Reviews for Stained Glass Soul
JoJo1812 chapter 65 . 3/23
Oh I've been obsessed with this story for days now! A bit late, but I just had to comment. Lovely writing and lovely story, absolutely adored it!
fatpotatoe chapter 1 . 2/15
Your writing is beautiful.
saltqueen chapter 65 . 8/17/2016
this is so beautiful
Guest chapter 11 . 5/13/2016
This fic is so beautiful, and description of their joy and happiness make me feel peaceful. This is my first Esme-Carlisle fic and I'm enjoying it so much. Thanks.
LovelyLadyMindings chapter 65 . 4/27/2016
Wow, this was so beautiful. A true work of art. You breathed such wonderful life into all three characters, Esme, Carlisle, and Edward. I adored the relationship between the three and how it grew. And I just loved the way Esme and Carlisle's romance happened so organically. Just beautiful.

You really have a knack for writing! Wonderful job writing this! Thank you for it! I truly enjoyed reading this and I'm so happy to have discovered it! Just beautiful!
GeeImKate chapter 61 . 4/5/2016
To tell the truth, i was in awe with your writing. I think your attention to detail is endearing, it fits precisely because it's a female's point of view. But in all honesty their exchange of words are always my favorite part. Edward was truly in character, your way of describing him and his actions was very much on point. I find your Esme a bit too emotional and confused, but i understand her situation for she is not only a woman but also a newborn with heighten senses and emotions. I can't help but be a bit annoyed with her on chapters 35 to 37 though. T_T She was a bit unfair towards Carlisle. Your Carlisle is probably the best from all Carlisle stories that I've read, although i haven't read your other story yet, i'm sure to do that next. All in all the story was wonderfully romantic and it has the right ounce of humor and drama. You're a great writer. :)
0o0oooooooooo00000000 chapter 57 . 1/26/2016
oh, my, god! this was breathtaking! the way you held it up all the way to that perfect moment wherefrom everything would simply fall into pieces. and the kiss(es)... i just loved the way he was pouring every ounce of passion into it! No matter how pure he would seem to want to stay, he is so vibrant, so full of life, so helplessly erotic...that i could just burst right now. after having read so much, and have the opportunity to witness them...well...especially Carlisle, i can only imagine how intimate the chapter where they would consume their love. I know i haven't left any reviews for a few chapter, but i was kind of busy. I'll try to find a chance to give you some proper reviews.
0o0oooooooooo00000000 chapter 34 . 1/20/2016
This chapter is a masterpiece. the way all their problems collided into one tensed conflict is probably the foremost aspect that makes this piece of literature so realistic, putting aside, of course the fact that we are talking about vampires! I must say, out of the stories that I've read about Carlisle, including the original story, this seems to be one of the few, if not even the only one that portrays his as a credible human consciousness. Somewhere underneath that kind smile and need of being needed is quite a scared, lonely man, who at least as far as I am concerned, is in denial, and very very guilty. Even if they all have their problems, surely most of it is going to be sorted out in the end. And i am excitedly looking forward to see how everything' is going to be fine.' I have to thank you, this particular chapter has put me face to face with certain faces of aspects that i have never came across and the realisations I've had...thank you!
0o0oooooooooo00000000 chapter 30 . 1/20/2016
given her past and all that it is consisted of, i think that the scene was shaped quite perfectly. it is indeed an important moment for her, as it is for Carlisle. though it was due to come sooner or later, wasn't it?
0o0oooooooooo00000000 chapter 7 . 1/19/2016
i truly appreciate how she and Edward start forming their bond, and also how her and Carlisle's relationship has developed further...although the way he held her in her more crazed times. it was equally sweet and also sooo hot!
0o0oooooooooo00000000 chapter 5 . 1/18/2016
It reflects the haziness of the thoughts really nicely. Her fears are quite clear, and yet hidden mostly under confusion. yet you've kept her independent. it's great! And the way Carlisle wants her there with him! Awwhrrr! I'm melting.
0o0oooooooooo00000000 chapter 3 . 1/17/2016
you captured it beautifully, and as you pointed out, to the point. i have not read so many stories of Esme, but even if i've only gone through your first two chapters, and one or two towards the end, i really like the feeling i get from your Esme, and Carlisle as well. You really felt them and their fragrance in the original book! And that, my friend, is something i look forward to indulge in, while reading your piece of art. I'll be leaving more reviews as i read.
reincarnatedcrazybutterfly chapter 65 . 12/18/2015

And that is an understatement. I dwelled a great deal to write my emotions so that you might feel how you've made me feel while reading this. And it only boils down to this.

It's a beautiful piece of writing.

There are no other words.

Except perhaps, thank you.

- Margaux
reincarnatedcrazybutterfly chapter 43 . 12/17/2015
Oh my.
Oh my stars.
There really are no words except this...


It's been so long since I've...devoured a piece of literature as much as I dove through this one. And I have read too many, too long, this is refreshing. And this is not to say that I'm talking about fan fiction though I know I have had my fair share (probably too much, to be honest). I meant reading in a sense that I have read many stories - medium never the matter. A story is a story no matter the manner it is told. I have seen much, felt much, even told much but I cannot help but treasure this as part of a most treasured library in the depths of my mind, archiving into the niche that is reserved for the beautiful. I had to take a moment before I dive further into this story to give praise. Thank you.
Ambray chapter 65 . 12/17/2015
Holy moly. Ive spent the last 4 days barely sleeping at night because I am so in love with this story u couldn't stop reading.

Amazing! Truly, wonderfully amazing! Thank you for sharing!
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