Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
Guest chapter 115 . 4/20 I would not have guessed that. I wonder how he's going to explain all this later.
Guest chapter 114 . 4/20
Oh my god you know what this suspense actually would've killed me if I were doing this two years ago. (On another note, I can't believe 2015 was two years ago)

It's nice to know partial transfiguration came into play! I thought about it, even the want bit, but even with sixty hours I couldn't have come up with something like THIS! What would've happened if he'd tried catching the spell instead of dodging it, like in Azkaban?

I will attempt to wait ten minutes before clicking "Next."

(It's been two minutes and I this is barely bearable.)

How would you even go about transfiguring a cubic millimeter of antimatter? Wouldn't it react with matter before it could get to that quantity?

(It's been 5 minutes and I can't imagine repeating this.)

So will we ever find out what happened with Sirius Black, or did he actually betray them in this universe? And can Harry get Dumbledore out of that fraction of Time without violating the Vow? Or can he not even access that place unless it's Voldemort who's trapped there?

(7 minutes and counting. I'm running out of idle thoughts.)

If the pain's beginning to clear, does that mean Voldemort's recovering or Harry is? Or both?

Also, when Harry first got the letter from his "future" self, I was so sure you were going to make Cedric Diggory go with him instead just to tie in the whole "kill the spare" thing, but I like how you did it better. Unless that's coming later, in which I retract my previous statement.

Guest chapter 113 . 4/20
I don't quite remember what I was doing the days leading up to Tuesday, March 3, 2015, but if I didn't have a project or important assignment or something, it sounds like I'd have had a thoroughly enjoyable time trying my hand at this. It would've been such a journey reading this as it was being written, but this way is enjoyable too!

What sucks now is that I KNOW I'll only have one chance to wonder about what comes next and make my own solution about it, and I COULD optimize my time to actually try thinking of a solution other than "stall for more than sixty seconds by explaining something complicated" or "trick them into thinking they need a demonstration" or something equally simple-minded, but if I did that, I really would sacrifice too much study time. Which SUCKS.

That being said, I think it was a really cool opportunity, and I'm glad you decided to give it!
mikewj93 chapter 2 . 4/20
i think i've laughed more in the first 2 chapters here than i have in the last 3 fics i read!
Guest chapter 108 . 4/20
I don't suppose HE'D really know what happened with Narcissa...?

By the way, was this version of Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew's story actually true, or is that another conspiracy?

Anyway, ONWARDS!
Guest chapter 106 . 4/20
Is there something significant about the times you posted these chapters?
Guest chapter 104 . 4/20
Somehow you get AUTHOR'S NOTES (or lack thereof, by your word) to add to the suspense of a story...
Guest chapter 99 . 4/20
There is just something so ominous of having an entire chapter dedicated to a single line. I have to say, it's very visually captivating.
Guest chapter 98 . 4/20
Ooh, chills.
Scribble novice chapter 1 . 4/20
the games he is referencing don't exist yet. except maybe table top games
Guest chapter 93 . 4/20
Guest chapter 91 . 4/20
As much as I hate how page-turning this whole thing is, you really do know how to end your chapters well.
Guest chapter 89 . 4/20
Oh come ON, that's just not fair!
Guest chapter 83 . 4/19
Oh well THIS will go brilliantly, I'm sure!
Guest chapter 82 . 4/19
Well, I am sufficiently gutted for the night, I think.

...Good thing it's almost morning.
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