Reviews for Privileged
Silque chapter 16 . 8/13
Jesus, 16 chapters in, and Edward is no more than an ancillary character! I needs mah Edward lovin'!
divyvicki chapter 45 . 5/27
Wow, I was tearing up thinking that she was dreaming about Edward! Great conclusion!
divyvicki chapter 44 . 5/27
Wow, I'm sure glad I'm reading this as a completed story and don't have to wait for updates!
divyvicki chapter 43 . 5/27
He really is off his rocker!
divyvicki chapter 42 . 5/27
Poor Bella and poor Edward! Would love to hear Esme's talk with Carlisle when he finds out how destructive Izzy really is.
divyvicki chapter 41 . 5/27
I don't mind what trials and tribulations you put Edward and Bella through as long as they end up together in a HEA
divyvicki chapter 40 . 5/27
Boy, never thought that would happen!
divyvicki chapter 39 . 5/27
Maybe Esme can save the whole family!
divyvicki chapter 38 . 5/27
Glad to see Tanya get what's coming to her!
divyvicki chapter 37 . 5/27
I knew Peter was up to no good!
divyvicki chapter 36 . 5/23
Hmmm, I was sure it was Renee having her followed. Guess I was wrong. Maybe Peter? He's creepy enough!
divyvicki chapter 35 . 5/23
I love how strong u made Bella through this!
divyvicki chapter 34 . 5/23
Too bad Izzy couldn't have been present or overheard that little declaration!
divyvicki chapter 33 . 5/18
Well, we knew the wicked witch would show up sometime. Glad Bella got her relationship with Edward figured out before she had to deal with Renee!
divyvicki chapter 32 . 5/18
So glad Edward was there to get her away from James. He is bad news!
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