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Forever Day chapter 120 . 4/6
I love the modern ones (well, and your writing in general but I just have a thing about modern AUs). This was very sweet and a really nice thing to read in bed when you're no feeling so great, so thanks.
Guest chapter 120 . 4/3
2,001th review! :D Congrats! Can't wait for the next chapter.
Firefly Alchemist chapter 85 . 4/2
I love this so much, every little piece of it is incredibly amazing!
EllieStone chapter 120 . 3/17
You know modern AUs are my weakness :p I must say, Despair and Happy Days are my favorites - partly, I think, because of my affinity for the military/air force aspect of the series but also because I know that that's what Deryn loves and wants. And she's worked so hard for it now, how can I not be absolutely ecstatic for her? I also love how this showcases how the two of them interact as they deal with the problems life throws them, how they reach for each other. (I mean, and the fact that Deryn shows up on Alek's doorstep with no warning whatsoever, already plotting to *ahem* make the most of their two weeks.) While those two snippets are my favorites, the others were wonderful as well! I love seeing the little moments between them - had a bit of a chuckle at Deryn's disdain for Jane Austen, as well as the thought of her as Amy Pond, not to mention Jaspert's reaction to her as Amy Pond :p
dont-touch-me-im-awkward chapter 120 . 3/6
The last time I read this, I didn't realize it was little snippets from the face to face au. That makes them all the better.
Mollyscribbles chapter 120 . 3/2
*tosses confetti* Congratulations on both the anniversary and 120 chapters! Even if I forget to review, I enjoy every one of them.
Guest chapter 22 . 3/2
Oh my oh my oh my... I was listening to Burnadette - IAMX, and ... creepy and scary. I think it fits this chapter O_O Nice job, also.
Mashiara14 chapter 120 . 3/1
Happy birthday, Quite Peculiar! And to think, you were only 40 chapters long when I started reading you! And even if it isn't new stuff, these little snippets were quite fun!
Guest chapter 120 . 2/28
That was fantastic, I especially loved the last one! :)
psocoptera chapter 120 . 2/28
Wow, happy fourth anniversary "Quite Peculiar"! I am so delighted it's still going.
NoOrdinaryAuthor chapter 120 . 2/28
Lunamaria chapter 120 . 2/27
*jumps* *dances* *cries in a fetal position at your feet* I was /just rereading through this whole collection (somewhere 'round 105) when I noticed the anniversary coming up last night. I can't believe how long it's been. I also started reading your Brisco/Leviathan crossover (so good!) because QP really put me in the mood for it. *throws confetti* I really appreciate each and every update and every chapter; I seriously have learned so many random facts, too, for your little informative author's notes. Here's to another year! *hugs* *more confetti*
Kaitlyn Fall chapter 120 . 2/27
Love it, as always. But I'm going to have to add an extra SQUEE for the Eleventh Doctor!
Guest chapter 22 . 2/27
Woah! Goosebumps. Part 6? Please? :D
Spartan Ninja chapter 120 . 2/27
Happy Dalek week.

Why must it be Dalek though? I mean they aren't anything like Daleks though. We need a better name.
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