Reviews for Don't you trust me?
The Dark Knight's Revenge chapter 2 . 3/25/2010
I'm a bit confused...Who are these people? I've only seen the first Cody Banks, so that might be the problem. it's a good story, but could use a little more description.

Please Update soon :)
ChipmunkFanatic chapter 1 . 2/25/2010
Ep! *Glomps Katie* WRITING CLASS BUDDY! :D ...*Ahem*...

It's great to see one of my real life friends (FINALLY!) get an account! Anyways, on with the review! *Points in a "that way" general direction*

Very nice details! I'm loving the vivid pictures here! You portray emotion well too! The begining really gives you a feel for the character, she strong, bold, confident, then you place her into a entirely different situation and she's annoyed but not scared, agitation, and a bit of sarcasm? It really helps you see the character as 3-dimentional! Great job!

One thing I suggest doing though to, erm, make it well, leagal, it to put a "Discalimer" as the begging letting the readers know you don't own the characters or settings; the universe the story is set in. It's only fair ya know ;)

Another thing is try breaking up the chapter into more paragraphs. It makes the reading punchier and more distinct, especially with an action story. It's very important to keep that surprise element. Plus! It makes it look a lot longer than it actually is ;) Try breaking it every time someone new speaks, or everytime the line of thought shifts, unless of course you want it to be subtle.

Ugh, I'm getting into that serious reviewer-y mode. Sorry about that!

Good luck Katie! ;)

LittleMissAngel chapter 1 . 2/23/2010
Kate, I LOVE your stories! You should absoulutely continue with ALL of your stories! I would LOVE to hear them all to the finish! Your story of the innocent child whose mother dies, that was wonderful! I really think you should write more stories like that one! And, this story should really go on. But, using this as the beginning of the story, you might want to go back a bit and tell what was heppeneing that they got in this situation. But, overall, it is a Wonderful story! Hope to read some more of yours!:)