Reviews for Rosario Chains
triton1313 chapter 330 . 9/21
The best rosario fic in the site. Fantistic no other words could express this great history, best than the history line in the manga
maxe03 chapter 330 . 9/21
okay ending since it left some unaswered question and the other girls never got their kids
willywid chapter 278 . 8/24
StrongHarbour394 chapter 330 . 8/10
Holy crap... This story was absolutely stunning from start to finish. Couldn't put it down and got to the point that I was hammering out 30 chapters a day just to get more. Hope you continue with the quality craftsmanship that is your writing and please update this story once you start something new of the same scale.
- eagerly awaiting the next story
evolmage chapter 330 . 7/7
i very much enjoyed you story, thanks for the good read.
reaping.haze chapter 330 . 7/2
Expected more of the ending
Guest chapter 330 . 6/25
Thanks for the story, I've been following it since the beginning and always looked forward to the dates. Again thanks for an enjoyable read
Valimesh chapter 330 . 6/9
Thank you so much, this is the true story as it should have happened and I cannot thank you enought for sharing it with us. I will dearly miss seeing updates but the story has been told and I look forward to anything else you may share with us.
mr. secret chapter 330 . 6/6
What about Kurumu? What about the other characters? You leave us with so many questions :'(
dufus2000 chapter 330 . 6/4
Great story. I've enjoyed all of it immensely. I think you should give the author avenue a chance. Perhaps see you on Kindle. good luck.
UltimateTouken chapter 133 . 6/1
Mononoke in the movie called "Princess Mononoke" you genius as if you couldn't make me love your story even more you threw in a reference to a movie that fascinated me as a child I remember watching it on tv when I was around 7 I looked it up a few weeks ago to see if I could find it and watched it online its one of those movies where you can watch as a child or as an adult and still find to be a great movie a beautiful master piece truly that will go down in history
SaiyaStyles chapter 330 . 6/1
YAY...WHAHOOO. What a great way to end the chapter, very sweet and interesting. Can't wait to see what you have next and I hope it'll be awesome, keep up the good work ;)
Guest chapter 330 . 6/1
Freaking awesome story will keep an eye out for future stories great job
maesde chapter 330 . 6/1
Awesome fic. The amount of times I read it and re-read it is pretty big. Thanks for writing it!
Guest chapter 330 . 6/1
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