Reviews for Of Flowers and Love
Bendleshnitz chapter 4 . 5/24/2010
(Reviews for The Way You Touch Me when it was not part of a multi-chaptered fic.)


2010-02-25 . chapter 1

Wow... that was amazing and very fluffy (you're psychic, I did pass out!)Loved loved loved it!



2010-02-23 . chapter 1

wait, no reviews yet? am i the first one? ahha,, anyway i think it's a cute and sweet story. i like how neville treated hannah. and i think i really might pass out. ahah,,

til next time..


TDI Ezekiel

2010-02-23 . chapter 1

nice, all Neville/Hannah stories should be this well written.
Bendleshnitz chapter 3 . 5/24/2010
(Reviews for Time Race when it was not part of a multi-chaptered fic.)


2009-10-24 . chapter 1

That was cute!
Bendleshnitz chapter 2 . 5/24/2010
(Reviews for Time Race when it was not part of a multi-chaptered fic.)

Hufflepuff Girl17

2009-12-29 . chapter 1

It was a really good story, and I'm not trying to be mean when i say this but Hannah's mom died in the fifth book. sorry. It was a magnificent story though._ I love Hannah Neville fics.



2009-11-01 . chapter 1

Very sweet from Hannah's special outfit to Neville's trying to get Hannah her favorite flowers! Neville getting hit as he rushed across the street with his mind on Hannah's flowers reminded me of "An Affair to Remember." As did the lovely ending.



2009-09-03 . chapter 1

Aw, so cute!

They're not my favorite couple, but I liked the way you portrayed their first date. It wasn't perfect, but they loved it, and don't want anything else. Which is a lot like the rest of their relationship, actually.

Good job, and sorry I'm so behind on my reviews!




2009-08-17 . chapter 1

Naw! So cute! I love Neville's fluffyness! Go Nev!



2009-08-04 . chapter 1

aw so cute!only neville could get hit by a car! that fits his personality so much! :)



2009-08-01 . chapter 1

It was lovely. I enjoyed reading Neville and Hannah's interaction. Neville is such a sweetie.

The bit where Hannah recaps the story is a bit odd as far as punctuation. The dashes instead of quotes threw me off a little.

Otherwise, it was fine. I smiled at Neville's...Nevilleness. :)

Love (in the form of reviews and friendship!)

ATigressAshore chapter 1 . 2/25/2010
Bit confusing, but classic with Neville and Hannah was fabulous. Loved it. :)
SugarDee chapter 4 . 2/23/2010
should i review this again? well i did review this story before, but i don't recall whether i did for the last 3 chapters. well all in all, every chapter is really sweet. one of the sweetest couple, i think, in harry potter.

anyway i think i've told you before that i really like this pairing, so you know that i will read this. i don't really add stories in my alert stories list, but i already have you in my alert authors list. so i'll know whether you've written a new story or chapter. well good luck in writing, can't wait for the new chapter. ;]

til next time..