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JC chapter 6 . 12/6/2013
Doing a Excellent Job,your Mobile suit and ship battles make more sense.
I hope thers a Update soon to see how the Battle ends and the Aftermath.
spirit117 chapter 6 . 11/29/2013
Ok its official, if I said it once I'll say it again this is the BEST GUNDAM FIC EVER! The climactic end to the battle was pure awesome. As for Gato getting his A$$ kicked I have to admit that was just epic, but I think Sayla may want to watch out. Sayla herself said he was an above average pilot compared to regular Zeon pilot's. I'm sure she could still handle him but it may not be as easy the second time around. There's nothing like a heavy dose of humiliation to make someone driven and dangerous.

As for Zeon only having Zaku's still I think it makes since. The Federation only has Guncannon's as there main mobile suit for there troops. If the Zeon already had Gouf's and Dom's flying around the Federation would have probably have lost a long time ago, and that's not even mentioning Gelgoog's.

I also liked how you made the Zaku and Guncannon able to do a little bit of everything, as you said the purpose of MSV's is to sell model kits. If you were to look at all the variations of a GINN from GS you would find dozens of them. Then there are water mobile suits which most series (besides Gundam Wing which only had 2.) had like 6 different water suits I guess that's why there aren't going to be water based mobile suit's in your story.

Then there's how you expanded the setting of this story. I'm really excited to see all the character's your going to be adding in this universe from GW's Heero Yuy to GS's Kira Yamato even Soran Ibrahim from G00.

As for Unit Alpha's Super Saiyan ability I think it seems like a mixture between Unicorn Gundam and Orbital Frame personally. Either way it was still awesome, I wonder when Sayla is going to have her own Super Saiyan moment.

This was truly your best chapter yet, I can't wait for the next one.

Keep up the great work.
DrOdd chapter 6 . 11/27/2013
This is One totaly Excellent story.
The Battle was epic,You got the characters personalities down and improved them,over the canon ones.
I hope ther a update soon,so I can read about how the Battle ends and it,s Aftermath.
This shows Zeon,s End Goal is Genocide,will you give the reaction of the Other Star nations?
I love the Mobile suits and Ships you come-up with,I hope you do More.
Well Wing Zero Alpha,you are One of the Best Writer here!
I hope ther a Updat soon.
Gundamlover chapter 6 . 10/28/2013
THIS CHAPTER WAS JUST EPIC! And as an added bonus Gato got his ass handed to him which is arguably the best thing in this chapter.
Juubi-K chapter 6 . 10/29/2013
Finally, I've gotten round to composing a proper review.

On the whole another fine chapter. There was plenty of action here, and as for Zakus getting blasted by the dozen, that's pretty much what they were meant for, so I'm not objecting.

Sayla's taunting of Gato set my teeth on edge, and I mean that as a compliment. There aren't that many fics that can get that kind of reaction out of me.
Todd chapter 6 . 10/26/2013
This is Great fight!
Your Right Mobile suits need to have pracial purpose.
I love it that Sayla kick Gato,s ass and I love the Stormer.
Gaby chapter 6 . 10/25/2013
THat was Excellent!
Who left off on a Cliffhanger,you give each character a deep persontality.
This is what forced Zeon to seek allies.
What Nation do you think will join the Fedration,s side and what ones will join Zeon,s?
The Gundam Stormer is Great.
Hope thers a Update soon,to see the aftermath.
KnighteWolfe chapter 6 . 10/25/2013
Hehe, awesome chapter. Just started reading this story. Loving it so far. Can't wait for the next chapter of this and CG: Megiddo.

I already have a nickname for Amuro in this story.

'The Federation's White Knight of Hope' or 'The Avenging White Angel of Jericho II.

Hell both will work. The Zeeks could use one while the Federation can use the other.

Keep up the great work. :)

Mattman324 chapter 6 . 10/25/2013
Oh, of COURSE Amuro would get Steel Messiah blasting as soon as he saves the day. Nothing possibly could be conceived by that (though to be fair, no matter what he's still not as outright Jesus as Kira was)

Also, as you noted to me, all the characters from 0083 were arrogant or stupid, and I think part of the reason Gato is so liked (aside from the whole memetic factor, of course) is the fact that, of the characters, he's the only one that actually has a cause that he wants to stick to (aside from the dicks who would go on to form the Titans, of course).

...You mention most mobile suits are unnecessary, and they are (though to be fair, the Dom and Gouf have things over the Zaku, the Gouf being a direct upgrade and the Dom's hovering making it superior in all land based aspects)). But what about mobile PODS? The Ball still has things it can do that no other mobile suit can (like get into small places and be built horrifically cheaply), its cannon may not be unique but in this era you could probably well upgrade the firepower on it, and it's easily modifiable to somewhat better specs. Plus, of course, if the Ball exists then the pure unfiltered awesomeness that is the B Gundam can exist.
Aegis Khaos chapter 6 . 10/24/2013
I was wondering when Sayla was gonna show up after the thrashing she gave Gato, which I highly approve of. Gato is amongst several characters in 0083 that pissed me off. Heck, 0083 in general pissed me off, so I am happy to see him taken down ten to twenty notches. X3 All that's left is killing him off, and not in the pseudo-glorious way 0083 tried to force feed in the finale. I is happy. Verily happy.

Anyways, yeah, it can be quite redundant seeing Zakus and battleships blown up left, right, up, down, and all around, but I have to admit, Amuro going all... 'super saiyajin' made me forget all of that. Him losing himself into his NT powers and the Alpha becoming the 'white devil' got me hooked, so much so that I even welcomed that redundancy just to read him giving it to the Zeeks. And the Alpha had to pose in the end, didn't it? ;p

Shiro's flashbacks to his first meeting with Aina was a nice touch. I may not have been a huge fan of 8th MS Team, but somehow I got nostalgic when you included those scenes. In fact, the briefness of those flashes spread across the fight along with his conflicting feelings made it more impactful, kinda making me wish for more of Aina just to see what happened to her. And while I don't hate her, I am also not a fan of her. That says alot.

Probably will shoot myself for saying this, but it makes me want to do a version 2 of the Alpha Nu based on the 'less Unicorn more OF' description. Which will likely take... oh... another eternity to do.
Black Prince of Britannia chapter 6 . 10/24/2013
Yea, i realized that you updated just right after I pm-ed you...

Alright, needless to say, this chapter was epic in terms of battle... Amuro's sudden development of the Newtype powers was a little surprising, but I guess it should have been expected after seeing an entire colony blown up in front of you...Well, now that Amuro is pretty much the same level (if not stronger) than himself in the original MSG after Lalah is killed, I would expect him to be able to go toe-to-toe with Char in the next encounter? You know, when I was reading the part of Delaz starting up the firing sequence of the Solar Ray, I felt a brief feeling of foreboding...I was actually expecting Amuro to overload his psychoframe and block the Solar Ray, with or without the help of others. But as I thought about it, I realized that scenes of this epicness won't occur until Amuro will either become MIA or succumbs to a vegetative state after the feat, which logically, isn't possible at this point (don't tell me that CCA of GC is going to end like that...)

This chapter's Wakkien does show his more capable side, makes him sort of likeable, but doesn't change the fact that he still acts like a douche.
Honestly, I expected Delaz to actually succeed in ramming Wakkien after a defeat (come-on, it was quite obvious that this battle was gonna result in a victory, albeit a Pyrrhic one, for the Feddies)...

From what I see here, Shiro fought with Aina already and she's either KIA or MIA (judging from the pocket-watch) by Shiro? But Shiro's seemingly rhetoric questioning of her alleigiance in this chapter suggests the 08th MS team hasn't finished, all Shiro did was fight against Aina in her customized Zaku and somehow she gave him a pocketwatch?

Also...when you do get to ZZ, are you going to change some of the character designs like in MSG? Because honestly, ZZ is a bit too light-hearted and child-like, almost like it was made for children O_O...

This chapter is a feast for action-loving fans, but i hope to see some non-action scenes and some more character interactions in the next one...
Thanks for taking time to update this...
Good luck on future chaps

-Black Prince of Britannia
huntersaren chapter 6 . 10/24/2013
Wow is really all I have to say about this chapter wow. It was fast paced and had the feel of a grand battle all the while soured by the loss of Jericho II. between this and your Code Geass Fic I shudder to think of the day you might branch out to other Scifi franchise like Halo. Keep up the wonder full work you had me on the edge of my seat the whole chapter, see ya next update.
amitakartok chapter 6 . 10/24/2013
...this. Chapter. Was. AWESOME.
Fireminer chapter 6 . 10/24/2013
It's a long wait, but worth every penny of it. You never cease to amaze me with your poetic yet realistic approach on MS an Battleship warfare. And hope that you never will.
SulliMike23 chapter 6 . 10/24/2013
Whoa...that was intense. I can definitely tell that the Feddies were definitely pissed off at what happened. Not that I blame them, I'd be pissed too after seeing an entire planet wiped out!
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