Reviews for The Seven Dragons of Darkness
TabbyBri chapter 24 . 11/29/2011
I liked Spyro and Cynder's talk at the beginning. I would have been worried about Spyro, too, after he just killed Trias like that, so I can see why Cynder was.

The entire fight scene was done incredibly well. You described the different points of view in an easy to understand way, and it was very well written. I was very glad to see Reave do what he did. He died, but he still saved Aegis, so in a way, Reave was saved from the corruption.

Astir absorbing the Scale of Raknos worked very well, and I could just picture that happening. The fight against Astir was also done very well. And when Spyro said "We did it Cynder, he's gone." that's exactly what he said in chapter one, when they had just defeated Malefor. That was a cool way to do it.

As for the epilogue, I loved it. I liked how Spyro, Cynder, Aegis, Azshea, Solris and Icryious all went back to the Burned Lands and that particular volcano to tell their story, and I really like Taelas and Aria, and Syra, too. I loved the way you ended it, with Spyro about to tell the story.

Like I said, this is the best Spyro the Dragon FanFiction I've found, and overall, one of my favorite stories of any category. Thanks for writing this, really. Now I'm off to read the sequel!


TabbyBri chapter 23 . 11/29/2011
I couldn't review the last chapter; for some reason the site claimed I had already reviewed it, even though I hadn't, and won't let me review it again. So onto this chapter instead.

The fight between Cynder and Trias was done well. Trias is surprisingly strong, but Cynder can hold her own, too. It's good that Azshea decided to accept that Solris isn't so bad. Solris did save her life, so I'm glad Azshea apologized to her.

Spyro and Icryious did well in their fight, and I liked the Sparx part right after it. It was cool of Azshea to attack Trias for what he said to Solris. Trias deserved that, saying that no one would ever like Solris. I'm glad Spyro killed Trias, even if he did so in a vicious way. It's also very good they decided to let Solris live, despite Astir having that pendent.

You did well with the fight against Karik, especially when he posessed Krista; it was very ghost-like and worked well. It's too bad Karik failed, he really did do his best.

TabbyBri chapter 21 . 11/29/2011
The entire beginning was well done, and I liked the talk between the ex-guardians and Spyro's group. And I'm glad Cynder told Spyro that Ignitus' death wasn't his fault. The fight was written well, and I'm always impressed with Azshea's fire-coated dive.

It was nice that Aegis was concerned for Azshea, asking if she could go on. Of course she can, but it was still nice.

TabbyBri chapter 20 . 11/29/2011
Azshea, while corrupted, was just not herself. I'm glad that she's out of that now. It's good that Cynder talked to Solris, and Solris knows that Cynder wants to be friends with her, and it least the others are starting to trust her at this point, too.

I loved the talk between Aegis and Azshea, with Azshea saying that her wings were vibrant, as usual and Aegis saying not to flatter herself. And when Aegis asked if she wanted to hurt or kill anyone for no reason and she said maybe him after that comment. I just love that part! I like Aegis and Azshea and their relationship, I think you did very well with that.

TabbyBri chapter 19 . 11/29/2011
I liked the description of the Scale's power, and Sparx is right; there's never anything to help the good guys. I wish that dragon that found Krista had killed her when he had the chance. Instead, he got killed, the poor dragon.

I like how Blaze changed, he's become a good dragon. And his friend, Icryious... I'm not sure too much about him, but he's certainly a powerful dragon, and I think he's okay.

Aegis' story was sad. I liked Reave, for the most part, when he was not corrupted. He seemed like a pretty good brother. And when I first read this part, I was thinking "I knew Aegis liked Azshea!" Sure, he claimed he didn't, but clearly, he does.

Solris really did take a beating at the end of this chapter; first from the corrupted Azshea, then from Krista. Ouch... Azshea's corruption, with her scales darkening and her increased speed and power, reminded me of when Spyro first became Dark Spyro at the end of The Eternal Night.

TabbyBri chapter 18 . 11/29/2011
I can see why Solris didn't tell Spyro and the others right now about being controlled by Astir. It would have seemed much safer to kill her if she did tell them. I almost feel sorry for Erutus, since Astir nearly 'killed the messenger' as it is, but still, can't quite manage to feel sorry for that dragon.

I liked Sparx's comment about another world threatening plot to stop, and I'm glad that Blaze apologized to them. This part made me like Blaze a lot more than I had before this chapter. As for Krista, however, I despise her, as well as most of the rest of the seven.

TabbyBri chapter 16 . 11/29/2011
Those poor temple guards... first they get attacked by Spyro and Cynder, then they get attacked by Spyro, Cynder, Aegis and Azshea, and now they're attacked and killed by Astir, Reave and Trias! Boy, do they ever have bad luck.

It's good Spyro and the others spared Solris, she didn't deserve to be killed. When I first read this, I was completely shocked when I saw that Krista was one of the seven, but it makes sense. That makes two of the seven who were guardians or elders, doesn't it? Krista was the ice guardian of Warfang, and Erutus replaced Snow as an elder in Syrinal.

It was good of Cynder to promise Solris she won't let anything happen to her. This is when my opinion of Blaze started to improve, since he refused to give them the Scale of Raknos, even if they killed him.

TabbyBri chapter 15 . 11/29/2011
I'd forgotten that it explained Ashe was the one who wasn't taken as an egg. Now I feel stupid, asking if that was it eariler, since I knew it, just forgot. It might be a bit bad, since he's a villain, that I find Astir's comment that Azshea will look good in black mildly entertaining. Oh, well, at least it didn't work out as he planned. I love when villains' plans don't go as they want.

I like Spyro and Aegis' talk about Aegis liking Azshea; I have to say, Aegis covered it up pretty well. And I liked Spyro saying that maybe Aegis should consider it. The talk between Sparx and Cynder was done really well, and it's good that Sparx got Cynder back to her normal self again.

It was this part, with Solris saving Azshea, that made me really like Solris. I'd felt sorry for her, and liked her a little before this, but it was this chapter that made her another of my favorties. Plus, she killed Ashe, and even though it was accidental, I'm always glad to see the last of Ashe.

TabbyBri chapter 14 . 11/29/2011
Azshea was having such a bad time at the beginning of this chapter. And I hate Ashe for thinking that she knew what had to be done. I guess from a bad guy's point of view, though, it was a good idea, taking Azshea. I feel so bad for Cynder in this chapter, with everyone being afraid of her. It would be horrible for everyone around you to be fearing for their lives.

Erutus is another I completely despise, almost as much as Ashe. Both betrayed poor Azshea. Come to think of it, Azshea might have had the hardest time out of anyone in this story. Erutus just seemed so nice in the first chapter he appeared, he was Azshea's best friend, and Azshea said she's considered him as a mate. Then she found out he's one of the seven, which just had to have hurt. I like this chapter a lot, though it makes me feel sorry for both Cynder and Azshea.

TabbyBri chapter 13 . 11/29/2011
I actually kind of like Dante, which is probably a little strange, given he tried to kill them. So I guess that Ashe was the one who was converted later to the seven, the one who was not taken as an egg (Well, other than Reave)? I felt so sorry for Aegis when Dante told him that there is no hope for Reave now. Poor Aegis... At least Reave resisted the corruption, hearing that had to help Aegis somewhat. I think it's cool that it was Cynder breaking free of Malefor's corruption that inspired Dante.

Terrador, Cyril, and Volteer were all very worried abotu Spyro and the others, which was nice to see, and I'm glad Volteer broke up the argument before it could become a fight. Taht fire guard who called Cynder a devil makes me angry. I liked Azshea and Aegis' bickering about her taunting the guard, it was fun.

So, Spyro and Cynder did sort of attack the temple again. Well, they really had no choice, so that's okay. I hate the fact that Ashe kidnapped her daughter, whenever I read that I want to murder her. It was actually somewhat good of Blaze to just have them watched more closely; he probably could have had his guards kill them instead, or at least have them try to.

It has to be awful to find out your mother is part of a group bent on destroying the world. Poor Azshea, and then Ashe asking her to join them? What, is Ashe stupid? As if Azshea would! She's too good a dragoness for that.

TabbyBri chapter 12 . 11/29/2011
Not much to comment on with the fight against Dante, except that I'm still impressed with the way you describe battles. It seems very true to the style of battle in the games, yet still very inventive.

Solris is back alive! Though of course the whole under Astir control thing really makes her living not so much fun for her, at least for a while. Astir causing her to hurt herself like that was really evil. And Ashe, lousy, sceming Ashe, her saying that Cynder leads the seven makes me angry every time. As irriated as I am with Blaze, I kinda feel sorry for him during this part.

Dante is a very powerful dragon. If Cynder hadn't said who she was, she, Spyro and the others would be dead. But at least he let them live and decided to talk to them. This is another of my favorite chapters.

TabbyBri chapter 11 . 11/29/2011
I loved Sparx's not wanting to go because of dying, but then compaining because staying was boring. I also really like the part where Sparx was incredulous that they were so worried about sending them to Dante when they've done crazier things. He is right! But so are the guardians, since they saw Dante themselves. Sheesh, that must have been horrible for them, to watch Dante kill all those dragons and just barely get away themselves.

Solris and the others took care of that grublin very well, but Astir was cruel, of course, to kill it that way. Soris' dying really stunk, and for Astir to say "The seven become six."? Oh, how nice of him. At least Solris is okay later, but I'd imagine that dying would be hard for her to get over entirely.

Once again Aegis saved Azshea's life. Appearently, Dante doesn't like visitors. I've said this before, but again, I really hate Ashe! Spyro, Cynder, and the ex-guardians, planning? Blaze was a bit of an idiot to buy that, but his dislike of Spyro might have colored his opinion, I guess.

TabbyBri chapter 10 . 11/29/2011
It was nice of Azshea to move Aegis to a pllow, and Spyro, Cynder and Sparx's surprise at finding them sleeping so close together is always funny. I really hate Ashe, attacking Spyro, Cynder and Sparx, hitting Aegis flying the room, and attacking her own daughter... again! Some mom she is. I'm glad Aegis zapped her, though it did make Azshea angry.

I liked Spyro and Cynder's arguing about who would go after Azshea, and how Aegis had already talked to the ex-guardians and went himself before they realized that. That part is one of the best parts in the story. I can understand the guardians being worried about sending them to Dante; he's not exactly the safest dragon to be around, is he?

I really liked all of Aegis and Azshea's talk, and the beginning of Aegis' story. It wad nice of him to decide to tell her the story to help her. As for the story itself, little Aegis was so cute, trying to hunt a deer when he's so small. It does kinda stink that it was Aegis who accidently gave Reave the idea to go after Malefor. Poor Aegis went through a lot. I loved Spyro's disappointment at missing Aegis' story, lowering his head and being patted on the back by Cynder was just plain funny. The ending was especially good, with Aegis telling Azshea that she can talk to him if she needs someone to talk to.

TabbyBri chapter 9 . 11/29/2011
I can understand Aegis attacking Cynder; she is a black dragoness after all, like Solris, and after what Aegis has been going through, it makes sense. Spyro sure wasn't happy about it though. Aegis absorbing the electricity from the cage bars was impressive, and storing it to use against Reave was a good idea.

That is one cave I would never want to explore. "Oh, you act like I'm the only one that ever makes noise, or talks for long periods of time, about nothing at all…" I LOVE that line from Sparx, it's just so Sparx-like! And then saying that he doesn't want to freeze in time for another three years; that really must have confused Azshea.

Those giant worm-things still creep me out. That is one very good reason to never visit that cave. If you do, you'd get eaten by gaint worms. Sheesh, what a way to go. Huh, I just wonder how the seven dragons of darkness manage to avoid becoming worm-food. I guess they're strong enough and there are enough of them that they can manage a few giant worms. Cynder spitting poison into a worms mouth worked well, and I'm very glad that Aegis showed up, even if he did get temporally eaten. At least he's alive and so is Azshea. I have to agree with Aegis, he would not be okay after just being digested by a worm.

And now Aegis has joined the group! This is one of my favorite chapters, even if the worms are creepy.

TabbyBri chapter 8 . 11/29/2011
Reave torturing poor Aegis... I don't like that dragon, though I do know it's the dark corruption making him that way. Sparx is very right that dragons in a cave is classic. I can understand Tera wanting to beat some respect into Blaze, it's a very nice sounding idea, really. At least she hit him in the jaw with that rock pilair, that was a good hit. I gotta say, Ashe is a good actress, and very, very annoying for it.

Spyro, Cynder and Azshea didn't stand a chance in that battle. A dark cave that their enimies know far better than they do? Yeah, no chance at all. Well, at least this led to them meeting Aegis. Who knew there was an upside to being viciously beaten by murderous dragons?

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