Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
dp chapter 5 . 7/31/2011
I've just reached the end of the fifth chapter od that interesting fanfiction of yours. Since English is not my mothertongue, I doubted I would continue reading because I tend to get bored by overly long decribtions and explanations, or tend to stop because of my incapability concerning unknown vocabulary.

Althoug your fanfiction uses not only many words I don't know, but also theories and objects I do not even recognize in my native language, the main idea of your story is really refreshing. I like how the characters turned out completely different just by changing the relationship between Lily Evans and her sister. To depict Harry as a somehow antisocial genius, seemingly cleverer than Hermione and perhaps more malicious or at least more mischievous than Draco makes me wonder how the other characters will be affected.

The most appealing point, however, is the rational view on magic. A thing I disliked about the Potter books was the wizards arrogance, as in my eyes they are no developed society and belittle the muggles technical achievements, as well as other creatures in general. So how does magic work? After all there have to be laws, magic itself should be scientificly explainable if you think about it. Why do certain men have access to this force? In difference to the muggles wizards seem to have no interest in researching, which is quite a shame.

Finally I ave to state that I am not experienced in critisizing literature (apart from academic usage), so unfortunatly I cannot express critique regarding setting, plot, etc. I just wanted to underline that the main idea is very appealing and gives the reader the opportunity to imagine a completely different story.
AuthorOfDreamsXVII chapter 1 . 7/31/2011
Wow. Now this is something different! I can already tell this is going to be one of the most intelligent Fanfic stories I'm ever going to read. I can see why it's the most popular HP fic on the web, it's Smart! I can't wait to see what happens next. Heheh, the funny thing is, is that I've never even read any of the Harry Potter books. But I don't think that's going to be a hinderence for me, though. Anyway, I hope to learn something! One Love.
Simplex chapter 72 . 7/31/2011
Simply can't resist being #13,337. :) Been reading this fanfic ever since i stumbled on it a few months ago, and apart from being a magnificent read for the story itself, it's also helped me identify the flaws in my own thinking. For that, I'll always be grateful. Looking forward to more new chapters, whenever they're ready.
goobidoo chapter 72 . 7/30/2011
Wow your fic is AWESOME! :D i have now read it three times through. And at the end of each reading i finished on the SAME CHAPTER! You know why? Because you DON'T UPDATE IT OFTEN ENOUGH AND I HAVE READ IT THRICE SINCE YOU LAST DID!
MinawaAsuka chapter 11 . 7/30/2011
Omg, I laughed so hard at this chapter. So funny!

I seriously love the whole fanfiction, it becomes a compleatly different story after you've changed Harry but it's still easy to relate to since it's "Harry Potter. But then again, duh, that was your point...

Anyway, love it, very very well done (are you actually that smart?) and I look forward to reading the rest. Love Minawa
braindoll chapter 1 . 7/30/2011
Eliezer, I think the time has come when it would be appropriate to ask for your guess as to how many chapters remain and how long they will take you. I'm not asking for commitments, because I dont want writing to be a chore, but I'd like more data to better assess whether I think this will ever be complete.

I'm still mad at Rosemary Kirstein, and it's been over 8 years since I read her Steerswoman books. In fact, part of why I loved this was that it had similar rationalist action but seemed more cohesively planned and thus finishable. I could forgive you much more easily for an honest assessment than I could for indefinite false hopes.


A fan
lizoftheinfinite chapter 19 . 7/30/2011

no words.

no caps.

just . . .

that was such a good chapter for Harry, especially considering his characterization up to this point. I have a feeling the ability to loose will be very good for him. :)

lizoftheinfinite chapter 18 . 7/30/2011
Um. Forget what I said about worrying about this story not having much heart. Because it totally just did. And if my reviews are getting less and less coherent, it's because I have to get up in four hours to go swim at the state champs, and it's all your fault I'm still awake. GAH.
lizoftheinfinite chapter 16 . 7/30/2011
My favorite quote:


My favorite part:

Harry being the most dangerous because of his intent to kill. That was so well done. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW, OHMIGOD, OHMIGOD.

. . . and even though I'm mostly lesbian, I am making an exception for you. Please marry me now. I will cherish you forever.

. . . sorry, no marriage proposals till I've read the last thus-far-published chapter.


Hero worship does tend to give one a full head, so I will point out flaws I come across because I personally hate getting a full head and I'm sure you feel the same wow my use of commas sucks




lizoftheinfinite chapter 15 . 7/30/2011
Seriously love the amazing awesomeness you did with Transfiguration. The subject itself has always scared the crud out of me (I always wondered why wizards didn't use transfiguration for everything they needed in life, like if they were hungry, and now the thought squicks me out. -_-) and you did an amazingly, amazingly good job. I've already said that. Damn. Also love the Harry/Hermione battle, it's cute and fits in with their personalities well. Also love Harry's lack of a super-powered evil half, it's hilarious. F*ck, I'm going to end up reviewing every chapter at this rate. NO. I MUST STOP. I MUST HAVE A PARAGRAPH IN HERE SOMEWHERE, BECAUSE CHUNKS OF TEXT SUCK.


I'mma read the next chapter now . . .

lizoftheinfinite chapter 14 . 7/29/2011
. . .

mind officially blown.

I must admit, whenever I see time travel in a work of fiction, I immediately put the book down (unless it's handled ridiculously well, like in Orson Scott Card's 'The Redemption of Christopher Columbus'). Harry's problems with it go a loooooot deeper with it than my problems with it, though.

And, jesus, the whole solution to the whole damn thing . . . ohmigod. Words. Fail. *keeps reading eagerly*

I really hope I'm not going to end up reviewing every chapter and spamming your inbox with reviews.

lizoftheinfinite chapter 13 . 7/29/2011
"True, but unlike the more important problems, it's a problem I can understand how to solve and wow is this conversation turning into a metaphor for human existence, I didn't even realize that was happening until just now."

I know I said I wouldn't review until I read all the way through, but . . . GAH.


Neville's verbal takedown of Harry was completely awesome. I am very happy with the way you're developing the characters.

The game is probably one of the most fascinating things I've ever encountered in fiction. -3,000,000 points for good thinking? I feel like it's a metaphor for life . . . but . . . not . . .gah . . . and the way you wrapped it up . . . once again I'm going to stop review and keep reading.

lizoftheinfinite chapter 11 . 7/29/2011
Okay, I'm going to read all the way through the entire d*mn thing and give a review on the last-so-far published chapter after this review (which will probably take a week or so . . .don't expect anything from me for a while). I usually don't review a multi-chap fic mid story, but so far your fic has completely flattened my expectations, so here goes:

1) Love it so far. Really, really love it.

2) Love your interpretations of the world. Draco's a jack*ss but you've done amazing things with his character.

3) Love Harry's snark. Love Harry's logic.

4) My main concern about this fic is that there won't be much heart in it at all. Obviously, since it's a lot darker version of the Harry Potter books, there won't be nearly as much since there are some definitely harsh aspects to this world. But there should still be heart. I am concerned with the way you discard Ron, because he brings a lot of heart to the books which balances out the themes well. However, I haven't read the whole fic yet so maybe you'll do a good job of it.

5) Love Hermione. Love, love, love Hermione. I was afraid you'd f*ck her up and make her pathetic next to Harry (cementing Harry's status as a Gary Stu) but she holds her own and he respects her for it, which was definitely a turning point in the story and the place where I decided to like Harry as a character and not merely an object of snark.

6) The entire conversation with the hat reminded me weirdly of conversations I've had with myself on the subject of my own arrogance.

7) Harry's conversation with the hat was extremely well-thought out and an amazing interpretation. I just can't explain how freaking much I love it. Really. I. Can't.

You rock my socks off so very much.

8) Plot is very well thought-out.

9) Your writing skills, while certainly not Neil Gaiman or Philip Pullman worthy, are definitely on par with JK Rowling's or even better since you avoid extraneous adjectives a lot better than she does.

. . . I had a self-demonstrating example there, which I'm sure you noticed, so I'd better stop pointing it out if I want to avoid sounding like a complete moron.

10) I am so very jealous of your crazy-awesomeness right now. I justify it to myself that I'm only sixteen. I read somewhere that you're thirty-one. Maybe I'll catch up to your skills in fifteen years. Maybe.

11) This fic so far has been incredibly inspiring. It makes me view the world differently, which, frankly, is the ultimate goal of any fiction.

12) When I review this fic in the future, I will not review it from the viewpoint of 'oh, he's raping canon!' I think canon rape is bad, but the way you've done it makes it seem almost like canon foreplay . . . agghh, I hate rape jokes so I'm just going to shut up and put myself out of my misery by slashing my wrists . . . and there I go with the suicide jokes. Next I'll make an abortion joke and you'll really have to kill me. GAH. SHUTTING UP NOW.

13) I laughed so hard during this chapter, and since I'm huddled up in my bed with the lights turned off at 11 at night, I'm pretty sure my mother heard my muffled screams and thinks I'm watching pr0n or something. Thanks a lot, Less Wrong. -_-

Either way, you're amazing. I'm going to stop reviewing and start picking my way through this amazing-thus-far monstrosity of a fic. And, of course, I will be sure to b*tch about any complaints I have. :) Since I got directed here from tvtropes, I will be, of course, vastly informed on the subject of b*tching people out.

Until later,

hessan chapter 2 . 7/29/2011
Dear Less Wrong,

You are a genius. I have only made it to the second chapter and I have not only enjoyed Harry's scientific struggles with magic, but laughed myself literally to tears at his precociousness. Finally, someone who approaches the vagaries of magic with hard logic, yet can cope (well, I think his reaction is mild for such a mind-shattering experience) when their current logic fails.

I Salute You,

Karen chapter 5 . 7/29/2011
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