Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
Nastia-878 chapter 14 . 1h
I don't know why most people didn't like the chapter about the prank. To me it was just a genius idea.
At one point of the 13th chapter an idea about what was going on formed in my head and the rest of the time I was just trying to make a better hypothesis or at least correct the previous one, rule it out or "prove" it. Basically, I stayed almost where I had began. But still it was a fun experience. One thing I did get right about who was the Game Controller I just didn't get the right idea of how he was doing it.
This game was meant to play, and if you didn't than it seems it can be kinda boring. But I really don't believe it 'cause it's an awesome chapter
Perrin Rynning chapter 7 . 4/20
Framing the "price" of learning to use the power of science in terms that Draco could understand, to a point, is utterly brilliant.
I hope to pay the highest compliment possible: quoting this passage in one of my own works, in service to the story. Always a delight to read this saga!
blackdominatrix chapter 122 . 4/18
Epic. The best fan fiction ever...
Egghead1927 chapter 18 . 4/17
I’m still waiting for Harry to bite someone
Akaera chapter 122 . 4/16
I have never, or can not so easily recall, a novel that has had such a profound impact on me as this. Your style and words are beautiful, and have spun a world I feel privileged to have experienced. Though it saddens me to have read and loved and laughed and been inspired by and know there is no more to read - nor may there ever be, as perhaps it should remain.

Having seen some of the reviews for your work, it warms me to know it is still reaching people many years after its completion, as it has reached me. It fills me with a kind of happiness to know your astounding efforts are still being acknowledged by people all over the world.

Thank you.

I feel my words are too small, but the meaning behind them to large to be represented by anything else.

Thank you.

I will watch for any further work of yours, will no doubt return to this novel again and again over time, will spread this to as many as I can who I think would enjoy it also. If you choose to end your writing here, for however long, or indefinitely, I hope you know how great an achievement this work is. At least to me.
all forms of fluff chapter 122 . 4/16
I thank you for the story. It was emotionally moving, both soring highs and crushing lows. I knew the last time I read this story, when it was not yet finished and Hermione had still been alive, that Harry would be her wise wizard, or at least I suspected it strongly. A thought has occurred to me that I would like to share. Tom Riddle, over the course of his life made many a horcrux. He got in the habit of making them when he killed someone in private he said. It occurred to me that Riddle may have traveled far and wide over the face to the world dropping his anchors. Having stopped counting after a hundred it can be assumed that he made many, many more and then taken the memory of them from his mind. It occurs to me that Harry, being What he is, could possible use the horcrux as a faraday cage of death, for death. If he ever found out how to push the aspect from the planet he might be able to guard against it ever showing back up. It probably doesn't work like that, but its an interesting thought. An interesting question would be how many anchors would need to be made and imbedded into a planet before the planet itself had the pattern engraved upon it. Think of what a horcrux planet would be like. Well it was just a thought.

Its hard to review great stories such as this. Its feels like trying to review a person and that seem wrong to me. So I will tell you a few things I liked and some that I did not. I rather enjoyed the characters, even the side characters. They all seemed age appropriate to their character. Even Harry and Hermione, with brains and wit aplenty, still felt eleven no matter their situation. In particular I enjoyed the conversation that Harry and Hermione had in the library when she learned that Harry was doing science with Draco as well. It was cute and childish and very much something a young girl would do. I even rather liked Dumbledore in the end, and the pet rock incident had me laughing so damn hard. And I like how in the end Riddle was running scared, even if it didn't seem that way to Harry at the time. The man did absolutely everything in his power to appease Harry before trying to kill him, and even then Riddle was setting in safe guards that should his thirty-six adults and one flying Dark Lord fail to kill a naked eleven year old, that Harry would be leashed in some way to avoid the death of the planet, where the vast majority of Riddles Great work resided. What I didn't like was that this story took place in first year, or rather that it concluded in first year. Though giving it some thought just now I can see how setting it up later would have just added to the spectacle, without adding anything to the underlined theme of this story. Still it would have been interesting if you had a bored fourth year Harry, Hermione, and Draco when instead Crounc Jr. it was Riddle impersonating Moody. You could have integrated the war games into champions, involving all the incoming students into Tri wizard tournament instead of them all arriving and only one getting glory. I guess I don't have a lot of things to say negatively about this story.

If you are taking idea for a future story I would like to see how you would take the Fate/Stay night Holy grail war. Specifically the Character of Emiya Shirou, and how his distorted thinking might have held up if their hadn't been a fifth grail war. What would have been the most logical and rational path to him being a hero that could gain access to the throne of heroes, from his point of view and with the skills he possessed? OR go the other way and describe what a child who rationally and logically decided that he could and would be a hero, baring in mind that Shirou has a distorted mind where he values his own life as being worth less then EVERYONE else. How could such a child become a hero?

Please ignore the last paragraph if your not looking for idea for a new project. I would like to end here with telling you that I have rather enjoyed this story. It made me think and even up till the very end when harry turned to face his professor I was not truly convinced Quirrell was going to be Voldemort. I kept wondering, maybe in this reality quirrell had volunteered to be taken and then crushed Voldemorts mind. Even right up till the man began laughing at Dumbledore's demise I still thought, he could still be dying and wants to play out the scrip so Harry could see how far Dumbledore could go in his own plots. It was a toss up right up until Dumbledore showed up at the end. It was beautifully crafted and showed that my ability to predict the outcome fare undershoots a great writers ability think one level deeper then I. So thank you for the story and I hope it is not the last you wish to share with the world.
OneTwoThreeReactors chapter 1 . 4/16


Renzo7 chapter 122 . 4/15
This was a thoroughly enjoyable story. Excellent character and plot development, great dialogue, and fun puzzles.

Thank you so much for writing and sharing this work of art!
Thor chapter 2 . 4/15
I've read only the first two chapters so far, but it's fantastic. It reads so smoothly.
Egghead1927 chapter 6 . 4/15
It’s good to always be on guard
Egghead1927 chapter 6 . 4/15
Harry sure does think of world domination a lot
Egghead1927 chapter 5 . 4/15
He might be funnier than the marauders and the twins combined
Egghead1927 chapter 5 . 4/15
This is soooooooo funny
Egghead1927 chapter 2 . 4/15
I like how descriptive the reason being Minerva won’t let Harry have his books
methods of chapter 1 . 4/15
This fic is widely considered to have really hit its stride starting at around Chapter 5?
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