Reviews for Releasing His Hold
VFBFan chapter 1 . 3/2/2010
You really should keep on writing but it really pi$$es me off,that every daughter Bones has in fanfics turns out to be a genius can't she have "normal" children?Or why can't the boy be the genius?He is a imp?

Well cool.*rolleye*

It's always the girl is the perfect,smart princess and the boy is the trouble maker.

It is boring either,that the daughter wants to do the same as her mommy later and so it is with the son who wants to be an FBI don't follow different ways?

Teacher,doctor or something...

I really do like this story and all,but there are things which aren't gonna change,huh?

It is too obvious what you is a genius and so the children have to be geniuses too,at least the daughter,because daughters are always I hate can be like that aswell.

Why not the other way round?A rebellish girl raised by Bones would've been way more interesting than a perfect,little girl,who on the top skipped two classes and learns anthropolic things now.*yawn* That is boring!

I will have to see if I'm going to continue reading this,because I'm getting tired of reading the same again and again on the Bones-fandom.

Is her daughter going to be a novel-price candidate too?

Is the boy the dumpass and rebell?

Sorry but I don't like that.

xBonesnCsiMiamifan419x chapter 1 . 2/27/2010
Hey! This was awesome! I love Max and Brennan's relationship. This song sounds really good! The wedding part was so cute! I was very happy that Booth and her got married! The ending was very bittersweet! I love it! Awesome job! Please keep writing, I love your stories! Have a nice day! :D
jsiebert chapter 1 . 2/27/2010
This story is amazing! Well written great use of song. The tale made me cry. I loved how they named their son Max.

Please keep writing. There are more stories been written now, so I only comment on the really good ones.