Reviews for Imbroglio
Awkward Inc chapter 1 . 1/29/2014
standingcorrected chapter 1 . 8/26/2012
This is utterly magnificent, I've read it a long time ago (probably shortly after you posted it, I've been a long time lurker fan of your works). However, back then I hadn't yet encountered Hetalia. Let it be a testimony to how strongly this work touched me that when I did join the fandom, I always had a nagging feeling that there was a fic I just had to reread - it was this one. This pairing is a favourite of mine probably because how strongly interwoven the theme of hurt/comfort/support is in their dynamic, and while it is all too common (but still often well written) to see Ludwig be the strong one for Feli, it is the opposite that really hits me in the gut with a sucker-punch of emotion. This one in particular. This one stands out: "Feliciano does it for him; silences him with a soft, one-moment kiss, sealed and hushed and strong for him, and Ludwig crumbles underneath it all."

Everything contained in that line is perfectly expressed.

Also worth noting how lovely your switching between countries and human names. To emphasize the moments they carry the weight of their entire nations' history and collective emotion, yet to also drive home the fact that they can be a person as much as they are a people. The bleak melancholy in the first section despite all of Italy's moves and reassurances is refreshingly honest; it tells the aftermath for what it is and what I particularly like is that it tells Germany's perspective from that of a bewildered, battered veteran who, under the orders of his boss, led himself/his people to such widespread horror. And your execution of it is perfect, the flow of your writing has such lovely smooth cadence, and the imagery beautiful, particularly in this:"...human, real, healing" Just. Gah. So wonderful. As beautiful as your portrayal of Italy, giving weight, breadth, and depth to his (usually) sunny disposition, by putting that disposition through the worst possible scenario of war. It is then we see the roots of his surface naivete and cheer, a serious and deeply feeling, deeply mature character shaped by a history that has been anything but peaceful. I love this piece for showing that, instead of outright telling it. But before I start rambling on too much I'll end my review here. I love this piece, I really do. Thank you for writing it.
Peridot Tears chapter 1 . 2/27/2010
Oh, you've described everything so incredibly well 3 I mean, you describe them both so well, and with wonderful pace and wording; and it's sweet as well as very, very agreeable on many counts~

KayosHybrid chapter 1 . 2/26/2010
Wow, that was beautiful. So quiet, and simple, and woven with such quality. It flowed like trembling silk, corrupted by the grimness of the story. Wow you've completely infected me with your articulation in this.

'It's instinctive for him to try to bring himself back together so that it stops aching at the edges, where it is particularly fragmented.'

I absolutely loved that sentence, especially the 'aching at the edges part'. A really powerful, vivid sentence.

You pulled this together beautifully with rhythm, imagery and beautiful use of language. It's short, it's gentle, it's sad, it's the after-hurt at the beginning of healing. Well done. Thoroughly enjoyed.