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SeerKing chapter 36 . 12/3/2017
Honestly, I can't see why you abandoned this story. It is, undoubtedly, better than the rewrite. I respect your right to do so, but maintain that it is a shame that you chose to discontinue this version.
Panaka chapter 36 . 11/21/2017
Just so you know, all the links in your profile go nowhere. They all lead say they lead to your profile.
Rydan fall chapter 27 . 10/23/2017
You do realise and remember that Garrus is a biotic as well, right?
I always had him using it during weapons cool down or heat sink change, to keep up the pressure.
Same for Wrex and Grunt.

True, they liked their guns, especially Garrus.
Rydan fall chapter 21 . 10/23/2017
Why not a deeper look into her reviving upgrades by Miranda. Cheakwas(?) and Mordin?
It might just help Joker and Thane.
True, it might not, but not looking means that that is a sure thing.
Rydan fall chapter 14 . 10/22/2017
Garrus, slight correction, this third time it would be undead hero, she died, you know and she is still walking around.

Highlander jokes could also work good here.

Say, will you let her get a Asari sword as we have seen in ME Andromeda?
Rydan fall chapter 1 . 10/22/2017
Heh, funny rambel my mind made on rereading this chapter.
Wasn't there a old Hollywood serie called the Six Billion Dollar Man?

Might be something for you to use in the future, if only as a snorting funny background mind thought of one of the characters.
Rydan fall chapter 36 . 10/22/2017
I always liked how you have woven this story.

Now, with that new protean(?) inspired biotic amplifier, you give them a oppertunity, for a money making deal.
Seems to me it's a amplifier that both humans as well as Asari, would like.
Yes, patent rights.

Now, don't know if you altered the coloring of the SR2 Normandy yet, would need to reread it for that.
But if not, change the white Cerebus C logo into the UN Peace logo (Olive Branch, look on wikipedia for United Nations General Assembly, for a general application idea) or rather Angel Wings.
Might even be able to combine them, if done right.
This won't cost too much paint or time to do, thus very handy in removing a part of the Cerebus touch. for almost no effort.
Maybe change the black for blue, as a added distiction away from Cerebus.

Now something else, I am sure you know of Mass Effect Andromeda, right?
So what happend to the prototypes made by the Amdromeda Inititive?
Afteral, logic would say the prototype Nexus is currently parked somewhere as a spacestation.
Probably the place where they then housed the whole project.
Which could mean a homebase and probably the place where the Milkyway Quantum Communicator is housed, to connect the Milkyway to Andromeda, when they are finaly in Andromeda.

Not the real interest, as I think you would get, but a possible hidden base is still a hidden base to operate from, when the Reapers come.
No, it's the Tempest it's Blueprints that are of interest.
The SR2 needs a engine overhaul, they most likely designed the Tempest using data from the development from the SR2.
Would explain why the Salarians designed the Tempest her class, we humans need atleast three years in todays world, for Fly By Wire systems.

One engine upgrade I would suggest giving yhe SR2, is the ability to close off the fusion reactor and Eezo core housing using metal shutter plates for during combat, shields can fail and thus is risking the engineerings crew to a blow out.
Suggest using that Asari Armor material, that can take a beating.
Also suggest adding that Quarian Shield System to the engine room for added protection.

Deck two is too short, they hid it by rotating it 180 degrees in the game, but Joker is sitting where Garrus is standing on Deck three, when it should be where Shepard is selectimg a course to take while using the galactic map.
So some things are hidden, one such thing must be the quantum communicator of the SR2.
Then there is the fact the underside is flat, while the top has a bulge, meaning there is another deck there.
Probably a storage deck, for supplies, torpedos, fuel and so on.
But that means the armory, lab and reactor have cameras and projector screens to simulate windows.

In ME3, deck two is so wrong, the only way to save it, is to say the whole section behind the CIC, where the lab and armory used to be, is in fact one big holodeck, like Actarus station had.
Why I say this?
Because in ME3, you literally have have a room the size of the warrrom sticking out of the side of the ship.
Yes, they made the warroom as wide as the CIC, while those side chambers are as wide as the Lab and Armory where, if not wider.
I counted the steps needed, twice as wide as the CIC, in total, those three rooms where.

The SR2 also has the tube beds from the SR1, while having enough normal bunks for every crew member.
If you then also take into account the amount of shuttles she could dock in her shuttle bay...
Would that then mean those pod beds are for a combat team?
If so, then I think I can see a few easy ways for the Council to not only keep better taps on things, but also giving Shepards some actual backup, like say a mixed Asari and Salarian combat team...
Might even give them a added reason to ad in a Asari Spectre.
It gives you playing room, especially if you ad in hot bunking for the beds and pod beds.
It also explains why the ship had two recreation rooms in the way it had, it was to keep such a combat team relaxed and out of the way.
The ME2 armory I find a good main armory setup, while the ME3 armory comes more across as a temporary weapons storage of a combat team, where they also can do some upkeep on their gear.

Now the Tempest had a lab in which they grew plants, compare it to the SR2 Normandy its enviromental control chamber and the racks in it, where that Drell stored his weapons on.
Yes, thats a big hint hint.

But that other lab its gear, might be something to ad to the SR2 its lab, same for that forcefield control airlock that save guarded the warroom in ME3.
Do lower the ammount of doors leading to the lab, would you?
Would make more sence that the connection between lab and enviromental control (read live support), is actually located outside the lab in the corridor leading to the com room in ME2, blocking of that door into the lab, from the armory or com room.
It would mean less change that a lab accident whould affect enviromental control.
Though it would make more sence if that staircase was located in the armory, considering deck two is turned 180 degrees.
But then the staircase going from deck three to four, also has that weird Z in it, hell, its even weider since its also a Z seen from the sideview.
So armory, enviromental, XO, Grunts Quarters, thats how that staircase should go.
And it would not be the only one of such staircases.
The one in the AI core room, should lead straight to the shuttle deck and the shuttledeck should have had a bunker to protect the elevator doors from possible boarders.
And the Cockpit and CIC has the same damned problem with that damned airlock.

Funnely enough, the Andromeda Inititive might offer more then just a secret starbase to enact heavy upgrades, like switching the main core for a upgraded version that uses Tempest main core technology (like the SR2 drive cores partially showed in ME3).
But what about a easy to get replacement for the Mako?
Sure, no weapon system on it, but it is there and more easily to get then the Mako itself.

Say, would the part of the Andromeda Inititive that is satying behind in the Milkyway Galaxy, have a copy of SAM?
Because it looks like Shepard has the same problem (or getting the same one) as the wife of that Ex N7 guy that is the players father in ME Andromeda.

As for reviving Shepard, they used Krogan and Drell stuff.
How much do you want to bet that to regenerate the cells fast, they used Salarian stuff with Asari stuff later on to counter this?
It might mean Shepard has now rapid healing of wounds and a longer expected livespan, if she can stay alive.
Do wonder what that might thus mean for her thoughts, considering we already know what the Drell stuff is doing.

Mmm, how does artificial cell devision start?
Was it not something to do with a electric discharge?
Could they have finished of the Krogan type biotic upgrade by overloading all the Eezo nods, to restart all the cells by using the discharge problem every starship has on a way smaller scale?

Anyway, thanks for the chapter, its really good and I can't wait till the next one, though I think that that will be require some waiting.
So I hope that my rambling has some things in it, that has some perspective that you can use.
Till the next time, I think I will refresh my memory of this story, in the meantime(?).
Pharaoh Zekebez chapter 36 . 10/22/2017
You made my day with this update:). I hoped some day you would rewrite one of my favourite stories and now it's here. I'm definitely going to follow your progress on ao3 and right now i should actually get to readig new chapter becouse seeing my favourite story reactivated made me post it immediately.
Squidgod812 chapter 36 . 10/21/2017
I really love this story and want to read this and the rewrite, but I'm not familiar with ao3. looking at ao3 it seems the only way to make a profile is to pay for one or get an invite to the beta. can I read the rewrite without a profile?
LifeIsAGreatAdventure chapter 36 . 10/21/2017
Really great to see that you're working on this again, real bummer to see that its only going to be on AO3. I assume content issues will be around shmex and if so would argue that a well written story doesn't need too much of that to be excellent, while too much of it can ruin a great story. I'll try to find you over on AO3 but definitely ask (in part because it is less accessible to the blind than ffn) that you rethink your redo to the point it will work here too.
the13thdragon chapter 36 . 10/21/2017
Yay! its great that you are working on this again, I'll leave you a better review over on ao3.
JimmyHall24 chapter 36 . 10/21/2017
Hexist chapter 1 . 9/5/2017
This is a damn good story with some of the best characterization I've seen of Shepard in any fic. It's a tremendous shame that it will never be finished.
awesomeness-rocks chapter 35 . 7/20/2017
Fuck fuck fuck

-has just seen date of last update-
Guest chapter 35 . 2/12/2017
such amazing story
i hope you find your muse for this one, again.
i love for it to continue.

a fan of your storytelling
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