Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
Melikalilly chapter 5 . 7h
lol I can't stop laughing this is so good
Bethany chapter 3 . 2/22
This book is amazing! I love this book just as much as I love the regular Harry Potter and that Is REALLY saying something! This chapter made me cry. Poor Harry. :(
Thank you for writing this story! Its like you are going to Hogwarts for the first time all over again! :)
2 angryunicorns chapter 19 . 2/22
What the hell did I just read? It made no sense and also it made perfect sense ! Also A humour
pikupstix chapter 122 . 2/21
Interesting resolution. Not one I would have expected. I'll try to leave a few comments on things that stuck out over the course of my reading. Recency bias will be in full effect.

The high point of the story was the SPE arc, I maintain. Things built continually until that point-and then dipped, when you did nothing with Quirrell or Bellatrix and instead confined Harry to the castle as a bystander in his own tale. A resurgence came with Hermione's death, and from Harry's heartfelt attempt to save his dear Professor Quirrell from his fatal illness. I'm not completely satisfied with the ending, but I suppose it rounds off the story in a symmetrical fashion.

I loved how Harry's determination and free-thinking ways led him unwittingly down the path of darkness. I liked less when Voldemort became the centrepiece of the story, replacing Quirrell as this 'perfect', logical, machine-like construct. I suppose I really just didn't like Voldemort at all, no two ways around it. The first hundred chapters built up the character (a mask though it may have been) of Professor Quirrell, and at the end, that character was casually discarded and never heard from again; Voldemort was what we got instead, and it was a paltry replacement at best. As a reader, I formed no attachment to Lord Voldemort, and felt no sympathy nor empathy nor any emotion beyond mild irritation at any stage for his interaction with the plot. It was a unique take on the character, admittedly, but not a particularly enthralling one.

My thoughts on solving the Final Exam went along the lines of riding the time turner back to the point where Harry and Quirrell were trapped inside the Mirror's domain. Harry could have, at that point, used the killing curse on his past self to remove Dumbledore's incentive to sacrifice himself to time and allow Voldemort to escape. This presumably rends reality or some such, which could (at a stretch, perhaps) be construed as the meaning of the second prophecy, to 'tear apart the very stars in heaven', or bring about 'the end of the world'. There are a number of problems with this, of course, not the least of which is that the time turner might not have had enough hours (if any; I wasn't completely clear on that and didn't go back to clarify) to reach that point in the past. Another obvious issue is that Voldemort isn't going to let Harry activate the time turner; some kind of trickery or persuasion would have had to be employed to achieve this. Thirdly, unravelling time like that invalidates Hermione's resurrection and thus makes for ugly storytelling. (None of this is rational thinking, but rather, mere speculation on what would have brought about the most interesting situations/resolution.)

On the note of the 'exam', and your consequent, chosen solution... I'm not sure I can appreciate it for what it is. Was it clever? Of course. Plausible? Yes, I would say so, given the boundaries of magic you have thus far defined. But it smelled of contrivance, and all the more so given the way it was framed to the audience as a solvable puzzle. I feel almost cheated having now seen your solution. A bit of silent, motionless (albeit, his special brand of partial) transfiguration? Harry being able to manipulate the wand-thread through the air with his mind without looking away from Voldemort and maintaining a fast-paced, high-stakes argument with one of the most intelligent, observant, and untrusting people in the world? The wand-thread not snapping even once when contracted, but instead perfectly executing every one of the thirty-six living Death Eaters? I was expecting, rationally, that it would be some kind of argument that would take place between the two, which Harry would sufficiently fail to lose, enabling him to survive and later pull of a tricksy heist. We got halfway there, but not all the way.

I won't say the ending felt rushed, or that you painted yourself into something of a corner by making Voldemort so impeccably clever and thorough, but I will assert that it seemed like the ending was there simply for the sake of having an ending. You were having so much fun building the characters throughout the year, only to realise, wait, hang on, by June this whole thing needs to be wrapped up, time to call on the canon stone-in-mirror plot and see how an overly logical Harry and a neurotic Voldemort would deal with it. Forgive the sardonicism.
Guest chapter 7 . 2/21
why don't people get that wizard know all about muggle there many muggle born and half blood every year hell snape half blood this whole wizard don't know about muggle is just stupid.

next again if magic is real, muggle sci is wrong, and so is there history.
Guest chapter 41 . 2/21
so you bash ron to make draco a good guy for some stupid reason.
setiabn chapter 5 . 2/20
Favorite. Automaticly favorite. There is so much interesting-well-placed-science-fact in this magical world. Who say that we cant learn anything from fanfiction.
*sorry for bad english.
rumanaakthar28 chapter 7 . 2/20
I can't get enough of this version of hp, I read books all the time and get bored easily as the writing and stories start to get too familiar but this is truly refreshing.
Guest chapter 99 . 2/19
Aislynn Crowdaughter chapter 17 . 2/18
"Dumbledore started laughing. Laughing a lot harder than Harry would expect, almost howling. It seemed positively undignified. An ancient and powerful wizard ought to chuckle in deep booming tones, not laugh so hard he was gasping for breath. Harry had once literally fallen out of his chair while watching the Marx Brothers movie Duck Soup, and that was how hard Dumbledore was laughing now."

And to think we have to wait until chapter 110 until we understand why he is laughing so hard...
OedonWrithe chapter 20 . 2/18
Who is this mysterious man

I am like 65% sure it's just Tom Riddle teaching?
guest chapter 1 . 2/18
I just started reading this (I know its late) and this story is one of the BEST books I've actually read for HP (and I've read a LOT of them)
Aislynn Crowdaughter chapter 16 . 2/18
"Also Harry was in love. It would be a three-way wedding: him, the Time-Turner, and Professor Quirrell."

Snort! Also, thisis beyond awesomeness. What would Hogwarts have profited in Canon!Quirrelmort had really used the powers of his... inhabitant... to the fullest...

On another note, regarding Quirrels speech: the problem with reducing every defenceagainst dark creatures or dark wizards to two reactions: either killing curse or apparateaway, is of course that you aresomewhat limited in dealing with a creature or a dark wizard if you do not want to kill him/her/it. Like, for example, Charlie Weasley and his dragons. Or, if you wish to take a dark wizard prisoner. So, Quirrel is already revealing much of his darkness here. Somewhat of a risk, if any of the parents (or the other teachers at Hogwarts) should disapprove of his ideas. And lets not forget Fudge with his paranoia about being displaced by a students-army (as he did in OotP). So, as awesome as Quirrelmort is in this, it takes quite some suspension of disbelief.

On another note: damn, you made me actually like Riddle!
Aislynn Crowdaughter chapter 12 . 2/18
Quirrelmort is awesome. Even here, already...
Aislynn Crowdaughter chapter 8 . 2/18
Love the interaction between Herminoe and Harry, here, although you made her even more socially inept than the start-of-Hogwarts-Herminoe in the original. She will have a real hard time to compete against this version ofHarry. And in this fic, I foresee she will end in Ravenclaw, which is probably where she would have belonged anyway.

One more remark to the previous chapter 7, Reciprocation:

I loved Harrys interaction with Draco Malfoy and his thoughts about wizard society, there. Especially this line:

"Right. Because he seemed like such a normal kid. And he is a normal kid, he is just what you'd expect a baseline male child to be like if Darth Vader were his doting father."

Great picture. The whole Harry-and-Draco interaction, especially the part about Harry convincing Draco what Muggles and science has accomplished so far, is awesome and makes one very sympathetic to Draco Malfoy. One little point of critique, though: we haven't seen Harry learning much about the House systemat Hogwarts so far,so how would he know what Slytherinis suposed to be, and what defines Hufflepuff?

"I wonder how difficult it would be to just make a list of all the top blood purists and kill them."

Heavy foreshadowing, here...

I also absolutely loved the aftermath. It gives a clear picture and a strong idea about what it really means to be in Slytherin, or rather, to be raised as the heir of a pureblood family like the Malfoys. Even the interaction between father and son is breathing politics.

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