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Singseraphim chapter 126 . 16h ago
Yay, another chapter! And a long one at that.
*wiggles in happiness at the idea of Alek on Valentines day*

You really have a handle on these characters. And I really appreciate you keeping your stories on the PG end of the spectrum- it reflects the tone of the source material and it's really a lot nicer to read.
IWasNeverReal chapter 126 . 2/28
Awwwwwwwwww! They're so adorable!
Spartan Ninja chapter 126 . 2/28
Bleh, all these fictional characters have decent love lives while I'm stuck studying for school. This was really sweet though. Hope they don't get shot at. I saw some art for last chapter on deviantart btw. It looked pretty damn cool. See us next chapter.
NoOrdinaryAuthor chapter 1 . 2/28
ACK i thought i'd celebrate your anniversary by starting from the beginning again but all it's done is make me feel sad. slightly wistful, but sad nonetheless.
NoOrdinaryAuthor chapter 126 . 2/28
ugh julia your updates always make my days and i'm the one that ends up grinning like a dummkopf c:
i love how at a loss alek is it's too cute
and then deryn giving him the true love's kno love your a/n's, too. it's awesome to see that you insert these tidbits of actual history into your work
congrats again, you're marvelous xx
interextrovert chapter 126 . 2/27
Aaahhhh this was so good and cute and wonderful (as always) and I just love your writing so much when I saw the notification that you had updated this fic I started banging my fists on my desk because I was so excited hhaha yep.
psocoptera chapter 126 . 2/27
Awww, I love them so much. Happy anniversary! This is still one of my favorite things in fandom.
Clevingerrr chapter 126 . 2/27
Congratulations on the 5-year anniversary of Quite Peculiar! Phew, can't believe the fandom is that old. I stumbled in a little late to the party, after every book (even the Manual of Aeronautics) got released. Kind of sad to think that I never got to experience the tension of wondering how/when Alek would find out about Deryn, whether or not he would inherit the throne, and how much the books would deviate from history. Ah well, no use crying over spilled milk.

So, Valentine's Day fluff! And a history lesson to boot! You've got Alek and Deryn at their best here; the former hopeless in his desire to please his unorthodox love, and the latter much more practical than the ex-prince. I love fanfics that explore the differences between the two, and how that brings them even closer. It was actually heartwarming to have Alek concerned about getting Deryn a present even while being close to broke. All of the subtle moments that make the Dalek ship perfect were caught in this chapter. Quite fitting, the more I think about it!
littlekittycat2012 chapter 126 . 2/27
Happy five years! i love all of these and im always excited to see an update :)
Stackwood4 chapter 126 . 2/27
Also, congratulations on your achievement! Happy 5th birthday, Quite Peculiar!
Jac Hankosha chapter 126 . 2/27
This is great! I loved Alek and Volger's conversation, and the true-love knot!
Stackwood4 chapter 126 . 2/27
Your diligence with this fic keeps this beloved series alive for me, something I'm extremely grateful for. Thank you for this sweet post! It was a pleasant surprise at the end of a stressful week.
connor1504 chapter 125 . 2/25
hurrah the fics not dead! I've been rather looking forward to this chapter and its nice to see that it doesn't disappoint! Happy early five year anniversary by the way.
camilleRomance chapter 125 . 2/22
OMIGOODNESS you're amazing! When I first saw this I was like, it's so long there's npt way it could be any good. But it's unbelievably wonderful:) i love the chapters from Bovril's point of view. It makes me want a loris so much. I also enjoyed Jaspert and Newkirk's point of view. Jaspert especially since he was e-Jaspert-ated(like exasperated *wink wonk*). I also wanted to say all the background info you looked up for these was greatly appreciated. Your use of British/Scottish colloquialisms are fascinated, mostly cause I have to define them all:) Thanks for the lovely fics. I'll definitely be rereading these.
psocoptera chapter 125 . 2/18
Five years! Wow, congratulations! I would draw you fanart if I could draw things that looked like things I meant them to look like. ::grin::
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