination of authors to create this piece was an awe inspiring idea, to create the most amazing and romantic Carlisme fanfic I have ever read! Will defenitely check out each author to look for Twi fanfics. A Jalice would be great!
-Ever thankful, DaughterOfLions
Tatum Salem chapter 1 . 1/5/2013
Wow, good stuff! ((Is it hot in here?))
TeamCarlisle chapter 1 . 12/20/2012
Good stuff!
phoenixandtiger chapter 1 . 3/1/2011
I'm praying to any real god out there that this wasn't meant to be taken seriously.

Have you people heard of this tiny little phrase called 'PURPLE PROSE'?

Seriously, even the first sentence...
Reniefuwa chapter 1 . 10/24/2010
OMG, this was absolutely hilarious! I just...there are no words. Every single line had me laughing all over again, this is great!
Michelleisawesome chapter 1 . 4/11/2010
amigirl24 chapter 1 . 3/28/2010
This was a really beautiful and fun story to read. I truly enjoyed it, please write more stories like this one!
goldenmeadow chapter 1 . 3/12/2010
Hey, whaddya' know, looks like this thing's working!

Finally got a chance to read all the gigantic, glorious gems y'all produced.

I love all the different voices, our various ideas of Carlisle's love for Esme. Each writer with a unique tone and story, but every on of equal talent and a hella lot of fire!

Excellent, of course!

TwilightGuru09 chapter 1 . 3/10/2010
Day 1 I needeed an oxygen mask and a huge towel and D**n that was F*ing hot underwater.

Day 2 Crossword, Carlisle with his brittish accent saying f**k and a sinful woman.

Day 3 Mythologically excellent - the references were dead on, F**king for the intellectual-F**K!

Day 4 Carlisle... dear God, Carlisle." "Come for me my love." "Yes, yes, oh Carlisle!" "Yes, Esme, yes!" Almost fell out of my chair.

Day 5 Two words Billie Holiday

Day 6 Sex on the Beach - I love It!

Day 7Real Hardcore Vampire love

Day 8 Clean up and Reading Time

I need a cigarette after this and I don't even smoke! Damn this was HOT!
brandj chapter 1 . 2/23/2010
Ape...I love how you set this one up! Each day is different and exciting!

I LOVED the under water scene Diane! SO very creative!

I had the same reaction as Kari when Carlisle said fuck.
RosaBella75 chapter 1 . 2/22/2010
Holy Hot tender, dance, glitter, torrid, sweet parentals away from the kids lovin' Ladies!

Viola Cornuta chapter 1 . 2/21/2010
Pussycats, we have this revue down, shall we take it on the road?
TwiliteAddict chapter 1 . 2/21/2010
Kari, it was my pleasure to take part in this little show of affection for you and my favorite Twi couple. This has become my most favorite C&E o/s of all time! The poetic beauty of this piece just swept me away. And the love and adoration Carlisle expresses for Esme left me breathless! Finally, the imagery of the island and their lovin' - exquisite! The best part - the eight day approach to this piece - absolutely brilliant! I think this may be worthy of some award...
RowanMoon chapter 1 . 2/21/2010
I can't express enough thanks for this wonderful gift. You are all such beautiful, talented and supportive women. I am blessed to know you!

Esme and Carlisle vacation get a way action. How I need that type of escapism wrapped in lush sensual prose written by the most talented women in the ficdom.

Day One - Glints of silver from the mistress moon...what a lovely way to begin! ~blushes~ Seeing Esme through the eyes of Carlisle in this fashion is exhilerating. Dr. Daddy is one of my favorite Cullens. Mythic creatures, doing the weightless, timeless dance of man and woman, Earth and Sky, enveloped within the warm embrace of the Sea. Divine image of these aquarian lovers.

Day Two - Crossword Vixen coaxing Carlisle into saying that word we would all feel lower things tighten if he whispered it in OUR ears...GAH.

Day Three - After I read this and picked my jaw up off the floor, I went back through and read it again. Esme as Artemis, Goddess of the hunt...seductively slurping the lifeforce of her totem animal...gorgeous scene. The language so full of mythological reference and imagery, I was blinded by the genius and beauty of it all. These types of stories pwn me.

This made my heart skip and sigh and soar...

~Here we embraced fear and deviant decadence birthed from decades of loneliness and supernatural carnality. Here, in this dust bowl arena our pouncing naked bodies had created, we would rightfully terrify the voyeuristic human eye.

Here in this coliseum, we wrestled and mated like a god to his goddess, snakes braiding, limbs like constrictors, my adder cock to her mamba sway; we were of earth, sky, and cosmos – sucking out the atmosphere, creating a guttural, groaning, heaving, bestial crash of ocean waves, a demonic tsunami of fucking that ended only when silence - utter stark raving silence - bashed us together in orgasm like the supersonic boom of the Black Hole imploding.

Here we were vampire, hunters, primeval, savage.

At home we were father, mother… husband, wife… lovers and timeless mates.

Everywhere at once, we were solace.~

Day Four - A nature hike! I absolutely adored this line -

~Surrounded by the verdant growth, she looked like a wood nymph. My body tightened and strained to connect with hers.~

Glowing nymphet, growling gorgeous god , sparkling, shining, making love in light and lush fertile surroundings. Wow! The sex was explosive, wild and so damn hot.

Day Five - I snickered and thoroughly enjoyed the description of Carlisle's inability to properly woo his wife with this section of genius.

~After almost 90 years of marriage, I still couldn't get enough of her. But in a house with an all-seeing seer, a chronic mind-reader, and an over-sized prankster with vampiric hearing, the opportunity to woo Esme properly with romance was nonexistent. The moment I started to drift into images of how I wanted to seduce and please my wife, Edward would begin to squirm around uncomfortably. Emmett would catch on immediately and the comments would start, "Have a great day at the orifice, doctor!" or "I think Esme's due for her internal exam" or some other incredibly tacky innuendo. Finally, Alice would pipe in on whether the yet-to-take-place sex would be any good.~

BILLIE HOLIDAY! Lady Day is my all time favorite singer! I squeed when I saw that was Carlisle's song of choice!

I cried when Carlisle quoted the refrain from Always by Irving Berlin. My grandmother has a music box that my grandfather gave her that plays this song. I played with it all the time as a child.

Beautiful, romantic vignette of their get away. ~sighs happily~

Day Six - Sex on the Beach. Rowr. Tickling, Teasing Minx Esme...Purring, luring Carlisle into carnal pleasures. LOVE.

Day Seven - Lounging by a firepit upon pillows. That sounds like such a relaxing thing to do with your lover. Santana, Samba, undulating hips and tight weeping quinny's. Ai Yi Yi! Caliente! Base Coupling Four Alarm Fire Fucking! Holy Crow!

~We were carnal, we were unnatural, we were the most poetic of lovers, all wrapped in our granite skin, talons, and raptors teeth.~

I had a smoke after this one. Just sayin'.

Day Eight - A glimpse of the nurturing mother in this delightful observation of the pillow strewn love in aftermath...

~It looks like the Children's Reading Club at the Port Angeles Public Library. All the floor pillows set out for the kids. I did enjoy that volunteer job. They were so sweet, too young to be scared by the danger I could pose," she sighed contentedly.~

I giggled and chortled my way through Esme taking charge of the cushion cleaning and calling Carlisle Dr. High Hard One. Side splitting funny.

So hilarious;

~"Spooge-soaked? On the down low? Where on earth did you learn those terms?" I loved Esme's shifts in tone from warm-hearted mother figure to homemaking task mistress to slang-slinging hot mama.

"Spooge is one of Bella's favorite expressions. She found it online somewhere. I heard her call Edward 'Spoogeward' the other day."~

FANNY HILL! One of my all time favorite well thumbed late night reads. I absolutely, positively ADORE this book, my own copy has a broken spine due to such devoted reading. Thank you so much for mentioning it! I can totally picture these two lovebirds reading this together.

What a lovely way to end this vacation.

~"Esme and I lost ourselves in yet another pleasure, afforded by endless time and the recognition of our marriage as the source of 'mutual society, help, and comfort, that the one ought to have of the other.'"~

This line made me think of our own mutual society, help and comfort, that the one ought to have of (others) The Double Wide. Diane, Amanda, Rie, Vi, Lisa, Tosh, Mer and April, you ladies are wonderful to have done this story for me. I absolutely adored it and will treasure it as I treasure each and every one of you.


Mistress Moon