Reviews for Mass Effect: Interregnum
CMY187 chapter 19 . 12/31/2022
“the first few minutes after taking stims”
I’m curious about stim-drugs in this universe.
“What the hell am I doing?”
Probably asked himself this question multiple times during the events of ME1.
“the drugs he was almost entirely fuelled by”
How many soldiers and mercenaries became drug addicts?
“his paranoia wouldn’t let the fact”
Can’t blame him.
“Garrus was almost certain it had been an accident”
‘Almost’ certain?
“the largest of the five aircars and that it was parked right in the middle”
Sidonis ends up being the only other survivor of the Archangel team.
“rain down over a large area”
“Operational flexibility is always a good thing”
Should I just read everyone’s lines in varying British accents? Not that I mind.
Turian industrialisation. Dammit, too much interesting stuff in this story.
“Golf wasn’t an AI”
They can lie…
“helpfully offered to show the names of and interesting facts about each and every one of them”
What is it with Garrus and visors? Why does he feel naked without one?
“Oh, I get it. Because of the genophage”
Sidonis and Erash are bickering to try to take their minds off what is about to happen.
“using other races’ technology to commit genocide”
(looks at the genophage) In my opinion, all sides were guilty on that one.
“absolutely nothing to tell him…sheer silence”
This only made me more scared.
“Sensat said helpfully”
“Sidonis said wistfully”
I love this story.
“as casually as if they were sitting in a bar or walking down a street”
I suspect that something like this happened more than once during the events of ME2.
Also, I’m currently reading a Mass Effect fanfic, and I like the writing in it that instead of only two squadmates at a time as per the gameplay, Shepard split the Normandy operatives into two teams, with him leading one while Staff Lieutenant Alenko led the other. I like the idea of Alenko being a protagonist-character in his own right, even making important decisions with major consequences. I can see him disagreeing and even clashing with Lieutenant-Commander Shepard on some issues and problems.
“Sensat said irritably”
He’s afraid too. He’d have to be completely completely not to be.
“We never have a real plan”
(looks at the entire story) …they really didn’t.
Was it a mistake to keep Garrus as their leader?
“Garrus said thoughtfully”
Thanks, Garrus.
“I don’t like the sound of that”
Listen to the salarian. Their minds work much faster than those of other races.
“weren’t from any colony or clan Garrus recognised”
“Garrus began to feel distinctly uneasy”
Reaper indoctrination?
“Hello, Sensat”
Somebody has a liking for theatrics.
“I want you alive to see what I’m building”
WHY. Just kill them already! Villainous monologues serve little purpose!
“An arrogant enemy is always more likely to make mistakes”
As much as I like the Mass Effect series, the Reapers are SUCH Card Carrying Villains with their monologues and speeches. I much prefer the writing of the Reapers in the Sudden series by A Very Thirsty Megalomaniac; that they claim that they are doing what they do out of love.
“their limitless reinforcements”
I’m curious about krogan supply and logistics. Did they ever manage to achieve orbital superiority in any campaign or theater in the Krogan Rebellions?
“cheap to buy and cheaper to make”
Yep. It’s always important to consider the economical factor. Prussia and later Germany designed their military to fight short, sharp wars because they didn’t have the resources needed to fight long attritional ones.
“there were dozens of them”
LOKI knew what they were doing when they designed their cheap mech.
“Sidonis said accusingly”
No one likes a critic, Lantar.
“make sure they don’t sneak up behind us”
How often did the geth do this to Garrus in ME1?
“if an asari can dance”
Why are so many of them good at dancing anyway?
“The map had indicated”
It was a false map.
“this is wrong!”
The ‘Hello’ video and the mechs were meant to make them over-confident and to assume that Deus is overly arrogant.
“What are you waiting for, then?”
I love Garrus.
“Garrus had seen that look before”
Imagine Deus being told by Garrus that ultimately he is nothing special.
“the sociopaths. The people who’d kill because it made them feel good, or because they honestly saw no reason not to”
I firmly believe that this is actually 50 percent of humanity; that they are not violent only because the law forbids them to be.
CMY187 chapter 18 . 12/27/2022
“the stupidest story I’ve ever heard”
I hope Garrus AND Sidonis meet Vunas again after this story and that her first reaction would be, ‘Aw, no.’
“for reasons I don’t really understand against someone I’ve never even seen and know nothing about”
I can see why Chirin was created and put into the story; Sidonis probably wouldn’t have a believable motivation to stick by Garrus otherwise.
“his intel has been more or less flawless”
By the end of this first story arc, Erash and Melenis had both deferred to Garrus as their leader. I look forward to reviewing the rest of the arc and seeing if I find it believable.
“yeah, that probably wasn’t a good idea”
Sensat is both a genius and an idiot. An extremely dangerous combination.
“Vunas said wearily”
I love this. I think she’d be a great side-character, becoming flustered at Garrus/Sidonis and exasperatedly asking them if they have anyone else they could turn to for help besides her.
Now I’m imagining Garrus taking Shepard and the others to meet Vunas, and the first thing she does when he greets her is to either shut her door or attempt to flee, or both.
“I thought Eclipse had better asset retention than that”
“Probably didn’t care all that much”
Oof. Some incompetence in Eclipse there.
“Vunas regarded him closely with bright green-grey eyes”
Vunas instantly knew who Archangel was when she first heard of him, didn’t she?
“somewhere between pity and admiration”
I suspect that Garrus dislikes being regarded by both.
“You’ve got nothing to live for if you’ve got nothing you’ll die for”
I love this.
“Some day, some way, that debt will be paid”
By the end of this story, Garrus’ entire team was dead save for Sidonis.
“This isn’t worth it. Not for me”
Fair enough.
“Not until you pay me”
To be fair, she hasn’t been paid yet at this point.
“regarded her blankly for a moment”
This made me laugh.
“deadpan once more”
Admit it, Vunas, you like him.
“Anyway, come on”
“Calmly, without even looking at him”
Batarian strategists and tacticians are the best.
“It’s just an image…That’s not what I meant”
Oh my God, this feels like improvised dialogue. I love it.
“I don’t believe his lieutenants are anywhere near as intelligent”

‘Everywhere I am absent, they commit nothing but follies.’
- Napoleon Bonaparte, referring to his Marshals.

MacArthur was apparently a VERY incompetent general who had a competent staff around him. He also stole credit for the accomplishments of other commanders like Nimitz and King. Despite being militarily incompetent, he was a good politician. There are more than a few people in real life who manage to get to and maintain high positions despite being incompetent at their actual jobs. Also, you can be the best in the world at what you do, but if you are unable to gain nor maintain good political connections…
“And we know where this drop-off point is?”
I love that Garrus is a former cop, and a Detective-ranking one at that.
“go via a very specific set of coordinates”
Logistics and supply. No one is immune to this, and Deus was no exception. Follow the money and see where it leads you.
“in the voice of someone who is always that one guy”
Never change, Sidonis.
“quite simply nobody cares”
If you want to be a successful criminal, be a boring one. The famous outlaws who are wanted for robberies and shootouts as well as the gangsters who are wanted for murder and racketeering are the amateurs. The best criminals are the ones we would never learn of nor hear about. No movies or TV shows would ever be made about them.
Instead of sending thugs or hitmen to intimidate or murder your rivals, you just pay off the police and governors so they arrest your rivals while ignoring your own criminal activities.
“the five of us, Sidonis said again”
I think Sensat might actually be an idiot.
“Can’t we just get a big f-king bomb”
Of course Erash would suggest this.
“He’s so deliberately doing that for effect”
He is scared too.
“Thank you, history classes”
I would read an entire fanfic set in a turian academy.
“talking over them”
I love this.
“How the hell did you manage that?”
This is going to be said a lot in this story, isn’t it?
“Didn’t I try that stuff once on the Normandy? Pressly swore by it. I swore at it”
This story is way too much fun to read.
Also, batarians being addicted to coffee is the best.
“In theory”
Mordin said this on Horizon.
“a note of slight doubt starting to creep into his voice”
You laughed while writing this chapter, didn’t you TNP?
“Throw ourselves into hell and hope for the best”
This was also Garrus’ strategy on Omega…
“he’s building something like”
I wonder what Garrus would think of the Normandy SR2.
“buys up security mechs or mercenaries”
Can’t trust a mercenary.
“One way or another, it ends tonight”
As it turned out, this was only the beginning.
CMY187 chapter 17 . 12/22/2022
“I’ve killed fourteen people already, and even then it felt…hollow…Kind of creepy, really”
He has already killed so many more people by this point. Also, I’m still reading this story with the perception that Garrus is the villain.
It’s scary that I can see Garrus going through his own version of Spec Ops: The Line.
“inevitable wave of all his stored-up pain and exhaustion”
I suspect that Shepard (and Staff Lieutenant Alenko) had it even worse than Garrus during the events of ME1. Shepard probably got very little rest during the entire mission.
“the stakes were high enough for him to be simply unable to afford any kind of relaxation”
Imagine what being a turian Admiral is like. I suspect that much of such a career consists of working on supplies and logistics.
“armour-piercing paperwork”
I suspect that much of Shepard’s time aboard the Normandy SR1 involved paperwork. War is for the most part actually quite boring.
“frantic last few hours on Ilos and the Citadel”
I really do not like it when I see in fanfics that only two squadmates are accompanying Shepard anywhere. I like the writing in one fanfic that Shepard leads one team while Alenko (being a Lieutenant) leads another.
Also, Baldur’s Gate fanfics in which Gorion’s Ward just recruits everybody. That’s the beauty of fanfiction; you are not restricted by gameplay mechanics. Also, there’s no health bar. Don’t get shot or stabbed.
“We can’t afford to let him have the time to”
They barely escaped with their lives when they faced Deus’ men for the first time, and they cannot keep running from him indefinitely. They will have to take the fight directly to him.
“and then Garrus struck”
I wonder if the geth had ever hesitated before attacking.
“He lunged forwards into the elevator”
No choice there. He couldn’t back away. It’s a long and bare corridor with zero cover.
“It had been about four seconds since the lift had opened”
Jesus Christ…
“been hit in the head so many times”
Seriously, TNP, I really, really hope that you would one day write your own version of ME2. I would love to see how you would write the ME2 characters as well as their relationships with Garrus and with each other.
“They’re bringing in personal shields”
I wonder if Tali or Alenko used shields in ME1.
“I’m OK with that”
Sidonis is nothing if not honest.
“Sidonis pressed”
I love Sidonis.
“it’s an SSP 7”
The writing of turian history, culture and practices in this story is just too good.
“Got a plan? Not really”
How is Garrus still alive…?
“Sidonis finished the job”
Always make sure that the enemy is dead.
“Garrus hissed”
Sidonis, please stop stealing every scene you are in.
“Sidonis said diffidently”
Goddammit. Now I’m trying to imagine what it was like for Garrus to fight alongside people like Alenko, Williams, Tali, Liara and Wrex.
“she said drily”
I like Vunas.
“Garrus and Sidonis glanced at each other, and simultaneously shrugged”
This story is the best.
“Yes. Well, no. Sort of”
I laughed so hard at this.
“so viciously that Garrus almost flinched”
This chapter is so intense and at the same time so funny.
“in eight months”
Now I’m curious about that last time he was wounded in combat.
“enough to obliterate a small building”
Remind me never to mess with Erash.
CMY187 chapter 16 . 12/18/2022
“what are the odds that this one’s going to survive”
How many ships and vehicles were destroyed during the events of ME1?
“It didn’t seem obvious why they’d switched from the last one”
“to offer mission control”
Seems like Sensat is functioning as the Chief-of-Staff for the group.
“the new visor”
“the opportunity had been too good to pass up”
What is it with Garrus and visors anyway?
“the only one designed for a turian”
How popular are visors in turian societies?
“not conducive to a good combat mindset”
I wonder how Garrus conducted himself during the events of ME2.
“capable of playing music”
I suppose it is a way for Garrus to psychologically distance himself from, well, shooting and killing people.
“help him relax, which in turn let him think more lucidly on the fly”
“a damn kill-counter he could turn on”
Honestly, this is the sort of thing you would write for a villain. Garrus is scary.
“Shepard’s missions had always been absolutely justified”
…he practically worships her, doesn’t he?
“just about anything to get my hands on Saren”
Why, Garrus? What did Saren do to you?
“Everything seemed so damn simple under Shepard”
I find it interesting that Garrus is more willing to work with Cerberus than Tali is.
“about to burst in on a legitimate investment group”
Oof. Imagine if they had done that.
“with a team of quirky specialists”
“nowhere for them to hide”
Urban combat is absolutely brutal.
“the years before turians had reached the stars”
This made me smile. Turian history must be fascinating.
“a detached, ironic part of his mind”
Seriously, if you read this story with the mindset that Garrus is the villain…
“the cardinal sin of combat and froze”
Why did he freeze? Did he lack training, or has it been a long time since he had been in combat?
“so far he looked to be spot on”
Not just an excellent shot. Garrus has a sound tactical mind. Instead of becoming a vigilante, he could have carved out a good life for himself as a mercenary leader/warlord in the Terminus Systems. But that was not what he was seeking after Shepard died.
“nobody else wanted to risk it”

‘I’ve seen more men die in doorways than everywhere else combined.’
- Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

“Rule Four”
I want to know the other rules.
“Erash said testily”
How good a marksman is Erash?
“Do we even need her?”
Erash is a pragmatist.
“shrugged, and tossed it to Erash”
I love this.
“Garrus said absently”
This made me laugh. It’s a miracle that they lasted as long as they did.
CMY187 chapter 15 . 12/5/2022
“Sidonis said carefully”
I love this chapter already.
“without anything but genuine curiosity”
Sidonis being the Only Sane Man of this story is hilarious.
“Is it political change? A resurgent Hierarchy? A unified galaxy? Or perhaps personal wealth? Power?”
Wealth and power. I’d go for wealth and power. We only have one life, might as well enjoy it.
“a galaxy free from b-tards like you”
It clearly was not just Saren that made Garrus decide to join Shepard in pursuing him. Garrus probably hated being a cop; rules and regulations, restrictions and frustrations.
“What you want from life defines you as a person”
Hm…(shrugs) Money and power. In my opinion, people who say that neither can make you happy are lying to others and/or to themselves. Or they just want you to give THEM the money and power.
“Your fish are dead”
I love/hate Sidonis. So many other awesome characters in this story and he keeps getting all the best lines and moments. It’s not fair.
“Correct. They are. Melenis, place an order for some more”
…how many people in the galaxy are terrible at keeping fish?
“all they add is aesthetic in nature”
I agree. I don’t get it either. Cats and dogs, yes, but why fish? I would just get a nice picture or painting and hang it on a wall.
“You said you wanted a classy lounge”
Oh my God, Sensat, Erash and Melenis are just like Garrus and Sidonis. And Erash calls the two turians idiots.
“what sets me apart from you”
Sensat is prideful and egotistic. And crazy.
“I want to create things nobody else has ever even thought of”
In my opinion, Sensat choosing to defer to Garrus’ leadership may had been a mistake. Yes, he lost confidence in his own ability to lead by the end of this first ‘book’, but it’s not like Garrus was much better. Great tactical mind, poor long-term strategy.
“eight years ago”
I wonder how Deus and Sensat were affected by the events of ME1.
“best post I could hope for on the planet…dull, limited and slow”
Yeah, Deinech does not seem to be a very well-run settlement.
“They’d never take a batarian”
Ah, politics.
“never found out how he made his money”
I’m sure Shepard tried to target Saren’s finances in ME1.
“only for the joy of creating”
Deus is good at manipulating people.
“By fifteen, I was better than every one of them”
I love that Sensat has such an ego, and honestly I don’t blame him.
“I didn’t notice”
Did you not, really? Or did you choose not to notice?
“this was his way of breaking from them”
Interesting. I suppose we may never learn the truth about Deus.
“a security consultant”
I love this.
“siphon off funds from the ship’s construction”
Doesn’t this technically make Sensat corrupt?
“Deus was…decaying”
Reaper indoctrination, perhaps?
“They were like a cult”
Make sure that your key supporters become and are kept loyal to you. However, Deus’ fatal mistake may had been to only surround himself with yes-men, instead of having someone who would not have been afraid to tell him ‘no’.
“The full story is too long to tell you”
It was comedic and embarrassing for Sensat, wasn’t it? I suspect that it took him more than one attempt to successfully escape.
“Uh, him, I guess”
Oh no.
“I’m not a monster”
Dragon Age: Inquisition, Trespasser.
“everything have to happen so damn fast”
Shepard probably had to move quickly during her hunt for Saren.
“Shut. Up”
Now I wish Sensat could have met EDI.
“when your trace was intercepted”
Deus apparently sent his troops immediately after locating Erash and Melenis.
“I don’t have a choice”
You are a strange person, Vakarian.
“It’s fun”
Never change, Sidonis.
CMY187 chapter 14 . 12/4/2022
“they totally stole my car chase scene. B-tards”
I love this. Hey, don’t be surprised that they’ve stolen ideas from your story if your story is that awesome.
“blood on the floor. And walls. And roof”
Melenis is terrifying.
“He’d been vaguely worried”
Being a policeman means you must be wary of ‘collateral damage’.
“I’ll add it to the list”
Garrus LIKES violence. He’s a strange one.
“luck isn’t my strong suit”
Garrus is the rarest sort of individual; he is both extremely lucky and unlucky.
“the sheer technology that had to be behind it”
Who knows how much technology has improved since the events of ME1.
“to coast back to”
Here’s hoping they weren’t followed and that their vehicle isn’t being tracked. It is a vehicle they took from the enemy after all.
“In about eighty-five years’ time”
…I don’t think the Archangel group were ever getting paid, at all.
“we wouldn’t bloody have to”
Salarians with British accents. I love it. Also, I love that Erash dislikes torture.
“A commander’s voice”
Who are you, Melenis?
“I don’t see what the big deal is”
In this line of work, integrity and compassion are just things that get you killed.
“you f-kwits!”
“too many blows to the head”
Seriously, Chakwas is going to be stunned that he is still alive.
“The city was flashing past”
They just can’t catch a break, can they?
“it was still incredibly fast”
Erash is one heck of a driver.
“The flames roared wall-to-wall”
The enemy weren’t subtle here. Get Vunas and destroy the whole place to erase any data or evidence she may have been keeping there.
“Why must everything I do end in spectacular failure”
I wonder how good or bad of an account Garrus made of himself in the events of ME1.
“You’re not fighting for anything but yourself”
(shrugs) Don’t see the immorality in that. It’s all in the Game.
“You don’t like it when you’re not in control”
How did Garrus feel about being subordinate to Shepard?
“The past is the past”
Walter White said this to Jesse Pinkman.
“Erash said drily”
“waste-disposal plant”
I thought of the Italian Mafia.
“Sidonis said, and shrugged”
Sidonis is just going to steal every scene he is in, isn’t he?
“God knows I haven’t seen enough of those”
The events of ME1 took the Normandy crew across the galaxy. It is honestly amazing, and I’m certain that books were already written about it. Did Shepard or anyone else aboard the ship keep a journal? Maybe Tali?
“Cute. I try.”
Erash and Sidonis like each other, don’t they? What’s a bit of interrogation and threat of torture between friends?
“Nobody else can possibly have a design sense this poor”
Jesus. Are the krogan really that bad at architecture?
“the batarian snapped”
I love this.
“Sidonis volunteered”
Goddammit, I love Sidonis so much.
“but you forget that”
Interesting. So Melenis’ brain may be experiencing ‘decay’ or ‘decline’ of some sort?
“You docked my salary for two weeks because your coffee was cold”
I love Sensat already.
“Well, not quite. I do not actively dislike seeing you”
“Commander Shepard’s task force”
That task force is ALREADY the stuff of legend throughout the galaxy. I don’t know if there had ever been a team like Shepard’s before; humans, a quarian, turian, krogan and asari.
“I also bake”
Turians are just the most sarcastic people in the galaxy, aren’t they? Imagine visiting Palaven…
“thinking they have more to gain by doing that”
While something could be brilliant evil scheming, it is probably more likely to be sheer incompetence and/or stupidity.
“a classically designed executive room”
I wonder what wealthy batarians are like.
“then leaves him alone so he can escape and save the day”
I don’t think Garrus was impressed by that movie.
“Garrus blinked”
Sensat is not evil. He is crazy.
“If they’re calm…”
Oh yes. If you are being summoned to be interrogated/chewed out by the boss and they are calm instead of yelling, then you should probably be worried.
CMY187 chapter 13 . 11/25/2022
“This sucks”
I think these two words can pretty much sum up Garrus’ whole life.
“grey machines in a grey city under grey skies”
Blend into the background.
“I want missiles”
Sidonis, please stop stealing every scene you are in.
“the rain seemed to be getting even heavier”
I wonder how often vehicle accidents occur in this city.
“C-Sec mentality”
“I just found the inertial compensators”
Nothing like a salarian comrade.
“There’s civilians down there”
Garrus is the first person to insist that they not cause civilian casualties.
“Especially you”
What a beautiful friendship.
“How many?”
This is a determined enemy that does not break even if you kill many of them.
“near impossible to see more than a half-glimpse of their pursuers”
In my opinion Erash is the most important person in this scene. Drivers and pilots are so underrated.
“what else is new?”
Garrus is honestly terrifying. He left a trail of destruction behind him in the events of ME1.
I wonder if Shepard in this story worked with any other turians before she met Nihlus.
“They’re learning”
I suspect that in ME1, it got more and more difficult for Shepard to fight and overcome the geth as the latter learned from their mistakes and errors.
“away from the first shot and directly into the second”
…yeah. The enemy coordinated their fire for precisely this.
“It didn’t particularly worry him”
A scene from Melenis’ perspective. Awesome.
“zero point eight three seconds”
Melenis is terrifying. If he really wanted to kill Garrus and Sidonis, he could have ambushed them and they would never have seen him approaching until it was too late.
“fourteen crammed into the narrow space”
I’m honestly glad that we don’t get to ‘see’ what happens next.
“down the side of his head”
I suspect that Chakwas may have told Garrus when he was first brought into the Normandy SR2 that it is a miracle that he is still alive.
“a short, harsh laugh”
Melenis has been through worse, and Erash has witnessed it.
“through the hole in the side of the car”
This is not good. The enemy have zeroed them and Erash cannot throw them off.
“Maybe they’re the next in line”
The ship has to go. It cannot be allowed to remain in anyone’s hands, even Garrus’.
“going for expediency over coherence”
I love this story.
antel chapter 55 . 11/15/2022
Hi, wow, oh my god. I just read this whole thing in one day and I wish I could forget it just so I could experience reading it all over again. I finally began playing Mass Effect last week after putting it off for a literal decade, and I finally understood the hype about Garrus and I was so intrigued by his snippets about his gang on Omega that were wiped out. I was looking for comics or books about them and I found this fic and I was like "well, I guess I'll check it out" and I'm so glad I did. This is better than any official book or 28 page comic could ever do. Garrus straight up experienced an entire separate Mass Effect trilogy of tragedy in the 2 years Shep spent being dead on a table and you really breathed life into that.

The worldbuilding was absolutely impeccable, every character made sense and had their own voice, I didn't think I would care about them so much and I would only be reading for Garrus but oh my GOD I cared and the Erash focused chapters where you looped Mordin in seamlessly Zaeesh hanging out with Weaver was AMAZING. When Melenis first popped in Big Robo Mode I laughed, kinda like how the characters reacted in sheer disbelief, and then when he popped it the very last time to fight an impossible horde I was bawling my eyes out. Even the characters that only had a few chapters to come in - Vortash couldn't do much and that was the biggest tragedy, this was no place for an old man... like just the entire chapter 54 sequence had me crying into a puddle on my floor, even though I KNEW it was going to happen because it's what Garrus tells you 3 lines into meeting him in ME2 AND YET.

Thank you so much for the 3 dedicated years you spent writing this beautiful amazing incredible story, I write too and I know how much effort and brainspace a story like this takes up. I'm not sure where I'm going with this, I just wanted you to know that, even almost 10 years on from completion, this story is still sending readers reeling and laughing and clapping and then sobbing at the final payoff that everyone saw coming, and yet, you want them to live so badly, but you know that isn't going to happen. If you're still using this account and see this, I hope you have a good day/week/month/life and you keep on writing, because you are beyond good at it.
CMY187 chapter 12 . 11/13/2022
“Erash grabbed it out of his hands, dropping his own off in return”
This is hilarious and awesome. My God do I wish this story would be adapted into a TV series.
“they’d organically come to a system of reloading”
“I hate fighting in empty corridors”
Yeah. In gunfights like those, it probably comes down to luck and who can run out of ammo first. No way to flank the enemy.
“Patch us in, you idiot!”
As always, Sidonis steals the scene.
“shot a glance over his shoulder”
They get hit from both sides, they are dead.
“you kind of are”
And you’re a jerk, Garrus.
In the Half-Life series, the Combine refer to grenades as ‘extractors’.
“swatted him five metres through the air”
Jesus. What are grenades made of in this universe?
In my opinion, grenades are very important for infantry. The Punisher keeps at least one on him at all times, no matter what.
“the cold, calculating brain of a soldier”
I wonder if this happened while he was fighting alongside the Normandy team.
Also, I wonder if later during the events of ME2, Garrus compared the Normandy SR2 team to the people in his own Archangel team.
“Sidonis sprawling flat on his face”
He’s hating every second of this, isn’t he?
“Perhaps that is an unwarranted assumption”
Every character in this story is awesome. I want a Bioware RPG of this story.
“holding it like a pistol”
Never, ever underestimate a volus.
“I don’t even have the physical strength for it”
Salarians never, ever fight fair. They cannot afford to.
“at 10,000 rounds per minute”
Ah yes, Sasha from Team Fortress 2.
“We’re eighty metres up”
Yep. If they don’t find transport, they’re not going anywhere.
“he’s still just a kid”
Sidonis is probably the youngest person in the Archangel group. I love so much that he is the first companion of Garrus in this story.
“more than he’d ever owned and been paid combined”
Garrus is probably reminded of Ashley Williams. My personal headcanon is that Garrus prefers precision shots while Williams prefers More Dakka aka machine guns.
“sprayed upwards onto the ceiling”
How many people die in this story…?
“he cut two of them in half”
I think the weapon Garrus is wielding is meant to be used on enemy aircraft, not infantry.
“I hate using incendiaries”
(looks at Mordin Solus’ Incineration ability) Hm.
“Oh, really? That’s all right, then”
Imagine reading this story with the mindset that Garrus and his companions are the villains.
“we didn’t on the Normandy”
Dammit, I want so badly for an ME2 story written by you, TNP. I know it would be amazing.
“battlefield kinetic barrier technology”
“an explosion of fine blue paste”
This story holds nothing back, nor should it.
“the golden omnitool on his wrist”
Who the heck are you, Melenis?
“The walls were practically painted with it”
This is horrific.
“They’re blowing the building”
Makes sense. Imagine if they had done that at the start.
“several long, grey boxes following them”
Another car chase!
“Then again, so do we”
This story has made me so curious of how Garrus – after the events of this story – would behave in ME2.
CMY187 chapter 11 . 11/8/2022
“Evidently, I have missed an important development in galactic etiquette”
Garrus is fun to write, isn’t he?
“knocking me unconscious”
I suspect that during the events of ME2, it may be difficult for Shepard, Tali or anyone else to get Garrus to talk about his experiences on Omega and Deinech.
“they’re largely incompetent”
I wonder what the Blood Pack’s main source of funding is.
“Ooh, professional”
These are not the bunglers he was dealing with at the start of this story.
“classic special-ops tactics”
Garrus won’t underestimate any volus ever again.
“generally speaking, ugly is better”
Last thing you want on Omega is to attract attention.
“not a helpful man by nature”
I love Sidonis.
“is this just a communal ‘bash Sidonis’ session”
I love that these sessions did not stop even after they became comrades.
“this is why I love interrogating turians. The backchat is always top-notch”
Oh, I agree. Whether as heroes or villains, turians are the best.
“Why are they always so much worse than regular evils?”
Probably because of the scale.
“Erash snapped”
I wouldn’t mind following an entire story about Erash and Melenis.
“Can I put that on a certificate?”
I love that captor and captive are bonding over bashing Sidonis.
“You’re a henchman”
Interrogation is not easy. The key is to make the subject believe that you already know everything. If they realize that you do not and that they need you to tell them, they may see it as leverage.
“probably worse than saying it while holding a knife and smiling evilly”
Garrus told them to go f-k themselves in face of certain death. Erash and Melenis know that they could torture him for hours or even days and he still wouldn’t give up the codes, and while they MIGHT break him eventually (perhaps by threatening Sidonis), they don’t have the time for that. Deus is hunting them right now.
“The salarian regarded him with dark, deep, emotionless eyes”
Erash is ex-STG. He’s likely executed people in cold blood before. Garrus would be far from the first.
“I see you’re still alive. Well done”
Sidonis is such a likable character in this story that him betraying the team later is made even more tragic and painful.
“I’ll shoot you at the same time if you don’t shut up”
I thought you said you like interrogating turians, Erash.
“This is probably your fault somehow”
Oh my God, TNP, stop writing such awesome dialogue! Where did you learn to write this good?
“We know Deus does not have a presence outside the Terminus Systems”
Melenis and Erash are talking right in front of their captives. Probably not a good idea.
“until five months ago”
Not all that long since Shepard was killed.
“mounting worry”
It would be so much simpler if Garrus and Sidonis were cronies or allies of Deus. Erash just realized that it is even worse; the thought that he and Melenis are now dealing with a pair of maverick idiots who have no idea what the heck they are doing.
“Sidonis said sarcastically”
Are all turians this snarky?
“You know, I saved the galaxy once”
Sadly, Garrus, nobody cares. It is what it is. You are a hero one minute and forgotten the next, unless people need a convenient scapegoat.
“Sidonis said cheerfully”
Have I mentioned that I love Sidonis?
“caught Sidonis sweetly in the middle of his face”

‘Never start with the head. The victim gets all fuzzy.’
- The Dark Knight (2008)

‘I could just pull you apart. Limb by limb. Make you tell me.’
‘Nah, that’d be worthless. Victim always goes into shock. You gotta start small. Fingers. Toenails. Ears.’
- The Boys TV series.

“Erash stood in front of him, breathing heavily”
I don’t think it’s the quip about his mother. Erash is scared now. The situation is worse than even he feared.
Also, I love that they later became allies. And that Erash has terrible fashion sense.
“I don’t even know who he is!”
Keyzer Soze.
“Every damn time I go somewhere, crap like this happens. I hate my life”
Garrus, these things happen to you because you keep voluntarily getting involved in them. Shepard did not force you to join her, and nobody forced you to go to Omega and become a vigilante.
“What the hell have we got ourselves mixed up in now”
I love that Erash and Melenis are almost exactly like Garrus and Sidonis.
“Because that went so well for him”
Imagine realizing that your captors also have no idea what they’re doing.
“Erash regarded him coldly for a second”
I love turians.
“Erash trying not to laugh”
“Uh, not really, but carry on”
Tali has thrown a wrench at Garrus more than once, hasn’t she?
“Tell Sidonis he’s an idiot for me”
Vunas likes Sidonis, doesn’t she?
“Melenis said”
Wow. He ran a background check on her that quickly. I can see why Erash and Melenis are regarded by Garrus as professionals.
“Deus wouldn’t use idiots like this”
I’m trying very hard not to laugh, as I’m typing this review in a restaurant.
“the volus said simply”
Nobody can hold out forever under torture. Sooner or later, the person would break.
“He can also shut the hell up”
I’m loving all these characters already. I want a buddy cop story with Sidonis and Erash as the main characters.
“Yes, but I don’t like you. Ah, fair point”
TNP, stop trying to make me laugh.
“You don’t argue with Sensat”
In a way, Sensat is the real protagonist of this first ‘book’ of this story.
“No matter how this goes down, I won’t see another day”
Garrus has likely resigned himself to the idea that he won’t get to die of old age.
“began to walk towards the door”
Honestly, I’m very glad that the bad guys showed up. Otherwise Erash and Melenis would have started on the torture, and I don’t think Garrus or Sidonis would have forgotten or forgiven them for it.
“You idiot!”
I agree. Melenis screwed up big-time here. In their line of work, just one mistake can be fatal.
“Erash seized them…so that his hands were chained in front of him”
Erash probably learned the hard way that more often than not, trust is just something that would get you killed.
“There were guns. Lots of guns”
“Sidonis tried it. Nothing happened. Just checking”
I. Love. This. Story.
“remotely overloading the thermal clips”
Nobody steals Erash’s guns.
“a krogan metal gig in the Wards”
Can we please get a story of Garrus living and working in the Citadel?
“one surprisingly strong hand”
What is STG training like?
“The salarian shrugged expansively”
And he called Garrus and Sidonis idiots. This is definitely the start of a beautiful friendship.
CMY187 chapter 10 . 11/4/2022
“someone who doesn’t have an obvious personality disorder”
It’s a Bioware RPG, Garrus. If they’re not damaged, they’re not interesting.
“maybe that’s what makes people good at what they do”
I grinned toothily at this.
“The rain was just as heavy”
I’m getting Max Payne vibes.
“constantly draining away”
I wonder if the weather contributes to the overall culture and society of the planet.
“she’s honest”

‘The surest way to remain poor is to be honest.’
- Napoleon Bonaparte

“She should have been a turian”
I agree.
“Actually, I heard volus”
“dishonest and avaricious”
The volus are very physically limited, so they have to make do via other means.
“my dad was a religious guy, followed some salarian cult”
Wait, what?
“I don’t get humans. I don’t think anybody does”
I grinned at this. I wonder if in this story, Shepard was attracted to Garrus during the events of ME1. There is not much that is revealed about her in this story, since it is mainly about Garrus and his companions.
“We have no more contacts left. We have more or less no money”
What would Shepard do? Also, how would quarian pilgrims fare in Deinech?
“Why is nothing ever easy?”
Because you don’t want easy missions, Garrus. You chose this life. No one forced you to go after the codes.
“two passengers lighter and a few dozen credits heavier”
“you can’t trust any asari”
I think the asari themselves would agree. Also, it’s important to note that Vunas is very young. She might outgrow her flawed pride and learn to become less honest.
“I’d rather have Omega”
Deinech is that bad, huh?
“They don’t count as alive”
The dialogue in this story is so good.
“I’m never driving a car that contains you again”
I love this.
“you don’t even know about half the stuff we ended up in under Shepard’s command”
My God, the events of ME1 in this story must have been insane. Garrus probably felt that he was slowly losing his mind.
“thousands of hostile robots”
Garrus may have been pegged by the quarians as a veteran on fighting geth (and krogan)
“they just had a lot of credits on them”
Assuming this isn’t a joke in regard to the gameplay…yeah, that is very interesting.
“buying the whole team new armour and weapons”
They would have needed every advantage they could get.
“one tech jump later it’s worthless”
“They made you into a woman? And an asari”
…why does this not surprise me.
“krogan construction firm”
And now I want to read an entire story about a krogan moving up in the world of construction. Thanks a lot, TNP.
“that special way that made it sound a lot like”
Sidonis is not stupid, at least not completely. He has not survived this long for nothing.
“Why are you here, who are you, what do you want”
Should have pretended that you already know the answers to all those questions, Sidonis.
“They’re a client race…but who knows what their clans have cooked up”
NEVER underestimate the volus.
I love so much that in the Sudden series by A Very Thirsty Megalomanic, the volus are written to be excellent and brave combat pilots.
“Do not play dumb with me”
Melenis isn’t the best negotiator, is he?
“the mind of a technician always looks for the explanation before the solution”
This made me smile.
“a red giant, over two metres tall”

“I’ve tried every one of them”
Wait, WHAT.
“anyone else in the galaxy who wants to use the ship”
I love Garrus.
“a jab to the midriff”
“Not again”
How many times has Garrus been captured and interrogated throughout his life…?
CMY187 chapter 9 . 11/1/2022
“their perch atop the skyscraper”
They’ve done this sort of thing before. Not their first job.
“All life seeks value…I’ll stick to explosives”
Establishing characters through dialogue instead of length paragraphs of exposition/quick backstory. I like it.
“Ok, that’s just insulting. My apologies”
I like them already. The best stories put most of the focus and work on the characters.
“Sidonis was shooting dirty glances at him all the while”
Sidonis, stop stealing every scene you are in.
“It’s bloody feudal”
Feels like the city is a character in of itself. Nice.
“that Mako debacle”
Which one, Garrus? There must have been at least a few.
“Come to think of it, I have no money. At all”
You’re not very good at being a maverick vigilante, are you Garrus?
“at least I don’t have hair”
And now I’m imagining wigs becoming fashionable in turian societies.
“how divorced from nature you get”
I love that this story delves so much into the psyche of the characters.
“a careful balance of incompetence”
The writing in this story is too good.
“You don’t know people with power? You’re nobody”
Isn’t that just everywhere in the whole galaxy?
“The Deinech Dream”
I grinned at this.
“We’re locked out unless we get lucky”
Honestly, I’m starting to feel that it is actually Canon that after the events of ME3, Garrus would return to Omega at the head of a turian fleet to annex the station and its star system.
“The second was still alive”
Talk about a stroke of luck.
“a sort of constant motion of elbowing a way through the crowd”
“You’d better not be dead, b-h!...F-k you!”
I like Vunas already.
“There was a moment’s silence”
My God is Sidonis such a fun character.
“Open the f-king door, woman”
I hope Sidonis and Vunas would meet again after the events of this story.
“a noise like a geth being tortured”
This chapter is way too funny.
“Somehow, that makes it sound even worse”
TNP, I’m now trying not to laugh in a public library. Thanks a lot.
“with another painful screech”
Goddammit, will someone please adapt this story into a TV series? Also, I want Vunas to continue to work for Sidonis and/or Garrus, despite her protests and refusals to ever work with or for them again.
“Nothing. Mostly”
“Jobs run out”
This keeps up, people will leave to find work elsewhere. The Terminus Systems are truly unforgiving.
“You need money to get offworld”
She could try to stow away on a ship.
“I don’t need your charity”
…ah. And there I think is a hint of why she has fallen to a point where she is now barely scraping by just to survive.
“Garrus pointed out”
Goddammit, I nearly laughed out loud at Garrus’ line.
“And you’re pretty much still nothing-“
I think insulting Sidonis is one way to get Vunas to like you.
“right up to the moment when he can’t”
Sidonis was already shellshocked and traumatized by the time he was captured and psychologically tortured by the enemies of Archangel.
“and here you are now saving the galaxy”
It’s amazing, isn’t it?
“And money”
At this point Shepard would probably say to Garrus and Sidonis that they need to get more money, be it through earning, trading or stealing.
“I don’t need to be on any other planet”
Vunas is her own worst enemy.
“Rely on others, you’re weak”
Shepard didn’t save the galaxy from Sovereign by herself.
“Neither are we”
Oh yeah.
One day Garrus will come back to this planet, and the name Archangel will become feared, hated and loved throughout it…
CMY187 chapter 8 . 10/27/2022
“I may have to brutally murder you”
I love Sidonis so much.
“I’m sure I could find someone to pay me to do it”
“Money isn’t everything”
It may not be, but in my opinion it is the only real practiced religion in the world, regardless of which religious story/account is actually true.
“asari dancing girls…bare essentials”
Of course, Lantar.
“He stroked his chin thoughtfully”
Honestly, the best element of this story may be the dialogue.
“what would have happened if I’d managed to get here by myself”
Who knows, Garrus? You probably would have figured something out.
“The bridge had been upgraded”
Interesting. What do Sidonis and Garrus know about ship design?
“That’s usually the worst kind”
In my opinion, the worst atrocities happen when you combine evil with stupidity. (points to the National Socialist German Workers Party aka Nazi and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)
“Why can’t I ever run into any reasonable, amiable geniuses?”
Heh! Now I’m imagining Garrus working with Warlord Okeer.
“Even Tali threatened to kill me a few times”
That’s just belligerent tension, Garrus.
“it’s my middle name”
Goddammit, TNP, Sidonis is way too good of a character.
“correction, the Hortensius”
“I haven’t actually seen real sky since Ilos”
Garrus really is a noir protagonist, isn’t he?
“It’s always money”
(looks at the events of Mass Effect 2) Cerberus may be providing the funding, but I suspect that the Lazarus Project may had driven the organization to near-bankruptcy.
It seems that in the Normandy SR2, Shepard’s Chief-of-Staff was Miranda Lawson. Who was her COS in the Normandy SR1? Who was Anderson’s?
“Here, what people trust are the number of zeroes in your credit balance”
The Terminus Systems are that bad, huh? Why is that? Why are they so freaking lawless and chaotic?
“The families run Deinech”
Sounds like one could write an awesome story set soley in Deinech.
“What the f-k, we’ve got time”
This is a Bioware RPG and you’re a companion-character, Lantar. Start providing long-winded exposition.
“what we have instead is the nobility”
Makes me think of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Kel-Morian Combine.
“His chair squeaked as it swivelled”
I don’t know why but this made me laugh.
“the Nivido family…asari-krogan coalition”
This is awesome, TNP.
“a web of alliances and agreements”
Makes me think of the German states prior to German unification.
“only way to get any power in this place is to be born with it”
…and now I’m imagining a military fleet of the Turian Hierarchy – led by a notorious and ruthless general – appearing above and unleashing a massive bombardment on the surface of Deinech. With no provocation or warning.
“the f-king capitalist utopia”
Despite finding merit in arguments against Socialism, I also believe that Capitalism – the policy of granting control of the economy to private individuals/groups – can also be very damaging and harmful if taken too far or implemented carelessly/incompetently. Go too far in either direction and it ends badly.
“ignoring him completely”
Sidonis is the best.
“Listen, do you want to f-king hear this or not?”
Garrus keeps choosing the dialogue options that irritate Sidonis. By the way, it is awesome and hilarious to view this story with the mindset that GARRUS is now the Bioware protagonist instead of Shepard.
“Not even Aria”
I agree. In my opinion, her image and reputation are mostly smoke and mirrors.
“attempting to bring political change is not a valid goal”
I wonder if Deinech was ravaged by the Reapers after the events of this story.
“Um. What?””
Sidonis is only just starting to realize that Garrus Vakarian is even crazier than he is.
“When I close my eyes, I can see her”
(looks at Sidonis at the end of this story) …does he see her still?
“constantly monsoon season”
“Seascape. Whatever”
Can we just get a story where Sidonis is the protagonist, please?
I can see Sidonis becoming the protagonist of his own story during his time on the Citadel, before, during and after being confronted by Shepard and Garrus. Probably became crazy and suicidal enough to get himself into trouble without caring for his own life.
“a single building”
I thought of the Megablocks in Judge Dredd.
“If you don’t like politics, you’re in the wrong f-king place”
Politics is everywhere, Garrus. No matter where you go or what you do, it will always be present. You cannot run from nor escape it. You can only pretend it isn’t there.
“an old civvie steamer”
I honestly have to question the wisdom of the Illusive Man for making a near-exact copy of the Normandy SR2. After all, the SR1 distinguished itself at the Battle of the Citadel.
“Whenever you’ve got a few million people living this close together, there will be blood”
Blood is spilled everywhere, Garrus, be it a metropolis or a village.
“in a strange lattice design”
So much thought and detail went into this setting. I love it.
“so easy to destroy it all in one attack”
In a way, Archangel IS a terrorist. (looks at the Punisher) Urm…well, yeah, he kind of is. Though I’d say he is more of a serial killer than a terrorist.
“That doesn’t even merit sarcasm”
Every single line of dialogue from Sidonis is gold.
“There was a short silence”
Poor Sidonis.
“Creator singular? Just one?”
Garrus being a Detective again.
“even, like, quarians and volus”
I wonder how Tali would have fared if she were here with Garrus, working with him to find and confront the creator of the ship.
“Pretty much”
Garrus is both a skilled and a terrible investigator.
“I think there’s someone who wants you to pay them large amounts of money”
Garrus is such a jerk. Tali must have hit him at least a few times during their time aboard the SR1.
CMY187 chapter 7 . 10/25/2022
“Days passed. He didn’t move”
This one-line paragraph says so much about this new character.
“taking damn near every credit from a hundred accounts from across the galaxy”
Nowadays, for the most part, only junkies or sadists would carry out a home invasion or armed robbery. The truly skilled thieves would steal your money via electronic/digital means. You are now more likely to be robbed online than in person.
“follow Invictus and Omega into that exclusive club of five-star criminal hives”
Interesting. Unfortunately for such places, the poor sods who just happen to be living there get the worst of it.
“state of near-hibernation his race had evolved”
The Hegemony IS a strong and mighty faction.
“Five potential sources”
This is amazing. He could easily land a job anywhere that he wishes in my opinion.
“you’re no god if you can’t even hide my ship from me”
I wonder what it would be like to read this story with the mindset that Garrus is the villain.
“He paused for a second, and frowned, before adding”
CMY187 chapter 6 . 10/24/2022
“enough to alter your course by kilometres”
“down and dirty in the engine”
Garrus has a lot of skills. I wonder how many people have told him that he is wasted as a cop.
“At least the worst is over”
“a matter of time until I sink”
Garrus, you get into these terrible situations because you want to.
Garrus never had any real idea of what he was doing, did he? He was lost ever since the Normandy SR1 was destroyed. Heck, maybe even before then. He left C-Sec to do…something…with Shepard, then after she died he decided for some reason to go to Omega and start killing criminals.
It seems that Garrus was aimless and angry, and wanted to take out his anger and frustration on the galaxy.
Now I’m wondering how different things could have been if Shepard had learned that instead of becoming a vigilante known as Archangel, Garrus Vakarian had become a ruthless and feared Terminus warlord.
“I don’t think I’m very good at this ‘emotion’ business”
There must be turians who are professional psychiatrists.
“far more than was healthy”
Oh no.
“I won’t live to retire”
I can honestly see Garrus – who is in a romantic relationship with Shepard – growing to feel that she cannot possibly have a long-term future with him.
“Maybe too young”
Makes me want to learn more about Lantar Sidonis.
“don’t speak ill of the dead”
I just cannot understand this. If you never liked or respected the person while they were alive, why must you suddenly change your position on them now that they are dead?
“I totally deserved that”
Instead of blaming Garrus for Chirin’s death, Sidonis apologizes to Garrus for his own actions.
“no place for me back in the Hierarchy”
Dammit, Sidonis is way too interesting of a character. I love so much that he is Garrus’ very first companion in what will later become the Archangel group.
“he already knew the answer”
The Hierarchy is that bad, huh?
“Merc groups are inherently unstable”
(looks at the Blue Suns, Eclipse and Blood Pack) The fact that they are among the biggest/strongest while still being in a state of constant conflict says something about them. There has to be a reason that they can still remain in business after all this time.
“Only way to make a difference, I reasoned, was to do it yourself”
Napoleon Bonaparte is widely acknowledged as the ‘father’ of modern France. People like him, Alexander the Great and Gaius Julius Caesar changed the world. They also have massive amounts of blood on their hands, including many innocent people.
“a word you can twist into anything you want”
Said it before; Garrus is only one bad day away from becoming a monster, and he knows it.
“make sure he needs my approval to pilot the ship”
Yep. Trust no one, Garrus.
“I know I can’t do this alone”
Garrus is sympathetic toward Sidonis, but he has a mission to carry out.
“I get to kill him”
“with you ‘til the day I die”
In my opinion, Sidonis can still fulfil this promise, but I doubt Garrus would want him to.
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