Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
Joshua A. Moore chapter 113 . 40m
I am listening via pod cast, long after the event has closed, almost a year after.. But I just had stop what I was doing and post. So for the record some quick facts: a) I listen to this while working and I am currently delaying said work to post. b) Because I am posting this nearly a year after the fact, I am not going to be shy about posting my first thought with only some few minutes of thinking on it.

I will also be brief in my explanation of the idea for reason "a". Here it goes:

" Go Nuclear."

harry; Asses the situation - The only answer is to kill every target at once. - How can you kill 34 people before they react, or block, or something? - "Wait, earlier they mentioned muggle weapons." - Nukes?- " can we even do that?" - Conversation goes " we don't have to control it, we just need a way to start a chain reaction. - How? - " it would take everything we have" - More.. -" I am not an expert in nuclear physics" - Don't have to be, can you conceptualize it? - maybe. - It doesn't have to be literally nuclear. - " Time is running out" - "I only have to generate something that generates enough heat to be lethal to everything in... a 20 meter radius? - " So It just has to explode immediately and violently?" - I can do that. - Wait, the resonance... If I put all of my magical energy into something unstable or uncontrolled.. it might do it... - What would be the damage? - " Maybe a few hundred meters?"

And that is a very hastily constructed line of reasoning I would have used.. Oke, I am going now to 114 to see how it ends! Excited!
mayingying chapter 15 . 18h
Guest chapter 60 . 22h
London Knight again
Chapter 61 : Brits and especially British children DO NOT use the term WASHROOM!
We say "toilet" or "bathroom" or even "the bog" or "on the bog" . Never in 35 years have I heard the term washroom used in UK by anyone outside American TV or Films ...
Guest chapter 7 . 23h
omg draco needs to give harry a wedgie, he's such a dork
Guest chapter 6 . 23h
hahahaha again the autrhors note made me laugh XD
Guest chapter 5 . 23h
hahah funny authors note
Guest chapter 4 . 23h
harry is so greedy about the real metals in the coins,
why does he even want to take over the world?
Guest chapter 3 . 23h
omg i like gringotts
Guest chapter 2 . 23h
oh that harry!
Guest chapter 1 . 23h
hahahahah hilarious
Guest chapter 119 . 23h
:-) awesome sauce
Guest chapter 120 . 23h
best story ever wooot
Guest chapter 121 . 23h
loved it!
Guest chapter 122 . 23h
great stuff! thanks
LaughingPrince chapter 5 . 2/8
Ok, i've been using this name everytime i made a review but it never actually made 'literal' sense up until now. God bless your soul and the souls of others before me who were not able to take in the most glorious thing that is your humor. I am literally dying of laughter now and i have to thank you for it!
I was assuming the good part lies at around chapter 5, as you mentioned in the first chapter, but i was not expecting it to be such a BLAST! i will now respectfully join Madam Malkin and her assistants on the floor and happily suffer the circumstance you put us into.
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