Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
Guest chapter 2 . 27m
Late to the party, but this is amazing. I'm hooked.
BluAsh54 chapter 17 . 15h
I can't stop laughing! I'm on the floor, literally!
skullcrusher1 chapter 13 . 20h
quietus spell... such a creative name
Not Sure chapter 61 . 11/30
Really? Fourteen (or twelve, if you do not count the aftermath and what I suspect to be related Omake, thirteen if that is not related, but the aftermath still counts) chapters for one internally consecutive story arc, that does not lead to the finale or even a particular twist? Now if you are wondering why I am writing this review here (and I should note it is the first and possibly only review I have written and will write, considering how much further ahead you are in writing in the first place and how some of your ideas of storytelling can't quite seem to be compatible to mine hence causing the process of reviewing them to be pointless (also considering you have from what I understand a representative audience from relevant groups, which will most probably reflect my opinion anyway)), it is because after all this time, this arc was dragging out so far, that I looked up how much time it would take to end. Leaving aside not changing chapter names but splitting one "chapter" in twelve parts, this was the first time I have looked forward for anything about this book to end, which marks a comparably very sad point in time in all the enjoyment I have had of the previous chapters. All in all, there have been relatively few (compared to some of the "groundbreaking" stuff in previous chapters) philosophical revelations, that I had regarded to be an integral point in this book, nor that much on the level of plot or character development, that in my eyes would warrant stretching it out to the extent of creating a retarding moment while there actually was suspense on the level of the plot (a rhetorical choice I cannot seem to comprehend, if intentional). I do not wish to spoil myself of what lies ahead and as such I will not check, but I do hope, that this sort of occurence is not repeated and that my enjoyment of this may return to its previous form.

At that point, though I have expressed it implicitly by going to the length of pointing out the relativity of the negative criticism I had in comparison to the rest, that I have read so far, I would like to mention, that even after all of this, this would still be among the five favourite books I have read in my life and one of the best philosophical texts since I have last read Kant.

I hope, that my hypotactic phrasing mostly derived from my native language (which happens to not be English, because of which I would like to ask for forgiveness for any mistakes that I have made (I am almost sure, that there are some; after all many of my sentences are too complex to not expect to make mistakes regularl in any language) and partially Latin has not obfuscated, what I have been meaning to say.

Last, but not least, I would like to point out, that something with such brilliant ideas and implementation as this must have (to a relatively high point of probability, to speak slightly more scientifically) incited similar reactions from other people with similar trains of thoughts and quite possibly even similar speech patterns, so this review exists not because I expect you to be in a probable need of my criticism, but rather for my own satisfaction at this moment. From what I can observe, my language as well as generally structuring this review and the used connotation should demonstrate the calming of my mood as I wrote all of this. And while with as many reviews as I expect you to have I cannot possibly to actually expect anyone to read this, the effort to write it would seem to be a shame to waste purely on my self-satisfaction in this moment even though that does justify it sufficiently by my standards.
Mugetsu - Moonless sky chapter 5 . 11/30
《"I am so, so honoured to meet you!"
"Your son has been telling me all about you," Harry gushed on, hardly even knowing what was coming out of his mouth but just talking as fast as possible. "But of course I knew about you all before then, everyone knows about you, the great Lucius Malfoy! The most honoured laureate of all the House of Slytherin, I've been thinking about trying to get into Slytherin House myself just because I heard you were in it as a child -"
"What are you saying, Mr. Potter?" came a near-scream from outside the shop, and Professor McGonagall burst in a second later.
There was such pure horror on her face that Harry's mouth opened automatically, and then blocked on nothing-to-say.
"Professor McGonagall!" cried Draco. "Is it really you? I've heard so much about you from my father, I've been thinking of trying to get Sorted into Gryffindor so I can -"
"What?" bellowed Lucius Malfoy and Professor McGonagall in perfect unison.》

Oh my. It's hilarious
c1h0e0n5 chapter 122 . 11/30
I have no idea what to say. I think I'm shell shocked. the quality of this masterpiece surpasses any other piece of literature, both fanfiction and professional, I have ever read. this is absolutely, amazingly magnificent. just...Wow.
voidruler1997 chapter 5 . 11/29
funniest shit i ave ever read
Aurelia chapter 122 . 11/29
Amazing book. Incredibly touching, intelligent and thoughtful. Thank you.
cheesyperfection chapter 2 . 11/28
This is great. We have to read this for our Geometry homework (don't ask), so thank you for so inspiring my teacher to assign this. You are a genius that hath manipulated the mind of my teacher of the maths, befuddled it with amusement and awe, and twisted his brain wires to give your stories forth to the children, so they might read it and be graded. So thank you.
Dennis chapter 3 . 11/28
And somewhere in the back of his mind was a small, small note of confusion

I really try to figure out what that might be, and my final result would be this:
If Harry was the only person left alive with Voldemort at that point, and Voldemort dies through the described chain of events, how did anyone find out what exactly happened? This all seems like more than just "educated guesses"...

Anyone else trying to solve that hint, maybe with other conclusions?
Amrao chapter 122 . 11/26
Dammit. You made me read 122 chapters in 2 days. I stayed up until 2am to finish this. I usually go to sleep by 10. Thank you sincerely for writing this, Mr. or Mrs. Wrong.
Hipparcos562 chapter 26 . 11/26

Silver1226 chapter 122 . 11/26
Well that was fantastic 3
Hipparcos562 chapter 5 . 11/26
I have tears running down my face. 10/10.
Jatok chapter 122 . 11/26
Fantastic. One of the few HP fanfics I've actually been able to finish. I look forward to reading random stuff on lesswrong
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