Reviews for Safe by being his Daughter
Twizzy21 chapter 15 . 4/22
Yay! You updated! Poor Saphira! No one taught her about a period... I wonder what spells they use to control it. I feel bad for whoever has to give her the period talk. Also, when will the Malfoys be told about the marriage contract?
zimirken50 chapter 15 . 4/20
Is Voldemort going to be the one that runs in?
PreciousRaymond chapter 15 . 4/19
Will the Malfoy's get what is coming to them? I have really started to despise Narcissa and hope she gets punished soon for how miserable she makes the Dark Lord's daughter. i don't see him being happy with her
Jojo266 chapter 15 . 4/18
I'm guessing that it's her period. I wonder who is going to have the awkward task of that talk. It's not like they taught sex education at Hogwarts. She might be completely clueless.
QueenLyssa chapter 15 . 4/17
oh dear, poor Saphira just got her period didn't she? Poor baby, though I wonder who will find her first? he father or "mother"? Or even Rabastan?
history chapter 15 . 4/17
I love your story and how you write the lestrange. I love too how I feel that voldemort will protect her daughter.
Dandelions and Tigerlilies chapter 15 . 4/16
Excited for the next chapter.
glykeria chapter 15 . 4/16
i just started reading this story and i really liked it so i hope you update soon :)
Pikachu79 chapter 15 . 4/16
Poor Saphira her education into woman hood is very poor and I look foreword to both Narcissa's and Lucius's downfall. I can over look Draco for now unless he is as stupid as his parents. I wonder if a certain Lestrange will be a choice of a husband for Saphira? I can't wait for the next chapter.
mizzrazz72 chapter 15 . 4/16
Bella is finally put in her place.
Guest chapter 15 . 4/16
It was great ! And thank you about adding more dialogues in the future, it makes everything more alive ! Keep it up !
Ashlynn LionHart chapter 15 . 4/16
Nobody remembered to inform her(him) about the wonders (not) of periods. Poor Saphira.
Rori Potter chapter 15 . 4/16
Amazing! Update soon.
Kat chapter 15 . 4/16
Thanks a lot for the new chapter! Loved it!
Guest chapter 14 . 4/13
I feel that we are lacking some real conversations, especially between Sapharina and the Dark Lord, though Blaise and Pansy had a good one. Otherwise I really liked your story and the idea, but please add some action ! Keep it up !
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