Reviews for A Band Story
NeroAnne chapter 2 . 3/3/2010
XD! Ville's such a prissy bitch, XD!

Hahah, XD! Deuce is purposefully bugging him!

Ah, yes. The drama involving the bands, XD!


0_0 Poor Ville. With his asthma, that run must have SUCKED. XD!

He's such a woman, XD!

Poor Da Kurlzz, XD!

LMAO! BAM! Woderful statement!

Johnny is so mean, XP!

I like Shady! He's ill! XD!


Ville is known for being afraid to french kiss, so THAT...that just made me want to love and kiss and kiss and love you.

XD! Oh boy, an idea!

Awe...poor Deuce...

Ville is so confazzled...Deauce has such weird emotions, XD!

I love this!
NeonNero chapter 2 . 3/2/2010
Bammie Making Johnny Were Cuffsz.

Making Charlie Walk Around With A Beer.

Having Kurlzz Wear A Thong.

Having J-DOg Have A Leash.

What Did Bam Make Funneh Do?

Aww Deuce Misses The Band...

Tottally Dramatic Moment And Out OF NoWhere Deuce Wantz Ice Cream.

Totally Me..XD.

Lovee It!

NeroAnne chapter 1 . 2/27/2010
Slowly but surely, they'll take over our lives, XD!


What did Jeff do now? XD!

GAH! He broke up a band! HIM? HU? 0_0 OMG, NO! XD!

I like that they're girlish though, XD!

Oh great! He talked to Margera! XD!

OMG! How does one BREAK UP Bam and Ville? XD!

Yeah, they're gonna get killed by VAM fans, XD!

You that I think of it, Deauce is kinda in the shadow, neh? XD!

*reads on*

LMAO. Sandwich shop, XD!

XD! Matt and Ice cream, XD! Jeff lied about fixing the problem! XD!


Bam Margera was never a metal singer to begin with and now he's in Hollywood Undead? XD

Poor Ville, being bugged by Deuce, XD!

"beautiful gay prostitute" XD! That's Ville to a T! XD!

XD! I think I like Deuce and Ville together, XD! WOOT!

Designer pants? XD! That'd be the first time Ville owned any but I love it! XD!

*Reads on*

XD! Bam is so stupid, XD! It works!

XD! OMG! He doesn't LOOK like a bottom! XD! I love it!

Hehe, I love that!

Why is Deuce fucking up our song? XD!

Poor Ville, he's so upset, XD!

XD! OMG! Ville sucked down Jizz! XD! I love that! XD!

That was so funny, XD!

Loved it!