Reviews for Quite Peculiar
Forever Day chapter 127 . 6/23
My fav leviathan fic updated with my fav AU from it? WOOOOOOO :D
I just love the characterisation and the way you wrote it. I know you wrote that this is the final chapterof this AU but if you ever feel the need to continue... I just really love this AU :D
Thanks for the update. Now I'm probably going to go reread it.
Dichotomus chapter 127 . 6/23
I loved this update. Face to Face is probably my favorite mini story in Quite Peculiar, which is odd because normally I don't very much care for Modern AUs. But this one is different in a very good way. The characters are still themselves, which is the most crucial part of any fanfiction.

5/5, excellent story.
Mashiara14 chapter 127 . 6/22
Yay! We finally got a kiss! I especially like the bit where Jaspert comes out to stand with Alek as Deryn leaves, that's adorable!
Whtwlf chapter 127 . 6/21
I must admit I was just a little but giddy when I'd seen this had updated. It was, of course, the perfect ending to a lovely AU. As always, your characterization of these two kids is spot on and I hope to see you continue writing for this series.
Ophelia A Artis chapter 127 . 6/20
Wow thanks so much for updating! You're a very talented writer! You capture the essense of Alek and Deryn so well. I do hope you update more! I swear I love these stories almost more than the actual books!
Kountry101 chapter 127 . 6/20
Awww this is was of my favorite AU's. I love it. :3
Mollyscribbles chapter 127 . 6/19
yes good. not very coherent but it's like 3am here and I just wanted to say this gave me happy squishy feelings.
prisps chapter 127 . 6/19
I'm do happy you finished the au! This was so sweet 3
Spartan Ninja chapter 127 . 6/19
Quite fitting with their actual first kiss being in that storm in Goliath. Must feel good wrapping another AU up.
cthulhu-with-a-fez chapter 127 . 6/19
I had actually just been rereading this fic ueaterday and wondering if it was still active - and thus, unto me was delivered... A NEW CHAPTER. this is AWESOME. any new material about those nerdlets in love is good material, in my opinion, and seeing as you're an a quality writer? this counts as GREAT material.
Dichotomus chapter 126 . 6/11
That was an excellent addition to your masterpiece. I enjoyed every part of it. I can relate to Alexander's money problems: there never seems to be enough for Valentine's day.
franchdeblack chapter 126 . 6/11
I BEG YOU to please make one of Alek falling for Deryn when he thought that she was a he and he starts noticing little things that he likes and he falls for Dylan. IM BEGGING YOU
I'm from Atgentina and I love your writting, coudn't be better :D
You're aweSOME
Pudding Dragon chapter 100 . 5/26
ForTheLoveOfPeanutButter chapter 65 . 5/17
Oh my gosh, I was reading this and my first thought was, "OH MY GOD SHE FOUND JASPERT DEAD." I'm so happy that's not the case! Great story, by the way. Keep it up! :)
Guest chapter 126 . 4/6
This is absolutely wonderful! Congrats on 5 years of Quite Peculiar and thank you for writing such great stories!
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