Reviews for The Bells are Ringing
A2463 chapter 7 . 7/27/2012
Love it! Please continue!
Smayz chapter 6 . 9/26/2011
I love how you mixed in such a variety of emotions into your stories. There's obviously intense love, but you can also see the compromises they make. There's anger, jealousy, sadness, and a mix of other emotions.
Smayz chapter 4 . 9/26/2011
Mhmm, perfect time to stick in teeth cleaning, lol. I love seeing these two together.
Smayz chapter 3 . 9/26/2011
Hahaha, poor Bella.
Smayz chapter 1 . 9/26/2011
Haha, oh man, I can't believe I didn't find this story before. But I'm glad that I did now.

You mixed a perfect sense of humor and teasing in this. I really liked how you captured their personality as well.
Meneldur chapter 7 . 7/12/2011
So, we continue on our quest to find a deep theme beyond the obvious in these stories... and are stumped. I mean, this story... well, it's about sex. And more sex. And temptation, I suppose. Maybe reciprocation?

The point is, using sex between fems and tops as a setting for the greater question of trust and temptation and reciprocation in relationships seems so... hackneyed? cliched? regular? Again, I find it hard to express my feelings, exactly. It's just that it feels so normal. And that's interesting Because Rosalie is never normal. And Bella and Rosalie together being normal makes no sense... except perhaps it does. I need to think on this some more.

A few random comments: Anal sex is amazing if done right, but yes, very dangerous, and unless you use enemas, possibly disgusting. I enjoyed the scene very much.

Panthers are dangerous, but I do believe you handled them perfectly, showing both their faults and weaknesses. The problem with being the predator on top of the food chain is that in order to keep the system running, you're usually there alone. I find it gratifying that you manage to make us empathize with these predators.

Bets and games are great fun in the bedroom, and I'm glad you manage to introduce that.

Lastly, on tops and fems. Some people seem to confuse the terms with butch and femme or dom and sub (accordingly, of course). I think this is a mistake. From my experience, there is a great difference between these terms. The top is the more dominant partner, yes, but as you write, the fem is the core, the heart. And being more dominant does not imply a dom/sub relationship. In fact it is often the oppsite. Where the sub serves the dom and attempts to please him/her, the top is simply in control. Often, in fact, as in this story, the top will have less pleasure (that is, orgasms), than the fem. This is because when someone is giving you an orgasm, usually they are in actual control. You are the one begging for release, wanting the orgasm, and they are the one keeping you on the edge, able to decide when and how you'll get it. People who dislike giving up their control will often be tops, and if they want to be in control as well, they will also be doms (Emma Frost comes to mind... ah, Emma!).

Anyway, I rambled on, but I think m point was made. Lastly, I think, a question: Is there any particular order that would be advised in reading all these stories? For I am unsure of the connection between your stories, and your brother's, and Jocelyn's, and that bothers me.
Deleted Account No Comment chapter 7 . 4/30/2011
I really like this chapter.

Hi again.

I do really, it's flows very well, and it's funny, but not too pushy.

You really cheered me up today.

In any case, I like how you write introspective are patient enough and discipline dot stick to your character's traits and it's one of the thing I like the most about your writings.

It's a good chapter.

Deleted Account No Comment chapter 6 . 4/30/2011
I absolutely love this chapter.

Sorry, Hi there.

So I absolutely love this chapter.

First of all, let me tell you, bargaining orgasms, it's hot. And I can so so hear it, it cracks me up every time. Do you know how much you crack me up? No? A lot, you're just to amusing for your own good.

The zombie thing ... alright it was almost as good as your "pancake flammée" one... excuse me gotta go pee... alright. (I am so bad at horror movies, if only you knew...)

Mother-hen Rosalie... by God. And porn Rosalie... I liked your little outburst about lesbian porn. It's so true though.

And it hurts to expose yourself. A lot.

You were so both of them in this chapter weren't you?

It was so sweet, yet still witty just like you.

So sweet indeed, with the big eyes, and the suckling. I think I have told you how much I appreciated your raw approach of the slight infantile moment you show here, and you did it so very well.

So strong, with the marking. Just like you would expect from Rosalie.

I liked your assault on Jacob, and your ever so cynical Rosalie look, again so accurate.

You know sometimes I think I just keep repeating myself again and a again, but you are fabulously brilliant and I love your writings.

This is one of my favorite chapters of yours, really.

Utterly and completely.


Deleted Account No Comment chapter 5 . 4/30/2011
So I haven't reviewed you in a while.

I was writing and I had a fit about my Rosalie and I felt I needed to get back to yours who is so so much better and I just now realized how much more than usual I have missed your writing.

Do you know how brilliant you are? God you are.

Anyway, the chapter:

I really like how gradually you are building your smutt, which seems very inoffensive to begin with and then, then Bella's baby kitty gives it all and Rosalie makes it. And that was what I liked about your smutt.

Thus 'phfina became the panther and was on top, getting what is hers skillfully.

And then Rosalie just has to kiss it that little kitty because she can't help it, and you just made me feel a lot better. See, she is cute too, your Rosalie, and it just cheered me up. It was really cute, and kind, I liked it.

""You think I'm amazing?" I asked." it's my favorite part of your chapter. Rosalie actually asked. So not only is she cute, but she is also insecure, and she has to ask, just like the rest of us, 'cause sometimes it's just really nice to hear that you're amazing. And she says it so humbly too.

And it was so you.

Thank you, Darling, I needed that.

Deleted Account No Comment chapter 4 . 1/19/2011
And here I am again ...

For Bella's sake, mon oeil ...

Have I ever tell you how much I appreciate the honesty of your Rosalie, even in her despair and fear? I do. I am appreciative, I know it's hard to do.

'iykwimaityd', like for real? Now do you know how old you make me feel? and dumb too. I had to actually write it out, from my very lovely calligraphic italic hand writing that nobody can read, and figure it out. It took me a couple minutes to manage 'If You Know What I Mean and I Think That You Do' ... What is wrong with you kids?

'Okay?', it's so you, and it makes me smile. You speak through each of them, and you are not half bad of an acrobat, you know?

It is such a lesbian thing to intellectualize love making, I thoroughly enjoy it of course, and here, it's diffusing the tension, though whoever pays attention can tell more is around the corner.

You are so sweet, you panther-'y' little thing, and your smutt ... *smiles*

See you next chapter, Darling ...

Deleted Account No Comment chapter 3 . 1/19/2011
My Darling Little Brat,

SO you Um and I Hum, and you crack me up. This chapter cracks me up EVERY time.

Rosalie is so so calm and unfazed and absolutely delighted. She is so désanchantée, and carelessly blasée, yet so not.

AND the whole, I am a Hale, not a Cullen, not Rose to anyone, not something, but everything ... Samantha, the panther, she is rather full of herself, and in Rosalie's world, *smiles*, that's almost a beheading sentence. Let's forgive her for her daring, or irresponsible, behavior, it was her first real Rosalie encounter after all, in green see-through slip and with her Bella, equally sexy (thanks for that).

I absolutely love it, and her, and you writing her and, well, just love it really.

Bella, you're so good at Bella too, this chapter is just a whole mouth full of chocolate, when I have a craving. You know my favorite moment don't you? hummmm, I'll tell you:

"Rose, stop."

I stopped.

Bella's quiet voice was the only thing that allowed Samantha to draw her very next breath.

It is in competition with this though:

I took off my slip and threw it into the loaded machine.

"Holy fucking Christ!" Samantha exclaimed. "There is a God!"

You would think, with the words Samantha used, that her voice would be other than what it was, but it was a sweet, feminine voice, and so it was so odd hearing her forceful words coming out sounding so prettily from her petite frame.

"Oh! God! Rosalie!" Bella murmured.

I raised my eyebrow at the children of this generation, so oddly uninhibited in some ways and so easily flustered in others. It's not like either of them were seeing any more than what they saw before.

Yeah right, says the goddess, most beautiful vampire in the world, who makes you wet your pants with a look.

I am telling, good like chocolate this chapter ... I bet you had fun reading it, sweet panther on the prowl ...

*Chuckling, while shaking my head softly ...*


PS: Oh, 'rueful' is in this chapter, I never noticed it here because I thought it had a different meaning. Do you see how you teach me words I don't know even when I don't know you are teaching them to me? Thanks Darling.
Bats and spiders chapter 7 . 1/7/2011
Your way of portraying Rosalie is very interesting. I really am looking forward to reaking more, there is so few good Rosalie/Bella.
Deleted Account No Comment chapter 2 . 11/8/2010
Now that more like it.

The safe word, and a scolding. Rosalie, so vulnerable ... I like this, and the "nibble, nibble, nibble" ... I had forgotten this little bit.

So Rosalie realizes she just treated Bella like a doormat, and that just reminds me of someone. Fortunately, she has a forgiving little one.

Indeed I am liking the vernacular inside joke. Oh and I like in jest too, you always teach me words!

"You say thank you!" Poor Bella, it is hard to tame a Hale.

A very sexy scamper ... *sigh*

Deleted Account No Comment chapter 1 . 11/8/2010
Hi dear,

I do like how Rosalie states a wager, it's so very classy. Sweet Bella should know by now, not to provoke a Hale.

And how Hale of Rosalie not to even doubt herself for one second regarding the singer issue.

I don't know why, but seeing Rosalie playful is an intriguing unexpected feeling. Not that she doesn't play or flirt, but I am actually surprised how light your tone is in this chapter.

Their couple is actually "cute", and I don't know why, but Rosalie being cute is just, different.

I loved the vocabulary inside jokes, and definitely some of Rosalie's inner dialogues.

Your Bella is such a little girl in this chapter, her defiance is very sweet, and amusing.

Of course I loved it, just, maybe not as much as some of your other pieces.

Kiara Mysteria chapter 6 . 7/26/2010
Overall this chapter was hot. But, the whole mommy thing going on was kinda corny. I don't know how to say that so that you won't take that the wrong way but thats just my honest opinion. I mean cause' that kinda makes it seem like you're fucking a baby...and that's wrong. But I do like the long chapters. Great story!
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