Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
iphis15 chapter 71 . 5/7/2011

~Mademise Morte
BeyondNormality chapter 71 . 5/7/2011
This story is simply epic. I only found it 4 days ago, and i'm already caught up. Your continual development of Harry as a rationalist, and general badass is just amazing. I actually quite enjoy reading the interplay between Harry and Draco, as you rarely get to see a good friendship fanfiction between the two. What I love most about this fanfiction though, is that you've not made Harry omnipotent, like i've seen in other fanfictions. You've made him a rationalist, and it makes for amazing reading. My only qualm about the whole book thus far, is that Harry has taken over all of Britain as General Chaos yet, but I can wait for that bit of awesomeness. D
Invisible-chan chapter 11 . 5/7/2011
This is the best Omake ever. Just sayin'.
Invisible-chan chapter 10 . 5/7/2011
So I've been reading the PDF version so far, and I just had to come back here to comment. So far I believe that everything is written so brilliantly, infinitely more than I could have done it. I'm not surprised, but still disappointed in Harry and Ron's lack of positive interaction. I do have more than sixty chapters left to go though, so I'll just keep on reading to see what happens. The Ghostbusters theme was absolutely perfect in the previous chapter, and I have to say, I definitely had a mini-heart attack when the Sorting Hat said Slytherin. It broke me a little more that his "surprise" was on a completely different page on the PDF. I guess that's all I had to say. I'll just go about my way reading the rest, so don't mind me.
aly chapter 10 . 5/6/2011
Harry's terror at being a Slytherin really did it! )
Invisible-chan chapter 1 . 5/6/2011
Wow. Just wow. The basis of your fic is pretty much an idea I've had for a long time, only with an original character. So far, despite only being through one chapter, I find this well written. I'm definitely going to enjoy the rest of this.
iphis15 chapter 64 . 5/6/2011
I'm actually up thirteen hours past bedtime. Technically. I got some sleep in between bedtime and waking up time, though less than it would have been if not for this fic.

~Mademise Morte
Coffee and Twinkies chapter 2 . 5/6/2011
*after managing to compose herself of laughing* Oh wow this is amazing so far. Someone from a forum I hang around posted a link up to this story and warning me not to eat or drink anything while reading or I would be investing in a new keyboard. (And possibly having coughing fits if I consume anything going down the wrong tube)

I like writing stories too (I wont beg you to read them, they're quite terrible in a 'unicorns and rainbows' sense) but I hope to become better. So hopefully, while I read this, I wont be so afraid to make waves in my own fanstories.
LoveTheColours chapter 1 . 5/6/2011
Wow. I really like this so far. It comes very highly reccomended (by multiple people) and if you say it hits its stride in Chapter 5, it must be amazing.
Akseel chapter 71 . 5/6/2011
Well, I don't quite know where to begin, except perhaps to say that this is one of the best stories I have read. Ever. And I read a lot.

I'd like to balance my praise with criticism, but to be honest I cannot think of much to criticize. The characters are interesting, consistent, strong (and not just in the sense of being good fighters). The story has many layers and subplots and that the same time it all ties together seamlessly, so it's not hard to keep track. The pace is just about perfect.

I read what you wrote about the first rule of fanfiction - needless to say, I completely agree. The fact is, it's not just a matter of the enemy being a worthy challenge for the hero, the same is true of the hero's allies. They cannot be merely a convenient plot device or sidekick, they are also people with their own story and their own will, and any good story needs to reflect that. One of the things that keep Harry from being Mary-Sueish (and he really isn't) is that his allies are willing to stand up to him instead of staring in awe whenever he opens his mouth. Also, I loved what you did with Professor Quirell. He is easily the most ambiguous character of the story, and his point of view is often original and delightfully cynical. He is probably not a very pleasant man to live with, but a great character to read about.

Another important thing is that the story tackles a number of deeper problems, that anyone can relate to, about what is right or wrong under various circumstances. And that is, when told the right way, fascinating to read. And you're very good at taking one problem from different angles, and having your characters think outside the box.

Last but not least, your writing style is excellent. I cannot think of a single awkward sentence, of a single scene that did not seem right, and although I did skip paragraphs every once in a while, that was only because I was too impatient to find out what was going to happen next.

I had a number of other thoughts as I was reading the story, but that would lead to some amount of meaningless rambling, so I will just stop here. I will be looking forward to next chapters.
Anonymous chapter 9 . 5/6/2011
Interestingly, Harry knows Pi wrongly.

"Harry knew pi out to 3.141592"

It should be 3.141593 because the remainder of the part (Pi being 3.141592654... of Pi truncated would cause the 2 to round up.

A general fault from his lack of actual exposure to the practical side of calculations and mathematical work? Authorial error? Authorial intent to demonstrate how his lack of thoroughness causes him to have flawed conclusions?

Whatever, just noticed this on a reread and thought it was interesting.
SciFi43 chapter 61 . 5/6/2011
Why doesn't Albus just remove all the Riddle bones from the Little Hangleton cemetary? It would prevent the way he most fears, wouldn't it?
TJeanetteT chapter 71 . 5/6/2011
Love that the girls thoughts immediately went to something sexual as soon as he mentioned the amount of money. What does he really want?
HollzHatter chapter 69 . 5/6/2011
I know JK rowling would be jealous of this story.
HollzHatter chapter 71 . 5/6/2011
This story is absolutely amazing, i don't understand all the sciencey bits but I enjoy it nevertheless! You are an amazing writer, if you ever publish anything I will definitely be reading it. This is more intricate than the original series. I love you.
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