Reviews for Upstate Of Mind
ivysparky chapter 13 . 4/18
best fanfic ever pliiiizzzz go on
gilliandgzmn chapter 13 . 10/5/2016
i couldnt stop myself from finishing this story because it is so damn good :(((
Guest chapter 13 . 7/27/2016
i know it been over 3 years you updated but this stoty is the most funny and exciting story ever please update soon please
Guest chapter 13 . 10/17/2015
I love this fiction! Pls update:)
AcesAndApologies chapter 13 . 7/14/2014
Update update update
beanie hats chapter 13 . 3/15/2014
This story is greatly written.
Guest chapter 13 . 10/28/2013
I love that you put in a big brother/little sister relationship between Toph and Zuko! About the show, I've always thought that Zuko is the type of caring older brother Toph would have loved to have growing up in her situation, and that Toph would be the fun younger sister Zuko wished he could have had instead of Azula. So I'm happy you put a spotlight on that in your fic. I hope we can see more elements of this in future chapters. :)
Guardian Fox chapter 12 . 10/27/2013
HI, I love this story and I find the premise very interesting.

I just wanted to note a few things that are small issues. Mostly, it's small continuity errors. In the previous chapter, Zuko was said to be leaving the locker room wearing a red hoodie with a black pea coat, but in this chapter he was described as wearing a white shirt and black leather jacket during the walk home. Then, this Gyatso, last chapter he was described as Aangs Grandps, but this chapter Aang mentions an Uncle, which I took to mean Gyatso. These aren't huge issues to the meaning of your story obviously, but they are distracting to the reader. Just something for you to be aware of as you go on with your writing (in this and other things).

I have to say I'm glad Zuko lashed out at Aang like that. In regards with Katara, Aang has so far displayed that 'nice guy' mentality which is almost the most hurtful to girls; someone who says they are supportive but then turns around on you and blames you for everything, while still claiming to say all those hurtful things b/c they're a 'nice guy'. Anyways I hope Aang can face up to what he's done and become a better person out of it.
MadamMsMiss chapter 13 . 7/20/2013
I love how this totally potray new york teenagers, seriously I feel like my life and just about every new York teenagers is this dramatic and twisted. Take it from me, I'm from upstate NY. And seriously there's something I love about Toph's and Zuko's brother/sister relationship, it always pulls at my heartstrings to see Toph as a little sister and Zuko as a caring big brother (I seriously think he needs that after azula). It was honestly weird to see my life in a fanfic but I really like it. :)
Cappel chapter 13 . 6/13/2013
please sah i want some more. - oliver
crazi4muzik chapter 13 . 5/3/2013
i immediately got hooked on your story here, it's so good! there are a few grammatical errors but nothing to serious, i can't wait for the next chapter!
storyoftheunknownfangirl chapter 5 . 4/20/2013
Ahhhh! That awesome moment your hometown is mentioned in any written work! One for Ra-cha-cha (it's a local name for Rochester)!
misslexilouwho chapter 13 . 4/15/2013
More more more more more more more.
I hadn't read this in so long, so I went and re-read the whole story in like, an hour. I want mooooore.
Fanficfan chapter 13 . 4/10/2013
Ahhh! Why is there not more! Lol.
I just read the entire thing and am hungry for more!
Rin chapter 13 . 4/5/2013
if you ask me i would like it if Katara and Zuko would not be a couple after the four of them (aang, katara, zuko and toph) patch things up. I want you to explore the de facto sibling relationship between zuko and toph for a while. I know this is ZUTARA story but it would be nice if those two (TOKO) would have a little time for themselves as de facto siblings. What I was saying is make Katara and Aang's life a little miserable. Seriously I dont like what Katara did to Zuko. But Aang is the biggest jerk.
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