Reviews for Consequences
helen chapter 1 . 11/3/2010
This is another great story and I loved it as much as the story I read before this one which was about sharon teaching craig and richard a lesson in manners. This story adds so much more to the body snatchers story and it also fills in quite a lot of the blanks that the body snatchers story did not answer in full.i love reading as much as I love writing.i would love to write my own fanfic story about the champions and put myself in the story as a charictor thats a cousin of craig richard and sharon with tremayne as our day I will get my .xxxx.
HeatherTN chapter 1 . 3/7/2010
Great tale! It's nice to have a tale wrtten, exploring feelings and the relationship between our leads. I had never really thought about Richard being a loner, but it is something to think about and I also wondered if the characters would ever try to rebel against their bond from time to time? Anyway, I really enjoyed the story and appreciate the more caring angle with Sharon finally opening up about her feelings to the tow men in her lives.
Tom Howard Sabian chapter 1 . 2/25/2010
Wow! This is so incredibly visual yet perfectly suited to their personalities. I could hear them speaking as I read it! It's a very nice background bit and I can see it clearly in my mind. I'm sure it was filmed and cut out during the editing of the original television program.

The things I liked especially (aside from the dead on characterizations of which Tremayne is the best) were the possible explanation of why Richard has always been the lone gunman of the trio, the big sister act of Sharron's (including the reference to her dead husband), Mandy (I've always wondered why we didn't see more Nemesis staff), and the repartee between Craig and Sharron.

I would have like to have seen more interaction between Craig and Richard, but perhaps Rachael can save that for a future story. We know so little about the backgrounds of these colorful characters that we can build almost any scenerio we wish. Richard's first wife? Craig's children in the US? Sharron's rich aristocratic family disowning her? The mind gallops with ideas.

But this is a nice little insight into their relationship together here and now, three people who respect and care for each other and don't have an opportunity to show it very often.

Very nice read and I found myself nodding in several places (not with sleep but in agreement!). Thanks for doing this, Racheal. You're an inspiration.