Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
TheTurtleWolf chapter 1 . 9/6
Look, I checked out this fic a long while ago, and while there are some moments that made me laugh hysterically, there are others that made me clench my fist in in silence frustration and anger. I've since looked back at it, mostly through tv tropes, and there are some things things still tick me off, or just outright confuse me. So, some questions and comments:

Do you just not like the Gryffindor house or something? If this is just the opinion of Harry in the fic, where he refers to them as hero wannabes, then I felt that this fact, that is was just his opinion, wasn't conveyed well enough.

Can you please explain why the snitch needs to be eliminated from quidditch? I never got that. Also, the gold and silver thing for the bank left me scratching my head in confusion.

In regards to Voldemort's less than wise decisions, I've always found that pride is a fairly valid excuse for an oversight/flaw. I consider it a good story telling element if the characters are just as capable of making bad/idiotic decisions as they are good/smart decisions, just like how people are in real life. Intelligence / common sense. I hold that this applies no matter how many degrees someone has, nor how well educated they might be.

My sincerest apologies if I come across as ranting, but there are just some things I had to get off my chest.
SilentSnowLeopardNinja chapter 12 . 9/5
Well that was odd of Dumbles and Quirrellmort. Way to put the comfort and safety of students at top priority. Note Sarcasm. Sorry but i was disliking that Dumbles and just wish I could say that to him. And why hasn't Harry considered the more obvious and much more likely method behind that drink yet? That all this shit is new to him and therefore more likely to surprise or catch him off guard. That could be why it was being sold at the platform. To reel in customers at a young age who won't know better and believe in their products more. Not once so far has he realized that he's been drinking this beverage looking for a different result to the same kind of scenario. (Which some would say is a sign of insanity) A scenario where he or another person drinks this green beverage and receive a shock from a person or environment they do not know. The most impressive thing about that drink could just be it's flavor and self cleaning ability. Then there's the other possibility that it manages to make the drinker more susceptible to being surprised or startled. I understand your rendition of Harry is just a child though a very smart one however for one so smart who was already getting surprises and still trying and failing to come to grips with the real possibilities of magic and how the people operate in it I find it strange that he now blames these surprises on a drink. Is this a coping method he's unknowingly adopted? He's already been surprised and startled a few times in the great hall without the "influence" of the drink. Is he going to realize and consider any of this soon? I also find it a little strange how...easily cowed he seems to be. Even over voldemort's name. Getting some kind of random chill and sense of wrongness? I'm surprised he didn't scoff that off and list all the logical reasons he had why fearing a name is foolish and then investigating if others felt that chill when knowing nothing about the story or something and trying to figure out why. I also find it rather strange how quickly and often he likes to bring up things from the war he was too young to remember such as death eaters to use in an analogy in casual conversations and debates as if it's normal to do so and he does it all the time when he's actually only just learnt of them AND was informed of just how insensitive it could come across as for people who remember or where effected by it.
These might be things other readers have expressed in some way or another to you before but I just wanted to share my opinion and thoughts and see if you'd answer any of them. I do like some things about your story but haven't decided if I actually like it yet.
SilentSnowLeopardNinja chapter 11 . 9/4
Being sorted as headmaster is my favorite one.
SilentSnowLeopardNinja chapter 10 . 9/4
That hat was brutal.
sunset oasis chapter 91 . 9/4
The scene of Harry and his parents made me want to cry so much ... it's so emotional.
Denz-El chapter 12 . 9/4
It would seem that Harry has met his match in Dumbledore. :)
Also... What the heck IS up woth Voldie & Quirell this time 'round?
Also I'm glad to see Harry putting an effort into becoming a Better version of himself! :D

GOD Bless, keep up the Good Work, and Keep Moving Forward! :D Amen! :D
The Anguished One chapter 85 . 9/4
Oh, bad night for Harry. He's right that he wasn't ready to go with the phoenix, but I imagine this decision will weigh on him for a long time.
greycat chapter 100 . 9/4
Mouse: [ Quirrel could have stunned everyone, modded Harry's memory, vanished the unicorn. End of story. Am I missing something here? ]

Quirrell can't cast magic directly on Harry. Harry can't cast magic directly on Quirrell.
sunset oasis chapter 88 . 9/4
Madam Pince is really very NPC ...
sunset oasis chapter 87 . 9/4
Wow ... love their conversation.
And I love how Harry explained to Hermione about the inner voices arguing inside him. It's cool.
sunset oasis chapter 86 . 9/4
Severus and Harry talking about Lily ... that part is so heartbreaking. I love it.
Guest chapter 91 . 9/4
Nerdfish: [ "Police can't do that. Soldiers can't do that." ]

"That" which Harry refers to is "fighting crime without ever killing anyone". He's responding to his father's instruction not to hurt anyone. He has come to realize that he cannot act by such a code. He may have to kill someone, not because he wants to, but because it is necessary.
SilentSnowLeopardNinja chapter 5 . 9/4
A prank of cunning and wit. Good job.
SilentSnowLeopardNinja chapter 4 . 9/4
I'm surprised he didn't say anything about how unprofessional it was to threaten a child let alone a prospective student with kidnapping and endangerment. Especially over how he spends HIS money on useful and needed things that she has little right to dictate over. And then ask about whatever magical school options are available that know how wrong it is to try to unnecessarily threaten and control a child's money.
SilentSnowLeopardNinja chapter 2 . 9/4
Well damn Minerva.
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