Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
jswalden86 chapter 22 . 7h
Finally reading HPMOR now that it's finished, enjoying it immensely. Just a note: chapter 22 includes the misspelling "exhiliarating" with an extra "i", and chapter 33 includes the misspelling "exhiliarated" with an extra "i". Hopefully this'll get through for correction at some point. Thanks for the entertainment, things to think about, and not-so-subtle lampshades of the original plot lines!
MadameBeast chapter 1 . 16h
i studied biochem at uni but i forgot ALOT of stuff.
Amalthia chapter 122 . 4/24
I had a blast reading your story! I loved the plotting, the character voices, and I was kind of left guessing up till the end.
Guest chapter 122 . 4/24
Best story on all of this site! Amazing
Anderfail chapter 122 . 4/24
For as pretentious as this story was at times, this was a beautiful final chapter. While it didn't end in romantic love, that final scene was one of the purest expressions of unconditional love that I've seen in fiction. Absolutely amazing vow by Hermione to Harry at the end. It was enough to reduce me to literal tears as a strong feeling of hope and a promise for a better future were put down in words. As I sit here crying, I can't help but think the world would be a better place were there more Harrys and Hermiones from this story in the real world.

Regardless, a fantastic end to one of the more epic HP stories that I've seen. While I don't care much for the original books, it's a testament to JKR's world building skills that she crafted a universe that was so open to interpretation, modification, etc. and still retain the essence of the universe. It's no surprise Harry Potter is by far and away the most popular fanfiction universe.
haider abbas chapter 5 . 4/23
this was a funny chapter and i am starting to love this story
haider abbas chapter 4 . 4/23
This is one of the most brilliant and outstanding fan fics i have ever read in four chapters
Guest chapter 7 . 4/23
Wizards(in JKR's HP series) studied astronomy in depth. So going to the Moon would probably not be that big a deal for them.
Guest chapter 64 . 4/23
Okay, I did like Jasmine and the Lamp, except why increase their IQ points? IQ is nothing if you don't actually USE it. I know plenty of people who have PhDs and they are blithering idiots in some areas because it's not 'their area.'
No a better wish would have been "I wish for everyone to increase their intelligence and *wisdom* each year by 1 percent." Wisdom is the ability to apply knowledge and intelligence in practical situations.

However, I do point out about the Thundercats thing: I think Panthro would respond something like this:
"Oh, we could try but it would make things worse. Mumm-Ra's pyramid is surrounded by a unique electromagnetic spectral field, that would render all incoming missiles as under Mumm-Ra's control, as well as any asteroids. This would then allow him to deflect the missile away from his pyramid and to a village full of innocents. Why do you think the Robear Berbils who have advanced technology have never tried to do such a thing? They were capable of interstellar travel and could have pulled an asteroid down upon his pyramid but they haven't? Unlike you, I spoke with them while they were helping us build the lair, and their leader told me that they tried bringing an asteroid upon him. He kept deflecting them upon others. Imagine my surprise when they told me that Mumm-Ra would have wiped out an entire species with a single asteroid that they had aimed at him if they hadn't managed to recapture control of the asteroid and divert it away just in time. So no, while that seems like the simplest of solutions, Mumm-Ra's technology is too powerful."
"Technology, but I thought magic..."
"No, magic is just advanced technology that one does not understand yet."
Guest chapter 46 . 4/23
Harry said, "I thought of my absolute rejection of death as the natural order."
It's ironic that you would type that or that this Harry, a humanist atheist, would say that. I'm an Eastern Orthodox Christian and we also reject death as part of the natural order of life. I like some of this story. Not all but some. It's well written and you have a good plot. If it wasn't for the fact that it's a Harry Potter fanfiction based in Hogwarts, this could be a stand-alone original piece of fiction.
Sora Tayuya chapter 1 . 4/23
My gods.

I landed here simply to test a theory of my own. Rather, to compare the highest reviewed story in the most populated Books category and one of the highest reviewed stories in the Movies category. Needless today your review count blew the Movies entire category right out of the proverbial water. Not only that, but your story is not one of silly crudities such as many other high-ranking stories fall prey to, nor is it a ficlet collection. While ficlets are nice and collections of that sort are rather endearing to read at times, having a solid, plot driven story is so excellent to happen upon.

And my goodness what elegance you have put into this! Especially in a category so designed around improving Harry's life, this certainly adds a positive spin on the entire premise. This opening seems to solve nearly every problem canon Harry has, simply by the addition of a solid intellectual upbringing. I cannot express how proud I am that this fiction exists, or at how popular it is. As it is rather lengthy, I admit I will have to go through it rather slowly in order to properly address it chapter by chapter as I am prone to do, but this shall make for a delightful summer read along with another go over of some classical Greek works.

I adore the humor, wit, realism, and factual knowledge displayed here. It is like having all of what makes Harry a good character, and replacing all of his flaws with elements of Sherlock Holmes. Without removing the character from a less-than-ideal background, you have properly elevated him to a place where I can comfortably say I am happy with the character and how he adapts and reacts to situations. I cannot wait to continue reading this, and will try to maintain my head as I read so as I don't resort to crudely written and horribly short responses.

Thank you again for crafting this long piece, which I am sure will prove to be a thoroughly excellent read.
Guest chapter 4 . 4/22
loved this chapter!
Anonymouse chapter 45 . 4/22
Just re-reading this, and I'd forgotten how wonderful this chapter is - the perfect answer to the bovine placidity of Dumbledore (in this fiction) and all those ridiculous people (in real life) who just accept death as inevitable. Although I hope to live long enough to see a world where death is optional rather than compulsory I recognise that may not, but the last couple of paragraphs of this chapter give me great comfort that there are others in this world who believe as I do, and give me hope that one day our species will transcend this.
Isa Lumitus chapter 108 . 4/22
I feel the need to say that your version of Riddle is my favorite villain ever. Quite possibly favorite character. It would be fascinating to read a story from his perspective.
tag wiskay chapter 3 . 4/21
You wrote that the story doesn't pick up until ch5 - I'm hooked after the comment on biting a teacher for not knowing logarithms and flaming zebras terrorizing England.
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