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Thata chapter 26 . 6/30/2014
Hi there, girl!
How are you?

First, thanks for not pulling "Take the Ice" out of FFnet, it's a really good fic and I was lucky to find it. I don't know how I've found your fic (probably at someone's favorites) though I'm glad I gave this plot bunny a chance. )

I love cheesy, patient, fluffy loveable Hockeyward and insecure, innocent and strong Skaterella. They're really cute together and it was a lovely story. I was a bit sad when she decided to retire with apparently so much in front of her still, but the final chapter was maybe the best of them all and compensated for it. I really liked the way everything turned out.

The other characters were also great, funny and endearing... I loved Esme, the gang, Charlie, Marcus, Eric and Angela.

Will you publish the other outtake you've mentioned? Do you think that maybe you'd return and write some more?
I wish I could see more about Bella and Eric and B and Angela's blooming friendship, maybe even an outtake of B choreographing a performance for her on the next Olympics. I also would love to see an outtake of Edward's own Olympic chance.

Anyway, congratulations on your fic, it was a pleasure to read it.

Kisses from Brazil,
Nannyjojo chapter 10 . 6/30/2014
Hate Renee. In fact I want to jump into this fic and give her a piece of my mind.
No wonder Bella has been 'sheltered' for want of a better word.
I just want to beg Bella to open up to someone.
It is breaking my heart.
Looking forward to more.
Nannyjojo chapter 9 . 6/30/2014
Yeah, really not surprised there.
Here we go, here comes drama.
Oh please Bella, use you new found friends and support to stand up to her.
I am really scared as to where this will go now.
She had to make an appearance at some time.
Love how Bella and Edward are just 'fitting'.
Can't wait for more.
Nannyjojo chapter 8 . 6/30/2014
I was getting really angry with Renee. I loved how Edward stuck up for her.
I can see Renee not giving up.
I hope Bella holds strong.
I loved the moment between Bella and Edward.
It was so them.
Looking forward to more.
Nannyjojo chapter 7 . 6/26/2014
So pleased for them.
Glad Bella is getting by on her own.
She will be strong enough soon to stand up to Renee. Cause she will have the support of the Cullen's/Hale's.
Looking forward to more.
Nyx'sReincarnation chapter 26 . 6/25/2014
This is such an amazingly sweet story. I absolutely love the ending. It's so interesting to see how Bella has grown and how some ... interesting issues are dealt with. Oops, that sounded dirty. ;)
Keep up the amazing work! :)
Tarah xXx
Nannyjojo chapter 6 . 6/25/2014
Got to love Edward.
He really is being there for her.
Yes Bella, you need to do it for yourself.
Nannyjojo chapter 5 . 6/25/2014
I think Renee has a lot to answer for.
Maybe this accident is gonna to be a good thing in the long run.
Looking forward to more.
Nannyjojo chapter 4 . 6/25/2014
Oh dear, was little Eddie a little distracted?
I think his drink of choice maybe had another meaning behind it. lol.
Looking forward to more.
Nannyjojo chapter 3 . 6/25/2014
Oh I think you will be seeing him sooner than you expect.
I want to knock Renee into the middle of next week.
Nannyjojo chapter 2 . 6/23/2014
Well it just had to be Edward's sister.
Damn shame Edward couldn't make the decorating 'party'
Looking forward to more.
Nannyjojo chapter 1 . 6/23/2014
Making my way through the fics I have saved over the past few years that I have seen via facebook and other recs.
This was next on my list.
So far I am intrigued and looking forward to more.
Ships in the dar chapter 26 . 6/15/2014
That was beautiful. One of the best stories I have read here. :)
makoto-18 chapter 26 . 5/10/2014
now don't get me wrong i do like how you did the ending...but i was severely dissapointed when i didn't get any after action of the vancouver olympics...especially when you left it hanging about what medal she had won...i was seriously ready to revolt lol...but this was a very great story...i don't like edward/bella pairings hardly at all but i really do like this one...great job!
Annie chapter 9 . 5/7/2014
I absolutely love this story from beginning to end! I've read it twice now and I'm completely in love, and it doesn't hurt that I know all of these places because I live in St. Paul! Having actually done all these things (loved the CDH shout out since I attended there) it just makes me that much more connected to the story! Great job!
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