Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
Silent Maniac chapter 113 . 10m ago
First of all, I want to bring the given environment into focus. * There are 30 Death Eaters Voldemort himself; * The place (graveyard) is prepeared by Voldemort in advance; * All of the Harry's smart amulets are taken away; * The time is hardly limited; We can conclude that these limitations are artificial and deliberate. There could as well be 360 or 3600 Death Eaters, and automatic turrets and Death Star and anything you want. Everything is set up to direct Harry's decisions to mental activities, not direct opposition. There may be some minor trick used, but I assume that offensive solutions are unacceptable. Especially non-guaranteed ones (like jumping, waving the wand etc.), which obviously can and will be disrupted. Also, we know that Voldemort "cannot be truly slain by any means known to him". So, if Voldemort can be killed at all, it must be some new way of killing, not somehting generic.
Just for the record: Voldemort is known to be more experienced than Harry, so using some unusual battle tactics, like transfiguring air or ground, will, most probably, fail.
Just for the record - 2: I am inclined to think that the situation takes place in Mirror simulation, but this information isn't known to Harry and offers no new assets or limitations, so it matters only in the terms of plot, not in the terms of current task.
Voldemort stated several times he doesn't like bullies, and that's he is unsatisfied with world he live in. His ultimate goal is endless power and endless life. Note: it is typical Omega behaviour. Voldemort's goals (from his perspective): * stay alive; * save the world from destruction (to stay alive); * keep own strength (to save the world; an empty world is unaaceptable for Voldemort); * get rid of Harry (because Harry is the medium of the Prophecy)
Harry wants to save humanity ("no more kills" line), to save himself, to save his friends, to gain ultimate power, to defeat Death. Harry can't just run away and hide, nor he can let Voldemort kill him. Note: killing Voldemort is not Harry's goals per se, it is only one of possible means to complete other ones. Harry's goals (from his perspective): * stay alive; * keep friends alive (depression may limit his Will to Live and push him closer to Tom Riddle); * stop Voldemort from killing more people; * defeat Death;
Harry needs to get Voldemort interested, so the talks can begin ;
Harry need to convince Voldemort that killing Harry will not cancel the Prophecy;
Harry need to convince Voldemort that Harry is indispensable (can no be just killed, Prophecy or no) and is valuable all by himself (his knowledge cannot be extracted by, e.g., Imperius)
Harry needs all the time he can get (to do some unnoticed magic tricks, to wait until the Quidditch match is over, to wait until Hermione wakes up, and to have more time to think about better ideas);
If these steps are completed, Harry wins. Completing any of these steps will at least give Harry some more time. The other goals, like keeping hostages alive, are can only be done if Harry lives.
Give a hint about some specific knowledge which is unique to Harry (catch interest)
Show partial transfiguration with an example bonus: it will help to conceal start of offensive transfiguration, if needed
Explain in scientific details how does it work bonus: it is very hard to explain in Parseltongue, so some lies may or may not be involved note: Voldemort doesn't have much scientific knowledge yet, so he (most probably) would not understand it and (most probably) will be unable to repeat it. If he can, the next step will differ a bit
Explain that this part of knowledge is a very small one, and one needs many years of time to comprehend all of it
Tell about magic history
The magic now is weaker due to lost knowledge
Total magic power is the same, so need just knowledge
Impossible to get old knowledge, but possible to create it anew
State that applying scientific methods to magic is very prominent
Possibility to know the rules of magic
State that you are the only one who can do such things, and that even Voldemort will need some time to learn to do it properly
State that science is not staying idle, and Muggles already have powerful weapons note: therefore, Voldemort needs you right now to prevent technological apocalypse
tell about "dead hand revenge" nuclear and other systems; also about dangerous systems that need constant control (like nuclear power plants) note: so wiping out all Muggles is not a solution
tell about useful modern inventions, too note: so destroying the Muggle world alltogether is a bad decision, too
Tell about phylosophy and more general sciences
they study the ultimate questions, such as sense of life
tell that it is where Patronus v.2 comes from
question of life, death and immortality
Dumbledor was wrong: his decision was to surrender to Death
Voldemort is wrong: his decision is to hide from Death
propose a new approach: to accept Death and to fight it
will to live is what fueling Patronus v.2
will to kill is what fueling Avada Kedavra
so, only Harry can cast Patronus v.2 up to now
it's possible to teach this, but you need to be "good" (have will to live) note: so, if Voldemort continue to kill people and do evil things, Harry can get depressed and lose the ability to cast Patronus v.2
the ultimate purpose of Patronus v.2 is to defeat Death itself, so it's in Voldemort's best interests
it all comes fown to Prophecies now
There are 2 Prophecies, and neither of them directly point out at Harry Potter or Voldemort. "Dark Lord" from Prophecy 1 can be Death itself (and 3 Peverell brothers who defied Death); "He" from the Prophecy 2 can be, in fact, anyone (at the very least, it can equally be Harry or Voldemort).
The Prophecy 1 tells about the power to "vanquish" the Dark Lord, not "to kill" or "to destroy"
So, the chances that killing Harry will not prevent Prophecy 2 to happen are at least 1:1
even more: now, under the Unbreakable Vow, Harry can not deliberately destroy the world but he totally can help to save it
EvinRobertson chapter 113 . 11m ago
"How do you know the prophecy iss about me, and not about you?" Harry asked.

The Dark Lord looked disappointed and replied, "Fool! Of coursse I
conssidered the posssibility that the prophecy iss about me. I
previoussly bound mysself by the ssame Unbreakable Vow that you have
jusst made. Do you truly have no ssecretss that interesst me?"

Nervously, Harry said, "I can perform partial transsfiguration, ussing
my undersstanding of the true nature of matter. I can sshow you if you
permit me to move my wand."

"Hmm. That iss a variation on transsfiguration I had not conssidered
posssible. I am not sstupid enough to give you that chance of esscape, sso
do not move. I have eternity to learn thiss technique on my own and do
not need you to demonsstrate." Voldemort paused, then said "I will grant
you thiss as an interessting ssecret; who do you want to live?"

"Draco Malfoy; I think he'ss one of our besst hopess for the future."

"I wass unlikely to harm him anyway, as I agree with you, but very
well. I do not think your sskill with transsfiguration iss the power that
wass prophessied. What other powerss have you that I know not?"

"If the prophecy iss about you, how do think you'll sstop yoursself
after having eliminated Dumbledore and me?" Harry asked. "We were your
equalss, two counter-balancess in thiss universse againsst you."

The Dark Lord said, "I will walk carefully on thiss unbalanced
chesssboard. What power do you have?"

"I lack your experience and you lack my imagination," Harry
said. "Thiss planet wass doomed before we were born; even if the Muggless
do not make it uninhabitable with atomic warfare, the Ssun will
eventually burn it away. Even though you will ssurvive, with no one
elsse left, will your life have meaning?"

"I can make Horcruxess of a few otherss to relieve my boredom for the
billionss of yearss to come. Why do I need you?" asked Voldemort.

"You need me if we're to end the world'ss uniquenesss in the
universse. You and I cannot exisst on the ssame world, but on all the
worldss in thiss galaxy and beyond," Harry said. "You need me sso that
humankind, Muggless and Wizardkind alike, are around to watch the
lasst sstar burn out. There are not mere billionss of yearss at
sstake, but eternity. In the long run we are facing nearly certain
doom, and you musst take the ssmall rissk of letting me live sso I can
imagine a path to thiss future."

"Indeed," the Dark Lord said, "I now find my hand compelled by my
Vow. Your inventivenesss may be insstrumental, and I sshall not rissk the
infinite by desstroying you now."
murphy.david chapter 113 . 11m ago
Primary: Keep Harry alive.

Secondary: Keep Hermoine alive.(much easier given her protection, pretty much anything short of a nuke isn't going to kill her so area of effect hazards aren't a big danger to her)

Tertiary: Disable Voldemort temporarily.

I like the transfiguration related ideas.

They have the advantage of also fitting with the "power he knows not" theme, they rely on Harrys own skills and rely on something we can be sure Harry has been thinking about and experimenting with a great deal. Given the time limit of a few minutes (time he's had already) plus whatever time he can blag by talking at Voldemort.

They come with some constraints. Earlier in the year he was able to transfigure a significant volume of wall into oil, in chapter 102 he transfigures a whole unicorn in an hour. No exact time is given but he can probably create something non-trivial. 100ml to 1000ml seems pretty reasonable in 3-5 minutes given his known skills. This gives us a **lot** to work with.

In relation to some of the approaches, it's possible to transfigure against tension which is **extremely** useful.

"The earlier experiment had measured whether Transfiguring a long diamond rod into a shorter diamond rod would allow it to lift a suspended heavy weight as it contracted, i.e., could you Transfigure against tension, which you in fact could."


Any transfiguration related trap has to be fast.
If it takes more than about a second to kill/disable the 36 deatheaters they can just finite incantum everything.
Volume is limited. Created items cannot be magical.


A: Nerotoxin tipped nanowires transfigured out from Harrys leg(non neurotoxin end) and into the brains of the deatheaters, using partial transfiguration on some of the top layers of the skin of harrys leg.

We've never seen anyone, say, transfigure anything into a piece of string leading to a particular location: we might expect it to flop onto the floor unless the threads are like the materials in The Diamond Age which have areas of vacuum inside them to allow them to be as light as air. Fortunately we know Harry has read a lot of scifi so it's reasonable for him to think of such things.

B: Again nanowires but assume we aren't allowed have them push into the brains of the death eaters for some reason. Instead they transfigure out into a thick mesh of tough, razor-sharp wires back and forth and back and forth across the entire area in a cobweb around harry and above him with many loose almost weightless nooses around all the death eaters. Harry can't touch Voldie with them but Voldie is also the only one who can't finite incantum them. It also neutralises his powers of flight since he can't fly safely through a web of almost molecular scale nanotube razors.

Harry springs the trap by transfiguring against tension and every death eater falls to the ground in little chunks as the nooses around them contract. Voldie is left in a web of the wires which he fears to touch or cast magic against.

For both A and B the total volume is tiny making them practical within the known constraints of transfiguration within the given time.

C: Lets assume that A and B aren't allowed because, for some reason, everything he's transfiguring has to remain sort of in a cone in front of his wand which is pointed at his feet. Mass is not conserved so a quarter gram of skin can be turned into a Small (100g) frag grenade shaped as a disk in the earth bellow Harrys feet. The disk fires out neurotoxin tipped darts in all directions (except up towards Harry) killing all death eaters and possibly Voldie in seconds.

Most of these are

1: Brutally simple

2: Fast (very very small absolute volume being transfigured)

3: Doable with his known abilities and the resources he has currently.

4: Acceptable within his moral framework since the "dark revel" thing kinda put the deatheaters all into a catagory that post-batman-morals Harry isn't going to be too worried about.

5: Not visually obvious and it's possible for it to have been taking place while most of the scene was developing.

So now for after he springs the trap.

If Voldie is still alive in his current body Harry runs down a clear tunnel to the time turner and disappears.
1 hour earlier. He then plants a dozen frag grenades under the spot where he knows Voldie is going to be. They are set to detonate half a second after he time turned out.(to avoid paradox or risk)

He then comes back, possibly with the help of many aurors, climbs over the piles of steaming flesh to carry Wolverine-unicorn-Hermoine away.

So lets see the marking sheet, I mean rules:

1. Harry must succeed via his own efforts. The cavalry is not coming.


2. Harry may only use capabilities the story has already shown him to have; he cannot develop wordless wandless Legilimency in the next 60 seconds.

We've established that he can transfigure almost anything non magical that already exists somewhere or who's structure he fully understands like ultra strong carbon nanotubes but can't create items which he doesn't fully understand or(logical or) which don't exist somewhere already. So no Diamond Age cookie cutter attack nanobots but A B and C seem reasonable under this constraint.

3. Voldemort is evil and cannot be persuaded to be good; the Dark Lord's utility function cannot be changed by talking to him.

Not relevant. He only needs to be kept talking long enough. We’ve also established that Harry can think about other things while he works on transfiguration so he can talk etc.

4. If Harry raises his wand or speaks in anything except Parseltongue, the Death Eaters will fire on him immediately.

Not a problem with the transfiguration solutions involving small amounts of nonmagical matter to create things which could theoretically exist.

5. If the simplest timeline is otherwise one where Harry dies - if Harry cannot reach his Time-Turner without Time-Turned help - then the Time-Turner will not come into play.

since it doesn't primarily rely on the time turner except as a means of escape and any intervention happens only half a second after he jumps back in time this is ok.

6. It is impossible to tell lies in Parseltongue.

It doesn't rely on this, really he can talk about anything that sounds important to delay if he needs to, he could even reveal something that sounds important like the patronus 2.0 since it's unlikely to be usable/useful to Voldemort and he can probably draw out the explanation quite a bit and Voldemort already knows he has the ability. The only thing he must not mention is partial transfiguration as it would give the game away.
nohat chapter 113 . 20m ago
If Eliezer/Voldemort didn't want us to use overpowered magic, then he shouldn't have left the time turner with one more turn, or the wand in our hand.

I'm confident that viable solutions have been proposed, but I might as well make my own, perhaps not particularly novel attempt.

I've posted and read speculations about alternative high value and high uncertainty tactics like controlling the dark mark, superseding the obviously mind-state based limitations on timeturners (cedric has a timeturner and daphne arrived early...), or set up a fail safe (via partial transfiguration) that will destroy the timeturner if we are disabled, but I'll leave those aside, and focus on the high likelihood methods. There are various side goals that would be nice, so feel free to do any of these if possible.

Stall via magical heredity / potions / dementor secrets / anything other than partial transfiguration while you are working.

Transfigure distraction / disablement method. (see below)

Transfigure a nano-tube/ elastic line under tension through leg, and ground to time turner (and cloak, and miscellania, if possible). If possible terminate line in hand, so that no fumbling is necessary.

Transfigure much stronger nano-tube / elastic line under tension braced around leg or center of mass to anchor near Hermione and the timeturner.

Trigger all of the above, releasing anchors on elastic. Continue to transfigure under tension each cord if the spring structure in the nanocord / elastic was insufficient to bring you, hermione, and the gear together.

Time turn. Acquire adult assistance, corral dementors, make traps etc.

See below for some methods of achieving the various goals

Goal: Disable or distract Death Eaters

Solution: Partial Transfiguration of branching lines through ground to brains.

Solution: Transfigure tungsten/beryllium parabolic mirrors pointed at deatheaters, and slightly underground. Transfigure small quantities of extremely radioactive substance, instantly killing them with focused radiation(try to choose something with middling penetration. (note: this was a safer idea before the stone was retconned off Hermione)

Solution: High/contact explosive/shapecharges in ground in front of deatheaters.

Goal: Disable Voldemort

Solution: Cast magic on him, disabling via resonance.

Solution: Transfigure shaped explosive / radiation bomb underneath him.

Goal: Acquire Timeturner

Solution: Transfigure spring / elastic band under tension to timeturner, remove anchors, catch timeturner.

Solution: Wake Hermione, have her pick up timeturner and other paraphernalia

Solution: Transfigure rocket under skin at center of mass. (Note: this may kill the Harry)

Goal: Prevent Voldemort's horcrux assisted resurrection.

Solution: Obliviate

Solution: Feed to Dementor

Solution: Timelock with mirror

Solution: Time travel. Acquire Dumbledore's elder wand from mirror, feed to Dementor. Also disables Voldemort.

Goal: Acquire assistance

Solution: Time travel (possibly this would be done by Hermione or Lucius), pick up some subset of: other Dumbledore, other Harry, Perenelle, Moody, Squad of Aurors, 100 dementors, mirror of VEC. Hide in pouch of Harry at Quiddich game. Pop out.

Solution: Time travel, acquire adult assistance, imperius deatheaters ahead of time, or possibly philosopher's stone transfigure duplicates.

Goal: Prevent Voldemort from winning at any cost / throw spaghetti at the wall

Solution: Transfigure bomb that destroys timeturner.
Not a good idea chapter 113 . 24m ago
"Dude, Voldemort, I have already made myself a Horcrux 2.0. But since I master timeless quantum physics, I did not need to choose a single object. So, I chose the entire schoool of Hogwarts to be my horcrux. See ya!"
Quickly points wand to face
Voldemort doesn't stop him
Harry suddenly realizes Voldemort didn't stop him


Harry is dead, Voldemort rules Britain as a mostly-rational magical ruler, and soon controls the entire Earth. He does everything he can to move to other planets, expand the human race's control over spacetime, etc. Eventually, after billions of years the universe is destroyed because of enthropy.

This is the *good* ending.
lokiisaac.both chapter 113 . 25m ago
This answer will be in three sections: a solution, what we knew to get to it, how it could be framed in the narrative.

In a word: Hermione. Let her be the hero here. Harry doesn't have cavalry coming, but if a near invincible witch who the death eaters have been ordered not to harm who has the magic resistance and regeneration of a troll positioned directly next to all of Harry's "any quest item he could think of bag" and time turner and invisibility cloak isn't cavalry currently present, then I don't know what is. There are many things that can be done with this, but for the classic reach back to how Harry originally got out of the graveyard, there is a nice port-key in the bag (as well as the invisibility cloak and the knowledge of exactly where Harry will be standing at this time). It was never expressed how Hermione was even unconscious whether it was just sleep or a spell. She could have slowly woken up from the former and could have slowly resisted the later, either way it was her strategy to play dead and I'd like to think she's been listening to much of what's happened already. Though has no knowledge yet of what's happened to her. If Harry has to play a part, outside of recognizing the plan, he may be able to use the fact that Hermoine's life is connected to his to wake her (or hiss really loud to wake her, but people have been screaming so that seems like a stretch).

Exact Solution:
So Harry stalls by saying some things, mostly about the puzzle of the patronus charm. It is a free secret to tell as Voldemort could not use that and the killing curse, and could be framed as a riddle consuming more of Voldemort's attention. Hermione is now awake listening to Harry and Voldemort speak snake. Luckily for Harry, she was the one that made the play dead strategy the first time around. Also luckily for him, everyone in the room has been ordered to stare directly at him and thus not at Hermione. This seems like an honest oversight of Lord Voldemort's. Now as Voldemort gets impatient because he already knows about Harry having this power, Harry's thoughts can turn to that argument of, assume I've already got out of this, what did I do that he tried earlier. In desperation he looks around for someone under his cloak. Low and behold, Hermione is standing next him as well as over there on the altar. So now, he switches conversation away from the patronus and onto the fact that Voldemort is the one going to destroy everything and not him. He's pretty sure of it, because of what he knows of the prophecies. Harry can also talk about his hidden power the snap. Blah blah blah, now bound to stop Voldemort by the vow from destroying everything, will do so, or something. SNAP.

In that sudden confusion of Harry being gone, still laying down Hermione drops to the other side of the alter and takes in, WHAT IS THAT A TIME TURNER? WELP USING THAT ASAP! HOPE IT HAS CHARGES! And Hermione appears an hour in the past, in a strange graveyard with a bunch of random things, clasped in her hands. A used up time turner, Harry's cloak, his bag and a broomstick. In a hurry, she throws the cloak over herself, and gets out of the way to think. She's never used a time turner before, but she's read about them, because she's Hermione. So she isn't entirely sure how time works, but still knows that she probably has to get Harry out. Now comes rummaging through the bag to find any quest item she could ever want because it's already been stated as much. In there is a portkey, which since she doesn't know better, would think would works but also probably will work because the death eaters could apparate in so, why not portkey. There is no particular reason to block portkey transportation when people can just apparate in and out anyway. She also knows of the portkey through having been provided similar protections. Now this is how she gets Harry out, but being clever she might think of back up plans.

Now Hermione watches in stunned awe as Voldemort resurrects himself and herself. She can then steal Quirrell's wand if her's isn't in Harry's bag. Also be really really mad at Harry because of reviving her using dark rituals and stuff. Super mad. That will be fun. Not mad enough, to let him die though. So he still goes out and you still have to write more story. HAH!

Here is how we approached this problem. First off, what are the prophecies and what amount of them does Harry know. Firenze told Harry that "The stars themselves proclaim your innocence." So how can Harry possibly have the power to end the world. He doesn't. Voldemort however has handily placed powerful magical items in the core of the Earth, spread throughout it's crust, and into space. It could be reasoned that Voldemort is the danger rather than Harry.

Apart from prophecies, how are they different, what is "power the dark lord knows not". True Protronus Charm, which Voldemort cannot cast unless he can no longer play the role of Voldemort but Harry giving him the riddle in the same way Voldie gave him the riddle for how to do the true killing curse could bide time. This also suggests that while Voldemort has gained immortality only Harry has mastered the idea of defeating death. Partial Transfiguration, could he get Voldemort to allow him to demonstrate? Passion (Caring/Love), for it is Voldimort's indifference that allows him to cast killing curse, which Harry cannot. The Snap. The trick to the Snap is that it isn't Harry's power, it is often Harry relying on the help of others (though other's can be other copies of him) and he was first famous for this by his sheer bluff at the bullies.

Resources. We first did this by trying to identify resources and where they were. Hermione - by altar. Lucious Malfoy - son threatened by Voldie's threat to Harry, in circle, weakened as presumably Mr. White. Serious Black - presumed identity of Mr. Grim (Dog anamagous, barking laughter, ability to trust Harry through close ties with parents.) Quirrell's wand (for Hermione) - location unknown. Sorcerer's Stone - Voldie's cloak. Bag o' Holding - by altar. Time Turner - by altar (out of bag, obvious even if Hermione didn't know Harry had one). Invisibility Cloak - by altar. All the "by altar" items are conveniently by Hermione's feet.

How could we use these. Harry can't communicate with Lucious and there isn't any known reason to communicate with Serious (seems totally evil) or for him to know it is Serious. He can't even communicate with Hermione unless you want to pull the, well she's sorta his Patronus now, and have a link. Which is possibility, so we didn't set that aside. So how can we use the people. Well Lucious could help but only as a second measure, he'd never instigate anything, he'd probably need a push. So the only real resource is Hermione, whose asleep. Why is she asleep? Is she really just asleep non-magically? No magic was indicated. People have been screaming and dying, that would wake her up. If she was magically unconscious, well she now has troll blood. It isn't just the skin, cause otherwise you cut a whole in the troll and then stun it. So maybe the magical unconsciousness wears off. In fact, that isn't far from unlikely. There are now three separate ways for her to be awake, so that seems like a solid resource. Thus we now have Hermione, the self proclaimed Heroine, who is basically a troll and has been ordered protected by Voldemort himself. Who is also not being watched by a single person in the room. So what can she do? She doesn't know that she's safe from harm. Can Harry communicate with her? No finger tapping code has been established before this point, but seriously, they should have. Can the patronus link be used, was it even ever dispelled? Maybe, seems like cheating. Use if it needs to be Harry to fix things. Then Harry can make strategy. What will get Hermione to move? Well she doesn't know how much time she has, so she'll wait for an opportunity if she gets one. What would be an opportunity? How about the plan working and Harry disappearing. So what can she do now that she's moved, well she has a huge number of resources at her feat and the time turner to figure out how to use them. That seems like the best solution.

Then we could go with a complicated plan, we seriously thought of digging a whole under the exact place Harry would be or using explosives or something or something. However, the simplest plan seems to be to use a portkey and simplicity is great. Though a flashbomb could also be used to cause confusion, or if the portkey doesn't work, she could set up alternatives. Don't see why the portkey wouldn't work but no harm in setting up alternatives, such as shooting Voldemort or explosives, or brooms to get out of the way and literally just fly back up the pipe.

I am not a writer, but you invoked bystander effect so of course I had to weigh in. Thus you'll still have to do the cool writing bit here. In previous use of the snap of fingers, poof the problem is fixed, you often explain afterwards. I think that would be the best option here, especially with the suspense of "HOW" built up by this test.
Misaka9982 chapter 113 . 41m ago
Sorry for my bad english.

1)First of all, Harry can remember one thing, that Voldemort afraid of. Voldemort at least two times said, that he don't want humanity to die in nuclear war.

2)Secondly, Harry can think: are there ways to easily start nuclear war if you have mage&muggle knowledge?

3)Harry can think of procedures of nuclear launch verification. It is NP-full-time task. You must correctly say launch codes to have missiles fired. In normal world possibility of guessing the code is too small.

4)Harry can remember his incomplete experiment with time-turner. He at least has hypothesis about NP-full-time task solutions for O(const) (with time-turner).

5)If his possible hypothesis is true, then EVERY mage with time-turner can start a nuclear war and destroy the world.

6)Creation of time-turner is easier than creation of philosopher's stone (this statement can be proved by number of stones and time-turner's in the world and by fact, that time-turner is granted even to children).

7)If Voldemort quickly conquers the ministry of magic, mages all over the world can get mad and crazy in their fear of Voldermort. They can think of possible solutions to destroy Voldemort, before he destroys them. One of mages can try to use time-turner to break the security system of some country's nuclear arsenal and start an attack against Britain. After this point safety of the world is indeen not guaranteed.

8)Voldemort can't just start his first plan, if Harry's hypothesis is true.

9)So Harry at least need 6 hours to check this hypothesis. He can ask some death-eater to record unknown password on the paper. Harry's task is to guess this record with his method. 6 hours needed, because Voldemort don't want Harry to escape from him with time-turner (so he will need to guard experiment's location for 6 hour before the experiment).
HelenaHermione chapter 4 . 42m ago
Oh my gosh, now this is fascinating. If he was so
Alexander Degtyarev chapter 113 . 47m ago
I just want to say that I will not accept any outcome in which Harry does not live long enough for him to get Hermione pregnant.


Katerina chapter 113 . 48m ago
I suggest that Harry should mention 3 things in his speech:
1. To study (and after that apply) 'Muggle Arts' together with magic forces, Voldemort needs a kind of teacher who understands both 'Muggle Arts' and magic, and, as far as we know, the only such person is Harry.
2. There is a possibility that magic abilities of Hermione are unstable, and that the Patronus of Harry shall be casted periodically on her in order to keep these abilities. In this case, if her existance as a witch is really important for Voldemort, Harry shall be kept alive while Voldemort is trying to understand the mechanism of creating the similar Patronus.
3. Last but not least: it is possible that the prophecy was not really about Harry destoying the world, but about the fact that his death will trigger some processes leading to the world destruction. In this case Voldemort will make a mistake by killing Harry, at least, before it he needs to check somehow this possibility.
HelenaHermione chapter 3 . 49m ago
This is a very, very good story, enjoying it so far and your different take on events. Yay!
diego.esteves.1426 chapter 113 . 50m ago
The only rational course of action is to laugh maniacally and snap his fingers. Voldemort would not attack him since he would be too curious as to Harrys actions and the death eaters are too dumb to actually attack him when his master is paralyzed.

And the reason for Harry to do this is because Voldemort has already solved Harrys predicament. Harry is immortal. He has as many horcruxes as Voldemort (or at least the ones built before he came back). Given this point, Harry should calmly remind Voldemort that his death will accomplish nothing that the previous Vow has not BUT (and this is the truly relevant part) his own inaction or absence could cause that, since he has already become a force of unspeakable destruction, by imbuing his friends with the capacity to be rational and has broken the societal laws of the magic world. And by removing Harry he will be fulfilling the prophecy, very much like every time anyone tries to do that.

Then you can get us to stay tuned and write how Voldemort should react given Harrys newly proposed problem.
Lookis chapter 113 . 53m ago
Harry offers, in parseltongue, to explain to Voldemort how to have power over demetors, rather than just the Patronus 2.0 which requires comprehension. But, he warns that teaching it to lesser people would lead to the End Of The World, so he only will teach it to Voldemort. They go, Voldemort assuming the threat of torture to his parents will keep Harry in line. Harry then expects the dementors to be able to suck out the Voldemort-soul in the horcruxes, so that is what they do, and therefore, Voldemort perishes. From there, Harry takes his wand and begins the process of hunting down the Death Eaters.
Guest chapter 113 . 55m ago
I agree with that the powered up Hermione will come into play, but I doubt that it will be her own magic or skills that overcome Voldemort, even with partial transfiguration. The simplest way to resolve the immediate situation is to convince Voldemort that killing Harry will set events in motion to fulfill the prophecy. Voldemort has already planned for the possibility that he will let Harry go, which is why he bothered giving Harry instructions for the use of Hermione's horcrux. Harry should argue that the prophecy stating "He is the end of the world" refers to Voldemort.

There's the possibility that Voldemort will argue this cannot be true, as even centaur divination indicates that Harry will cause the end of the world. Harry should respond that centaur divination still indicated that he, Harry, is innocent. The centaur's attempt to kill Harry may have been an attempt to prevent Harry from aiding Voldemort in finding the Philosopher's Stone and regaining his body.

If Harry can effectively make this argument, it should put a halt to any of Voldemort's immediate actions (including taking over the country) while the Dark Lord ponders the potential impact of his own actions. This doesn't provide a longer term solution for how Harry will defeat Voldemort, but that doesn't seem to be the puzzle needing solving just yet.
NoDrogs chapter 113 . 56m ago
Ok, my entry for the final test depends on one main idea: The concept that Harry can do transfigurations without a wand directly touching an object. There is no logical reason why a wand HAS to touch an item to transfigure it; after all, on a subatomic level, the particles making up the wand never come into contact with the particles making up the transfigured object.

I've woven several other ideas into my entry, trying to think of every angle I can.

Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres took a deep breath. His mind felt fuzzy. Three dozen partial transfigurations had left him feeling like he was floating in a cloud of sub-atomic particles; which, intellectually, he was, but in order to survive he also needed to be able to parse the world of objects those particles made up. He had started as soon as he had heard Voldemort's declaration that 'Now we shall kill the boy who lived.'.

"Thirty seconds, boy" Voldemort hissed. "Is none of your friends worth your secrets?"

Harry needed a distraction. He needed something to give him more time, to recover before he could do the two last transfigurations. Much to his surprise, he found his dark side talking. "Have way I think can be free of vow just made."

Voldemort stiffened. "Explain!" he snapped, hissing the word in a way that caused the people arround him to twitch, even without them knowing what it meant.

Harry took another breath... the last he would ever make as Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres. Transfiguration thirty-seven down, only the most critical one left. He concentrated at the forefront of his mind, focussing on the words he had just sworn, then on five new words. I... am... Thomas.. Morfin... Riddle.
Mr. White gasped as he and the young Tom Riddle felt the unbreakable oath unravel. Just as the marauder's map had shown, the person who had grown up thinking he was Harry Evans-Verres had a far different true name.
Voldemort's eyes flickered to White. The young Tom Riddle reached out with his mind. THe scar on his forehead seemed to erupt in flames even as the younger Riddle's magics interacted with the older, even on the level of a wand. Here was the pheonix feather core, of the thirteen and a half inch yew rod. Through the agony, young Tom cast the last of the transfigurations, changing the feather into more yew wood.
Voldemort dropped his wand. "Attack!" he ordered. The thirty-six death eaters cast a variety of spells, pointing their wands at Harry Potter. However, Harry's transfigurations held on those wands, those that were targets #2 through #36, and while it did their cores were changed, rendering the wands just well shaped sticks of wood.
The sound of a gun, clicking uselessly, indicated the transfiguration of it's firing pin (target #1)still held as well.
Young Tom Riddle bent his legs and ran. Part of him, his Gryfindor side, urged him to rush to Hermione's body, but the rest of him (especially his legs) concentrated on getting him away for the senior Tom Riddle.
"Foolish, boy!" snapped Voldemort, darting forward with the speed of a flying broom, into young Riddle's path. Voldemort crouched, hands held in apose what young Tom was willing to bet that Tom Riddle had learned in a dojo in Asia, before becoming Voldemort and killing the man who'd taught him. "Even without the magic of my death eaters, you cannot hope to defeat..."
Tom snapped his right hand out, pointing at Voldemort. Or, more accurately, the rods that he now knew was under Voldemort's robe. "Up!" he ordered.
(Broom command, chapter 17)
Voldemort grinned. "Clever but still foolish. Broom spell I had used is one relying on mental commands alone, not spoken..."
Tom didn't hesitate. He'd expected as much; surely Voldemort wouldn't have left such an easy weakness overlooked when he'd come up with the idea of self flight. But the moment of exposition had given time for Tom's mind to focus on his true targets.
Few people realize the strength of cloth. It can bend steel. In the case of the straps of the harness Voldemort wore, it was enough to cut limbs.


As Voldemort, now litterally unarmed, collapsed, young Tom was once more running. To the body of Quirrinus. Other death eater were stirring. Tom grabbed up the body and focused. He felt the dead legs and arms twitch, with a false semblance of life, then the flying broom spells were active, in the long bones, rising both the dead body and young Tom.

"Avada Kadavra!" Tom Riddle turned, in shock, as he saw a sickly green bolt of energy flash past. A death eater was standing there, with a second wand, Macnair's wand, the wand from an executed Death Eater that Harry hadn't thought to transfigure. The death eater repeated the words, and this time Tom Riddle knew he couldn't count on a lucky dodge.

The green bolt leapt out.

"Expecto Patronum!" Tom shouted, in desperation, focusing the patronus charm on himself. I will live... I MUST live... to create a world where Death is nothing more then a bad memory of a primitive time

The man's fingers relaxed, letting the wand slipped to the ground. All stared in shock as the boy-who-lived at last truly lived to his title. Before another spell could be hurled, Tom Riddle, riding the body of Voldemort's abandoned vessel, was out of sight.
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