Reviews for In Need
AZ-woodbomb chapter 1 . 3/1/2010
That little minx. Trying to get the Lord of Despair drunk for such sissy purposes as friendly help. Bah! What does that have to do with fear, I ask you?
Night of the Living Monkey chapter 1 . 2/28/2010
I love all your little drabbles, and I finally felt too guilty over not reviewing any of them and caved. The relationship you weave between Crane and Harley is a very fine piece of work. All your stories give excellenct insights into their world. Sometimes I wish these drabbles were longer, but I think the brevity is part of the charm.

This one is sweet, with Harley worrying about Crane. And then planning on getting him drunk. It's nice, very nice.
Anime Monster chapter 1 . 2/27/2010
Well that's an interesting twist. The girl getting the guy drunk rather than the other way around. I like. On the subject of alcohol, I never really saw Johnny as a vodka drinker, but it makes a bit of sense in Nolan-verse due to his mob connections (though, that seems more Italian and that would imply wine). If Johnny choose to get drunk, it would definitely not be on beer, though. The fact is I can't seem him even opening a bottle of beer, let alone drinking one (same goes for cans). Whiskey or scotch are about the only drinks I can see him getting drunk on (though he seems to proper to drink scotch for the alcohol).

Harly on the other hand, I can see her drinking beer or wine or vodka or tequila or whiskey, but she seems more of a shot and mixed drink type person. The fancy shots, not shots of straight vodka or tequila or whiskey.

Yes, I just performed an analysis of two fictional characters drinking habits and made a review that is longer than your drabble.

BTW, I've been getting messages that you've added second chapters to some of your drabbles, is this true or is it alerts messing with my head?