Reviews for Quite Peculiar
Lightninging chapter 129 . 5/26
This whole fic is AMAZING, and this little series in particular! I was so happy when I saw it had updated, and I've been regularly coming back to reread sections of it (the "in a parallel universe" bit in particular) ever since. I'm so excited to see where this goes!
Tamaha8 chapter 1 . 4/2
Some of the best stories i have read, especially the ones in alternate setting. I do hope you continue these stories as they bring me much delight.
longbottoms chapter 43 . 4/2
this is about my fourth time re-reading all of these over the past few years and everytime, i'm entirely in awe. thank you thank you thank you thank you for your stories.
EllieStone chapter 129 . 1/24
I think my favorite thing about this chapter is how quickly and easily they fall into a partnership. And more than that, how quickly Alek trusts Deryn with rather sensitive information, and further, the inner workings of his country and military. I would be excited to see how this new working relationship might develop further :p
EllieStone chapter 128 . 1/24
Ohhh myyy... Confession: I love wrist-touching in romance-y scenes. I have a friend who teases me about this, actually. But I do! It feels so intimate - the wrist is so intricate and the skin is so delicate and sensitive. So you were already in my good graces there :p But I love the tone of this, the playfulness. Framing it between the illustrations in the book was a great way to integrate the scene into a bigger world, especially when you leave us hanging on that second illustration!
EllieStone chapter 127 . 1/24
I recently realized that I've basically stopped using the email associated with my ff account and as such, have missed a load of updates from all my favorites! Over a year and a half later, I'm back to remedy this! I hope you've been well since we talked last - I've definitely missed reading your work!

As always, I'm in love with your modern take! Every description feels so Deryn-esque, I found myself reading in a Scottish accent even when it wasn't dialogue. And of course, I have such a soft spot for her mother, and I think you've done a fantastic job of keeping her both commanding as well as warm.
Guest chapter 31 . 1/13
This is my favorite fanfic ever. I've read all of your Leviathan things probably a thousand times and it's all so amazing. I really hope you keep writing, and if you do I would like to resquest some Varlow because I love them, but anything you write will make me very happy.
MispeldNayms chapter 129 . 1/10
Ah crap, I'm at the end. Guess I'll have to cry in my corner as I wait for an update. Thanks by the way, you're an amazing author! This fic is amazing, and I hope you continue it. :)
MispeldNayms chapter 127 . 1/10
Ahh the end of the modern AU. It was fun.
MispeldNayms chapter 114 . 1/10
Poor Newkirk
MispeldNayms chapter 107 . 1/10
I never knew how much I needed a Jaspert chapter until I had it
MispeldNayms chapter 80 . 1/9
Ah Alek wih a moustache making it hard for me
MispeldNayms chapter 78 . 1/9
Funny it turned out to be right lel
MispeldNayms chapter 56 . 1/9
Gah I hope there are more modern AUs
MispeldNayms chapter 53 . 1/9
Gah this is too cute
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