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spirit117 chapter 13 . 4/19
Hey Wing Zero it’s great to see you back again after so long. It was interesting to see how Artesia and Casval escaped death. The scene with Char finding more out about Amuro was interesting, on one hand he’s impressed on the other hand he’s not that’s bound to change soon. Amuro and Sayla’s talk was also very interesting I actually feel a little sorry for Garma especially after that scene with Icelina.

Keep up the great work.

P.S. Did you see Pacific Rim Uprising by any chance if so I ‘m wondering what you thought of it.
Juubi-K chapter 13 . 4/13
There isn't a lot I can say about this chapter. It seems to be setting up for another big battle, in which I suspect a certain person will meet his end. But for all that, it does this job perfectly well.

One thing I can comment on is Char's reaction to Amuro. He seems both fascinated by Amuro and dismissive of him at the same time; not unlike his canon counterpart. I suspect he will come to regret the latter in time.

As for Garma, his scene with Icelina was a nice, humanising moment. It also served to deepen my suspicion that Garma will come to a bad end sometime soon.

Casval and Artesia's escape was interesting too. Nothing less than a full-on coup d'etat, with the Imperial Security Directorate/Stazi taking on the Imperial Guard. If that was Gihren's doing, then like his canon self he lacks his father's finesse.

Once again, the fundamentals are all good. A good chapter, and I await the next one.
Aegis Khaos chapter 13 . 4/6
OK. There are several things about this chapter that are quite notable. Sayla shower scene for one. Very, VERY important scene. ;p The identity of Amuro Ray revealed to Char is another, namely his reaction. Him not knowing what to make of this seemingly 'ordinary' boy is pretty much what I would expect. The interaction between Amuro and Sayla was another, namely for the edge in Sayla's attitude towards the end when it came to the thought of Garma. Speaking of which, Garma and Icelina's conversation was also nice, adding some humanity to the character. The betrayal will sting all the more the moment Char reveals his hand.

But perhaps the most stand out moment of the chapter would be Sayla and Char conspiring together. It comes out of nowhere considering the preceding chapters before. Definitely see this collaboration happening very recently given the underlying feelings between the siblings even in this chapter, let alone the shock and awe in their reunion from previous chapters, so I do think it's a nice swerve for the readers. Also noted that Char is a wee bit hesitant in completely following through with his revenge the moment Miharu is mentioned, so I see conflict in there.

So overall, it is a nice read, as usual.
Kaiser Chris chapter 13 . 4/3
The last section was really hard to read with the constant back and forward in POV and placements. It was really unnecessary to list where Char and Sayla are since we know where their locations are and can tell by simply reading the descriptions whose POV it's from.

Looking forward to the next battle and Garma's possible demise.
Rakaan chapter 13 . 4/3
Damn, Garma hitting all possible death flags in his conversation with Icelina. lol
Pirate King Ray chapter 13 . 4/3
Pretty good chapter. It’s quiet but a good one. It is interesting to see sayla care for amuro. Still she is using him in a way.

With garma and icelina it’s heartbreaking since amuro’s gonna kill him. And that he has char as The Godfather...ah jeez.
00virtuezero chapter 13 . 4/3
Something I really like is the focus to give Sayla and want she went threw watching her entire world as Artesia cash down on her.

It makes her anger all the more understandable. It also definitely contrast with her brother Char who come off the more calm of the two siblings. Of course I get the impression of Wrath for Sayla and Pride for Char.

Fittings Deadly Sins for the two.

So the battle will be on planet. A Frozen Wasteland of a Planet. It makes sense given how the Ark Royal is no shape fore Space Combat and also the terrain would work in their favor if the Mobile Suit Pilots play their cards right.

Its another thing I like about the element of the Galatic Century the exploration of different worlds, which leads so many possible battlegrounds. Your not just limited to Earth and Colonies.

So know Char knows what Amuro looks like and his background. The irony of saying that in a another life they could've been friends, but as we know they will become bitter enemies.

It is a surprise to see the Deikun siblings working together know. It does make sense given the fact they do have a common enemy and know understand they have different methods at facing the Zabis. Of course noticing Char's hesitation about Miharu.

I will admit it is sad that Garma most likely will meet his end here. We have gotten to know him so well. At least he will die full fledged character.

Finale, Sasori was called the Vampire of Arhem? What the heck did he do earn that grim marker?
ZeroNu chapter 13 . 4/3
So glad to see a new chapter thank you for the hard work you put into this. One grammar check I saw as I was reading you said 7 meters, not 700 like I think you meant when you were describing the Ark as she laid in the stadium. For the chapter itself, you did a great job yet again making me look forward to what happens next one question I thought the Ark was a Midway class ship, not a Lexington class I looked at the first chapter and it said Lexington there also but you have changed things before so I was not sure. Keep up the good work and I look forward to what happens next.
SulliMike23 chapter 13 . 4/2
The calm before the storm. Sayla and Amuro are growing closer and I think we all know what will happen in the next chapter. Even though they’re on opposite sides, Sayla and Char still care enough to warn the other of upcoming battles. Perhaps, had the war not happened and Char and Amuro met under better circumstances, they might have been friends; but fate has a way of screwing people over. So now Garma’s final battle approaches, and the Federation will get a much-needed morale boost.
Darkshadow chapter 12 . 3/20
Honestly, I don't blame you for removing the Bright Slap. I mean, I do believe it worked (it just had a delayed reaction) but I understand your issues with it. Nevertheless, I hope that this story remains as good as it currently is
Guest chapter 12 . 2/24
Hey Wing Zero
Really loving the fanfic so far...its sooo good...been reading the story on and off since 2016 when i discovered it, I always find myself going back to certain parts in the story cause it's quite dense and descriptive ...its ashame to see u haven't written anymore chapters in awhile.
Love that u chose the UC universe to retool...specifically the original storyline from '1979' which is my favorite and the first Gundam series I watched ironically...i will say my only problem is that your story tends to drag in some parts and I find myself losing track lol because of sub plots and character interactions
I guess that's the episodic format u chose ? Cause it is based off a show after all lol
It can be slow in some parts because of your writing style...thats not a problem really cause it works well in most parts and adds weight to what's taking helps create a clear picture

I love what you've done with the characters especially 'Sayla'...honestly she kicks ass in this universe lol and also the red comet himself 'Char Aznable' really like the representation of him in this story...he does seem to be a call back to the original 'Char' from '1979' more than his knockoffs in the other Gundam TV series...i think you could flesh him out a bit more possibly he becomes a really powerful maniac Newtype by the end...maybe not what your trying to do...just an idea cause I think it would make sense in this setting due to the destruction 'Zeon' have brought...seeing this could warp Char overtime to step closer to darkness, also with this being set in an alternate timeline it's interesting how you'll make certain characters faith end up.

Want to see where u take this cause it's really top notch so far...
like 'Char and Garma's relationship'...
will 'Sayla' and 'Amuro' have a love arc ?
Like 'Amuro' comes unto sayla during one training sesh where she turns him down!
Ooo...'Sayla' seems the type to break 'Amuro's'heart...cause she's all tough u see and has morals lool...I think that would be cool to see what happens and how it will affect his character...maybe this would send him in a fit of rage...'Amuro' getting his heart broken by a fellow comrade who in actuality is the first person he connected with using his Newtype abilities would be another interesting arc to help him grow and become the warrior he's destined to be
Also who will die next ? Or where will you take the battle scenes ? Will we see a battle on Jaburo ? I can already picture it " Zaku mobile suits stomping through the misty jungle...gun in hand"

Will we get to see like an ice planet ? A desert planet ?'ve revamped it so neitely the world building is will 'Lalah Sune' be introduced ? I was thinking having a sequence in which
'Char' kidnaps 'Sayla' or 'Char' gets kidnapped by the 'Ark Royal' and gets interrogated...but manages to escapes somehow...this would be pretty epic...
My review has become quite lengthy lool ... I've enjoyed what you've done so far and anticipate where it seems to be going...really cool to see a solid revamp of the classic OG Gundam
Also before I go just a few more things
Will u do spin off stories set in this timeline/universe ?
U mentioned in one chapter 'Alien Robots' attacking a colony will we see this unfold ?
Like I could ask so much more lool but I'll leave it here

Hope you take insight to my critique and hope to see this story grow. Nice one Wing Zero
James1996 chapter 12 . 2/2
Great so far, I look forward to reading more in the future.
FlashFire705 chapter 12 . 11/16/2017
Wow, only 9 episodes have been adapted, feels like we're on 20 or 25. And the original Gundam series had 43 episodes. This may seem rude and feel free to call me out on this but it just feels like things should be farther along. I feel horrible for saying that, I know that there's a lot of work that goes into making this and now it looks like I'm unappreciated.

On an unrelated note:
Is Sayla going to have a bigger role in Zeta and Char's Counterattack? I know the reason she had a reduced role in the sequels was because the voice actress was unavailable.
For Double Zeta, the first half with all the comedy and the villains like Glemy being treated as incompetent and Chara as horny. I'm wondering if that will change when we get to ZZ.
Zoomer chapter 1 . 11/7/2017
Ah my favorite Gundam timeline, and on a larger scale too.
King chapter 12 . 11/3/2017
Excellent Chapter as Usual
Have you ever considered writing a Star Wars Legends, Star Trek or Halo story I think you would make amazing ones for any one of those premises especially since you have adapted themes from at at least two of them for this story?
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