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onemediumdrip chapter 6 . 3/9/2010
That was really good! And it fit right into canon perfectly. I was kinda worried that you'd put in all kinds of brotherly reunion and fixage (and I wouldn't really have complained, to be honest), but set before Fallen Idols, this fits in just right. So good work! The visual of Sam and Dean getting ucked underground was freaky! Gah, getting buried alive is one of the most terrifying things I've ever heard! And it was very in character, too, which I appreciated. I enjoyed when the two of them were in the perspective of the other guys and Dana was talking about how Tim had started it all, etc. I felt all cool when I was reading it, thinking, "Whoa, that's like Sam and Dean..." Then I thought, "Um, yeah, moron. That's kinda the point." And now you know my thought process. Haha.

But yeah, I really liked this story. ]
Noelani618 chapter 6 . 3/9/2010
Just got finished reading this story and I absolutely loved it! You capture Sam and Dean so wonderfully, from their snarky comments to the awkwardness between them at this point in the season. And your hunts are always so interesting, original, and...just fantastic! A cemetery going nuts with bodies popping up out of ground like, how did Dean put it... ah,they "just started jumpin' out of their holes like prairie dogs with their asses on fire" Lol! Loved that line!

Why aren't you on Kripke's writing team!

Thanks for sharing this story :D
I'mcalledZorro chapter 6 . 3/9/2010
Great story. Enjoyed reading it as always!
supernaturalsammy67 chapter 6 . 3/9/2010
This was beautiful hun!

:)##loved the ending chapter

whoo! x
marinawings chapter 6 . 3/9/2010
Fantastic! I really enjoyed this story. The plot was nicely resolved at the end, and my heart just clenched for Dean! You did a great job with the characters of the Winchester brothers-and with the suspense and angst and drama. Excellent story!
sela117 chapter 6 . 3/9/2010
Oh boys... *sigh*

In the end, they're just a little more together, but not even close to where they use to be. Perfect, for a fic set in early season 5.


Thanks for sharing!

p.s. Poor Dave having to re-bury all those coffins!
AlecDeanFan chapter 6 . 3/9/2010
Loved this story, too, and, as always, I hate to see it come to an end. You captured the rift between them and their desire to get back to their former relationship perfectly. Now, please, I need a Dark Angel story, because they have very few good stories out there anyway and lately it seems to be even fewer. And I so need my Alec fix.
fearlessgoddess2 chapter 6 . 3/9/2010
Lol, cubic yard of jerky! :P So great!

Awesome story!
Vanessa Sgroi chapter 6 . 3/9/2010
Great, great ending. I really enjoyed this one. Definitely looking forward to your next one.
Dianne chapter 6 . 3/9/2010
That was a great story. I loved how you tied it in with Dean and Sam having to figure out how they can be comfortable with each other again. It was nice to see a story where Sam takes care of Dean too. Thanks.
Dianne chapter 5 . 3/9/2010
Great chapter. Loved the MFE, so funny. Poor Dean. I hope they can explain their way out of this but with the ground shaking and coffins popping I guess they won't have to. Looking forward to more.
marinawings chapter 5 . 3/8/2010
This is a really fantastic chapter! It's exciting and tense and also gives the reader some back-story, developing the plot. The element of danger is well written. Again, I love the way you weave the Winchesters' personalities and pasts into the story. They seem like themselves. Now Dean seems to be in bad shape, Sam is in a fix, and coffins are popping out of the ground! Wow! I look forward to the next chapter.
supernaturalsammy67 chapter 5 . 3/7/2010

this was AWESOME!

I love it!
TheKritty chapter 5 . 3/7/2010
Jeez. Another evil cliffhanger.*sighs* But what I GREAT chapter!Seriously, I loved the catatonic!Dean (which is quite a normal thing to say, among other fangirls, huh?I sure hope so... *lol*). My heart was pounding a marathoin here and dude, it was...pfew!

"He was lying on top of old Abe Smith"

Yikes! *shudders* That's...that's just gross! _'

Again: I really enjoyed Sam digging Dean out, I feel so sorry for Dean and my heart is all warm and hurting at once.

So, coffins, everywhere coffins, and man that creeps me out just a , it creeps me out much, but I'm worrying more about , he gotta wake up.

(And MFE (Male Flashlight Envy) ?Really? MAN, that cracked me up! *lol*)

Kep writing, I'm all excited and looking forward concerning the next chapter!

Greetings from Germany!

pandora jazz chapter 5 . 3/6/2010
So Dean and Sam, well I assume Dean too, now know the answers.

The conversation between Tim and Dana was good and not to hard to follow. I'm glad that Sam was Dana, at least Dean didn't have to be buried alive, except he was, so still not good. But now Sam knows how hard Dean had to fight to get out of his grave in "LR".

I hope the cop decides to ignore the brothers now that the coffins are appearing so Sam can check on Dean.

Enjoyed reading this chapter.

Thanks again for sharing your story with us.
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