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lemon-rind chapter 1 . 3/17
Hello, I thought I'd re-read this story one chapter at a time, until I finish it all over again. I want to really absorb the fullness of what you wrote, and so I'm going to try hard to write review this time around. Here goes:

I still don't full absorb the italicized text at the beginning. I assumed it was a reference to the night Harry was attacked, but what exactly is it trying to get across? I don't know.

I feel Professor Michael Verres-Evans is the typical scientific mind. There are many cases where some of the biggest discoveries were considered completely foolish and person suggesting it ends up being considered completely crazy. I'm sure some of the setting here comes from your own life experience. I know I can relate, what with the books being all over the place.

I'm surprised that someone at Hogwarts would overlook Harry being raised in a Muggle household, but then again, it seems like they did that in canon too. Wizarding Society must be the most unorganized bureaucratic structure I've ever had the pleasure to contemplate.

In fact you really call out Rowling a couple of times here. I always felt Rowling had a pretty good sense of humour though. But, you're right to mock the name Dudley Dursley, and in all seriousness naming the Evans sisters Lily and Petunia still gives me pause. Gives a different meaning to flower child.

I think foreshadowing is the biggest thing I'll be looking for as I re-read the story. Lily telling Petunia that a Centaur told her not to make her pretty? It's something that upon first read you look over, and then you're brought back around to. That's just good story planning. Wish I had that talent.

We get a good lay out of Harry's personality. Who he is as a protagonist in this story. How proactive he is, knowing that others are likely to dismiss things without careful thought or rational.

Still, him screaming out to the magic owls to see if he can get a letter to Hogwarts? That was gold. I'm glad we got to see Mrs. Figg again, because it gave Harry a moment to feel weird and caught off-guard instead of disappointed.

I'm sure there more, but I think that's enough for me.
Difdi chapter 122 . 3/16
I spotted two boxes that Harry is still imposing on himself and thinking within in the last chapter.

The first is needing electricity to make a laser. Muggles need electricity (or other technology) for that, because they cannot generate a bright enough light without it. But a wizard is not so limited. Lumos spells could be used to make one of the components of a laser quite effectively.

The other box is that even with enough proof that souls exist to take action on, Harry is still effectively an Atheist. He believes that death is the end of existence, despite knowing that souls and pieces thereof can exist separately from a living body. Atheism is just as much a religion as any other belief set, much as Atheists strenuously deny it - subjective proof and faith are what drive religions, not objective proof - and Harry is quite devoted to his religion. He has very strong faith in it.
Assasin Nero chapter 122 . 3/16
this fic is gonna cross the 30 000 mark soon.
Nice work of done :)
topazwolf chapter 122 . 3/16
First of all. Good job on finishing this story. It was always at least moderately enjoyable throughout (and highly enjoyable in places) and stands as one of the better pieces of fiction for the Harry Potter universe.

However, I must admit to being profoundly disappointed with the ending. You see I am very found of villains in stories and what you did to Tom was just pointless. You rushed him out and struck him down without any real sense of accomplishment. It felt like stupidity killed him much more surely than any action on Harry's behalf. Which is sad since he had all the appearances of being the most intelligent character in the cast.
Natasha chapter 122 . 3/16
Thank you, Eliezer, for the subtle and really fascinating piece of fanfiction.
I feel so grateful for the deep warmth and love that you managed to render through these pages. I'll try my best to share them with other people.
Just so you know, I'm always be your friend and you always be mine,well, at least like the author of hpmor (though know it's not real you, not all of you).

Good luck with your "major work of fiction". Looking forward to reading it.
I'll always be there to read and support you
Azrael38 chapter 122 . 3/16
Eh it was good but I just feel like Harry learned absolutely nothing the entire story. Meddling in everyone's affairs like the headmaster and thinking he knows everything. I'd like to read about Harry ending the world through some colossal mistake he made using reasoning and logic, things that we should know have no place in Rowling's world. Very good writing but the premise is too hard to believe.
Carlos chapter 122 . 3/16
Thank you so very much for all 122 chapters.
Hexist chapter 122 . 3/16
While it's not perfect, MoR is still easily one of the best fanfics out there and is far better than the original series in both character depth, intelligence, plot and, in some ways, creativity. In the original series, Hermione and Neville were the only characters I left having any respect for both intellectually and morally. Hermione still figured everything out and Neville led a successful resistance. Voldemort was an impulsive idiot who is called smart, but rarely demonstrates it. His plans rely on luck and the fact he is the one-eyed man in a world of, not of the blind, but of idiots. Dumbledore was, in the end, a manipulative old man who can't navigate politics, lead a war effort, or even run a school safely or competently. In this story, they are geniuses constantly matching wits with each other in an endgame only the two of them can even come close to understanding; their efforts only hindered by the stubbornness of two other geniuses of the next generation.

I especially liked the strong biblical undertones you put into the story that only became apparent in the very satisfying final chapter. I'm an atheist, but even I can appreciate the way you weaved the story of Jesus' last days and resurrection into Hermione and Harry's story. Harry was tempted by the devil but never succumbed, ultimately being betrayed by someone close. Hermione was put on trial where the ruler reluctantly condemned her, and was destroyed by the worst element of a society she was ultimately too good for. She is then resurrected, moments before evil's defeat at the hands of good. Both of them undergo a sort of apotheosis. Hermione will become a legend in the minds of the people, complete with an otherworldly goodness. Harry, in his tower overlooking the world, has become the god he predicted he would become at the beginning of the story. Only now is he realizing the magnitude of the task ahead of him, especially when considering he has yet to master himself.
In Like Vin chapter 122 . 3/16
Congratulations on an excellent story. And thanks :)
badkidoh chapter 122 . 3/16
Well 5 years and 122 chapters later and I love this story and when I have time I'll reread all 122 chapters of it.

Also nice work on Harry and Hermione in this chapter, so I going to go ahead assume they get together anyway because I choose too.
OishiK chapter 122 . 3/16
Hermione: Thanks for bringing me back from the dead.
Harry : There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead.
Hermione: I'm not sure I still want to be a hero.
Harry: As you wish.
Hermione: How did you kill Voldemort?
Harry: Never go in against a rationalist when death is on the line.
Hermione: Are we in love?
Harry: You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.
Hermione: If you keep quoting The Princess Bride, you'll be sorry.
Draco: You killed my father, prepare to die.
Hermione: I told you so.
xHawke chapter 122 . 3/16
Thanks for the great ride/read. From the day you started, this has been my favorite fanfic.
s-david-m chapter 122 . 3/16
Very nice ending. I didn't find it entirely clear why Harry had such trouble declaring his next steps in previous chapters, but this chapter cleared that up.

It seems Harry has a history of undervaluing unknown unknowns, despite numerous examples to the contrary as he reviews here. Voldemort shared the same flaw. Good to see he's learned a bit of humility and caution.

I'd love to read an epilogue one day, where Hermione learns the truth, or perhaps when the statute of secrecy is finally repealed.
Guest chapter 18 . 3/16
I cried. This was the most beautiful, thank you so much for this.
klhes chapter 122 . 3/16
Death of Sir Terry and the end of hpmor so short after...
Will there be anything new worth reading?
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