Reviews for The Good, the bad and the ugly
Shanita67 chapter 40 . 6/28
Really good story. Some very hard parts but also a lot of love.
willowchat chapter 40 . 5/20/2016
I love this story . I just found it. thank you, I hope you will post new stories
aruvqan chapter 19 . 5/15/2016
don't ask a leading question if you are afraid of the answer...that said, i love playing truth or dare
aruvqan chapter 14 . 5/15/2016
i never thought twilight was deep, it is borderline skuzzy as an old man pervs after a teenaged girl...but i like this fic
evanescence135 chapter 40 . 2/16/2016
Thank you for your story, I cried laughed and I loved you and your creative self
Guest chapter 40 . 11/23/2015
It's been a little over a year since we have heard from you. Do hope all is well & hope you will have a happy holiday season. Thank you for your wonderful stories & hope to see you posting a new one soon.
melyons chapter 8 . 9/28/2015
Actually Stephanie called Lula for help and Tank brought Ranger. Joe has no call for jealousy.
rainfall1310 chapter 17 . 4/1/2015
Aww so sweet, sweetheart is my weakness x)
rainfall1310 chapter 12 . 3/31/2015
Oh my. I spoke too soon! x) Great writing sweetie
rainfall1310 chapter 11 . 3/31/2015
That little Tank and Ranger dealio definitely made me blush a little bit and that's really hard to do, so good job :)
got2BaBabeFan chapter 40 . 9/12/2014
Just re-read this. It was so good, so many emotions. Great story
MargaritaS chapter 40 . 8/15/2014
this was incredible, i was so sad to see hector died, i think it would be neat to have an alternate ending where he lived and helped ranger broaden steph's horizons ;)
sam's-lurker-droid chapter 40 . 4/13/2014
Great story! Glad someone was looking for it so I could enjoy it.
babefanhea chapter 40 . 3/21/2014
So, did I ever tell you how much I like this story? I DO! You are fabulous. Thank you for being so good to us!
jwarden chapter 40 . 3/18/2014
Re-read this story again, and still find it wonderful!
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