Reviews for Whispers of Willow
Ihatechoosinganame chapter 22 . 9/25
wow amazing story I absolutely loved it. Really well done. I wish there was more
LadyPhoenix68 chapter 15 . 5/14
faith in private school, faith in skirt and uniform, You are evil and I love it.

Fun story so far but I really think Gibbs with Abby would have caught on faster with theoretical coming out.
annette-ella chapter 22 . 3/13
This ist great.
l4w chapter 22 . 10/29/2015
This has been a great idea and a fun read with the addition of Tara and Faith.
I am surprised that Gibbs has not gotten to the truth yet but I am looking forward to the explosion at the end of this arc.
stephcullen2000 chapter 22 . 4/3/2015
I love it so please update again soon xxx
Saul Good chapter 22 . 3/19/2015
Holy shit, that's a helluva place atop writing this! You've got me hooked man, you gotta give me something more!
lateVMlover chapter 22 . 1/23/2015
THis story is amazing! I can't believe it's been abandoned when it's almost done. I hope you're not dead. If you're still alive, please finish this story!
Kunohichi8 chapter 22 . 11/3/2014
More pleeeaaassseee!
debzerechillin chapter 22 . 10/5/2014
love this story. is there ever gonna be another chapter?
Caitlin Knight chapter 22 . 9/22/2014
I have read this for five hours straight and I love it every bit of it was awesome beyond awesome plot, to the story to how you planned it was great. There were a few grammatical errors but I shouldn't talk but it was beyond one of my favorites two shows mix in one. Love it job . please, please, please, please update soon.
Aracertariel chapter 22 . 8/4/2014
I would love to see more of this. Or at least the rest of the graduation story arc. It's quite good.
Tropp chapter 22 . 5/8/2014
Ooh, come on! One or two chapters missing and you leave the story hanging in the wind. Please finish it, even if its only a draft. Pretty please? This is a really good story.
Tropp chapter 9 . 4/7/2014
Nope, I give up. Some parts of it is good but the story as a whole is "iffy". Parts of the dialogue is really, really good and the basic plot idea isn't bad but the parts doesn't add up.
Tropp chapter 7 . 4/7/2014
Something about this story smells "iffy". I think it is your views on parenting and lack of grasp of the characters. Maybe it will turn out to be a really good story, i will give two more chapters, but i doubt it. There is no fucking way that Xander would leave Buffy and if he stays, so does Willow. Also, Gibbs doesn't slap anybody outside the team and custody transfers are little more complicated than just some papers to sign.
Flower248 chapter 22 . 10/15/2013
This story was really fun, unfortunately it seems to be dead. I hope it's not and you update soon.
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