Reviews for A Moment Changes Everything
Kushka chapter 34 . 10/4/2018
Great story
fire of page chapter 8 . 9/23/2018
Wowww this was great I’m glad they admitted their feelings! I’m gonna hyperventilate right with you when I get to the lemon
Aggie94 chapter 34 . 9/16/2018
Wow oh wow... what a fabulous story. Thank you for sharing your words. Meg
ShadowDragon2112 chapter 34 . 9/13/2018
I loved this story. Thank you for sharing it.
Eriza-chan chapter 34 . 7/25/2018
read the whole story in 2 days, loved it! I look forward to going through your story list!
andrewpine chapter 1 . 3/12/2018
Guess he has better control now that he isn't dealing with bloodlust from six other vamps,plus his own.I don't know why he doesn't just go back to munching on criminals?
Twilight-Survivor chapter 5 . 9/24/2017
“LIE Long Island Expressway- major highway from Manhattan out to Long Island. Often resembles a parking lot.”

Lmfao! I’m from NYC and I’ve gotta say your comments and descriptions of things like the LIE, LIRR, subway and of course NYC pizza are much appreciated! I worked NYC EMS till getting injured on 9/11/01 and I always avoided the LIE like the freakin plague preferring the GCP, service roads or side streets... hell I woulda taken a horse and buggy over that dank highway! Parking lot indeed! Lol! Lights and sirens made no difference to anyone with the exception of 9/11, that was the first time in my entire life that every single car parted like the red friggin sea in NYC. Now I live just over the river, 5 min from the GWB in NJ. I loved and miss the city but one thing I much prefer is how like on LI, people actually move for emergency vehicles. There are things I love about my small quiet town, like how safe it is for my kids but im a city girl at heart and miss the chaos, the speed, the never sleeping city... people always say New Yorkers are rude and stand offish and if you’re being weird or nosy sure they are but sitting on your front stoop and having other locals just come and socialize is a stark contrast to the “lift the hand” greeting that is all you seem to get from most people in the burbs. I am in love with Bella and Jasper stories and write many of my own (never finished one so I never posted any since i refuse to post an unfinished story.) so I wanted to thank you for not only your NYC descriptions but also the story itself. I grew up in a bad way myself and a lot of what’s being shared in this story is painfully familiar and crap I fought like hell to pull away from by finding better ways to survive but when you seem to have no options... you do what you have to and just deal with the aftermath. This is the first story I’ve read that seems to convey all that and for that essays alone I’m very grateful. Thank you. PM me anytime. -Crystal
Msmalloryreads chapter 15 . 9/17/2017
I love your introduction of Peter to Bella.
amy.campbell.378199 chapter 34 . 9/12/2017
Great story, I like how the angst part was quickly resolved and also liked that Peter and Charlotte had a bigger role in this story.
Fleur50 chapter 19 . 9/5/2017
J'ai lu en français la traduction mais elle a arrêté au chapitre 19...

J'aime beaucoup votre histoire.

Montréal, Québec.
agoogoo chapter 9 . 8/14/2017
omigod hellooo u know Marinaaa 3
Kushka chapter 34 . 8/1/2017
Great story
suziq968 chapter 6 . 8/2/2017
This is really good. You're doing a good job on showing why Bella needs to feel self sufficient as much as Jasper needs to help and protect her. This beats the instant oh we're mate's, now the bad guys show up kind of plot that seems so common.
Entwinedlove chapter 34 . 7/14/2017
I really enjoyed this! Normally the OCs that are meant as mates for Edward and Alice in Bella/Jasper stories are really obvious, but the revelation here at the end was a surprise.

I've been rereading a lot of Bella/Jasper stores lately and I was casually looking for the bite mark tattoo trope that I remembered, and I was excited to see it here. I don't remember if this was the story I first saw it but in the 75 fics I've read recently with this pairing, it's the first one I've come across this time around.

Thank you for posting!
Blistful2006 chapter 17 . 7/11/2017
Wow just wow that sex scene was Scorching without being overly descriptive and crazy. Your wording didn't make me cringe or want to jump ahead. So I know you had writers block but Kudos to you. You totally rocked it.
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