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Grace chapter 127 . 10/16
Loved everything! My fav was when volger walked in on deryn and alek smochin Lololololol there were there but i forgot Lol anyways great Job!
Guest chapter 127 . 10/15
I really LOVE your stories. You have the ability to capture the character and bend them into something beautiful. I know you haven't posted for 10 months, but can you pls continue? I love this story so much and to get you started, what about a Halloween costume fic? At it not, doesn't matter to me ;)
happy cat chapter 120 . 10/7
DOCTOR WHO! It's funny, my favorite book character cosplayed (how do you spell that?) as my favorite T.V. show character.
Anne chapter 1 . 8/29
And now I'm current! Thank you so much for still writing the stories. I really adore them. I just got done reading through Goggles. I don't suppose we'll be seeing Percy Elsworth again? Maybe being too clever again?

Thanks for the newest chapters!
Guest chapter 127 . 7/18
Clevingerrr chapter 127 . 7/3
(Reviewing face to face, parts 1-6)

Hooray for AU fanfics! Big risk in having them become cliche'd or rehashes of the plot, but often a big payoff with relateability and tongue-in-cheek references. And, like all of your other works, this brought a smile to my face and even caused me to go, "Aww..." at the inevitable Alek-Deryn confession in the rain. The writing was superb, the characters well-developed in spite of the short amount of time it spans, and the conclusion satisfying.
My only complaint would be about the transition between chapters 1 and 2, where it is left rather unclear to the readers exactly what happened between them. It's supposed to be implying that their first meetup went awry and Alek is trying to make up for it, but it almost reads as if Alek is arriving when Deryn is waiting for the first time. Kind of drags the reader out of the story to have to piece that together.

Bit off-topic, but are you still taking requests? I wasn't sure if that was still the case, but it was mentioned in a couple of the parts of face to face. If not, it's not a big deal, but I was just a little curious.
Forever Day chapter 127 . 6/23
My fav leviathan fic updated with my fav AU from it? WOOOOOOO :D
I just love the characterisation and the way you wrote it. I know you wrote that this is the final chapterof this AU but if you ever feel the need to continue... I just really love this AU :D
Thanks for the update. Now I'm probably going to go reread it.
Dichotomus chapter 127 . 6/23
I loved this update. Face to Face is probably my favorite mini story in Quite Peculiar, which is odd because normally I don't very much care for Modern AUs. But this one is different in a very good way. The characters are still themselves, which is the most crucial part of any fanfiction.

5/5, excellent story.
Mashiara14 chapter 127 . 6/22
Yay! We finally got a kiss! I especially like the bit where Jaspert comes out to stand with Alek as Deryn leaves, that's adorable!
Whtwlf chapter 127 . 6/21
I must admit I was just a little but giddy when I'd seen this had updated. It was, of course, the perfect ending to a lovely AU. As always, your characterization of these two kids is spot on and I hope to see you continue writing for this series.
Ophelia A Artis chapter 127 . 6/20
Wow thanks so much for updating! You're a very talented writer! You capture the essense of Alek and Deryn so well. I do hope you update more! I swear I love these stories almost more than the actual books!
CupcakeGoodness101 chapter 127 . 6/20
Awww this is was of my favorite AU's. I love it. :3
Mollyscribbles chapter 127 . 6/19
yes good. not very coherent but it's like 3am here and I just wanted to say this gave me happy squishy feelings.
prisps chapter 127 . 6/19
I'm do happy you finished the au! This was so sweet 3
Spartan Ninja chapter 127 . 6/19
Quite fitting with their actual first kiss being in that storm in Goliath. Must feel good wrapping another AU up.
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