Reviews for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
The QAS chapter 6 . 11/5/2011! I love it! Love it! LOVE it!

Excellent writing, brilliant idea, very accurate (as far as the science is concerned, I'm only thirteen, so don't take my word for that.) I am loving this story. McGonagall was hilarious, although I still think that the best scene was with Draco Malfoy in Madame Malkins. I really like Harry's character, too. intelligent Harry, now THERE'S a first! At the rate he's going, the series will be over before the boy turns twelve!
cat chapter 77 . 11/5/2011

This fanfic is great but you kinda fail as a planner - you should've made the story shorter and already be finished with it if you were planning on writing a real book. But i worship you and will do so even if you won't ever update again.


It is important to stop quirrel, so they will risk their lives. I'm not saying who should take the risk, but at least one person must go forth. I assume that if one is send to the beginning of the corridor he/she can again come to the bottles. If it cannot be done by one person then slight modifications must be made

i think the prossedure wil be:

- one person drinks 7th bottle

- if he/she disapperas(goes back) then second drinks third bottle, when the first comes back to the bottles he either sees a dead body and drinks fourth bottle(goes forth) or simply drinks third(goes forth). (third and forth order can be changed but should be agreed on beforehand)

- if 7th was wine then one person drinks fifth bottle

- if he/she go back then the second person is informed(they can use patronuses or the map to know that)

- if if was wine then they both drink third and go forth

- if it was poison then second person drinks fourth and goes forth

is it ok?
Guest chapter 27 . 11/5/2011

Months later: Oh. Quidditch was made by a Slytherin.

Points won during a Quidditch match go towards the house of the team which won them.

The game doesn't end until the snitch is caught.


If you grab the snitch and then act like you're still looking for it the game can go on much longer allowing you to score points using the goals.

If you make certain to play against a team who's weaker than your own then scoring goals becomes more likely.

After gaining enough points to put your house in the lead for the house cup you pretend to have just found and caught the snitch.

If there isn't a charm on the snitch to prevent this, then it's probably being done.

Slytherin and Ravenclaw seem most likely to realize it. Though the Weasely twins indicate Gryfinndors might notice as well.

Hufflepuffs might see it could be done, but they appear more likely to report such a hole.
Guest chapter 7 . 11/5/2011

Originally I hadn't thought it odd. It was just a game in the Harry Potter Universe. Then you mentioned it's absurdity and the basic highlighting of a single character became obvious. Months later I thought perhaps it isn't the game itself which has anything wrong with it, but the way people play it.

That it isn't basketball with hide and seek, but hide and seek with basketball. (Two thirds for the first and One third of the other.)

For example, if you realize the true focus of the game is the snitch, why don't you attack the Seeker to remove them from the game and prevent the other team from winning? (Brutal Version.)

If not allowed to do that, why not have most of the team searching for the snitch? Because if everyone on one team was looking for it while ignoring their own goalposts, the other team would probably be able to go far over 150 points in...30 seconds.

No, seriously. Five points a goal, two people tossing the quaffle back and forth between them at a rate of one goal a second means 50 points in 10 seconds and 150 in 30.

This means having to put most of your focus on finding the snitch, but still defending your goal enough to prevent losing that way.

Add to that constantly harassing the Seeker who should not be left alone.

How would you play a game with two objectives?

In the end, even if the Seeker is the only one who is allowed by the rules to touch the snitch, instead of someone like the Chasers being able to grab it and take it to them... You know, if it wasn't for the heavy amounts of luck involved I might say get rid of the Seeker position. It's really just a glorified Chaser.

Recon/Convoy defense/Base defense.

No, never mind. The real answer is that the way to keep the game as close as possible to it's original design is to not have the snitch end the game. Buy a clock and make grabbing the thing much harder.

Heh. If the original version was the brutal one, perhaps Quidditch used to be a punishment. The Seeker was the one being punished and everyone would beat the snot out of them until the snitch was found.
Fringe Dweller chapter 77 . 11/5/2011
I had dropped this story around chapter 64 since I had lost interest, but after coming back I think that it's gotten better since then.

Keep writing! :)
ShadowDragon010 chapter 9 . 11/4/2011
Hsrry Probley have an interesting time talking to the sorting hat
ShadowDragon010 chapter 8 . 11/4/2011
Hermione seems very realistic of your average bookworm. Harry's interacting with others gets more intersting with each person.
ShadowDragon010 chapter 7 . 11/4/2011
WOW Harry is very rational and quite devious. His interaction with Draco is the most surprising. I cant wait to see his impact on the wizarding community.
HayleyComet chapter 8 . 11/4/2011
I can definitely see why this story has so many reviews XD
Ellef Jones chapter 77 . 11/4/2011
I think the premise of the story is brilliant, and the conservation of energy when McGonagall turned into a cat was hilarious. So naturally I went and recommended this to every Harry Potter fan I know as a soon as I finished reading it.

EVERYTHING related to the armies was awesome, especially with the traitors. Chaos is fun. (Chaos chaos, not the Chaos army, although they're fun too.) And all the tactics were brilliant, although I doubt all of them would work realistically. (If realistically there was magic.)

As for the magic genes being simpler than eye colour genes, that was a bit... strange. It just played out too easily, and they found an answer at once, not even questioning the limited amount of subjects. Nor did they look for other hypothesises, like there being different types of magical genes, or other genes that influence the power or form of magic.

Though for all I know you've thought of this, and you're just trying to make Harry seem more like the 11 year old he is. (Which I hope you did with the death thing, because the whole Dementor thing made me feel like it was factual rather than an opinion, and only because I wouldn't like a universe, even a fictional one, where death is anything but part of life.)

And then I'm reminded of the chapter about positive bias, which I knew about, though I didn't know about the test, and I'm quite certain I would've fallen for it, though there's no way to test it anymore. (At least not that particular test.)

Anyway, I found the whole chapter extremely enjoyable and it made me more conscious of the subject. Since before I only learned about it without thinking it over much.

Then back to waiting for the next chapter.
Ellef Jones chapter 1 . 11/4/2011

Does second from the left mean the second or third bottle in a row? Because I thought it was the third one.

I got XPWPWFX or XFPWPWX, so it's either the second left or second right that's the forward one. Since the second right one is either forward or wine Hermy could drink that, and if it's wine then it's the second left one.

However, if second from the left means the second bottle, then I don't know.

This is not a review, though... - _-"
iroshi chapter 33 . 11/4/2011
Okay, I went to bed last night part-way through this chapter. Specifically, I had just read where Draco yells to reform on him. And having posted this on my Facebook this morning (and will probably copy it to my LJ and Google just in case) I figure this is actually the best review I can give you:

Also, Less Wrong is *officially* an evil, evil author. Evil being read as the author of a fanfiction that is already over 450k words, not yet finished, *hilariously* funny for the first ten chapters, humor gradually becoming less the focus and more simply the backdrop, as philosophy and PLOT gradually take over the story...all wrapped up in well-written prose that make you TOTALLY NOT REALIZE YOU'RE STILL READING AT 3AM UNTIL YOUR HUSBAND INTERRUPTS YOU IN THE MIDDLE OF A CLIMACTIC 'BATTLE' SCENE! (Climactic in the sense of end-of-semester, not end-of-story, which isn't actually completed.) Mind, I wasn't just tired-but-can't-put-down-excellent-story. I was totally-not-tired-because-I-am-wired-from-the-story-wired. I had to take an antihistamine to get to sleep. I feel like I overdosed on Miles Vorkosigan, it was THAT good...and THAT hyper, too. hehehehe...I know what I'm doing allllll weekend.

(Of course, this included the URL for your author page on which I didn't bother to copy here. :)

I got SO FED UP with my husband not getting why it was so hilarious that I started sending .txt messages to my best friend (who I had already sent the URL for your story to) to get her to START READING IT ALREADY SO I COULD SHARE! Within an hour she was reading, and texting back to me her snort-worthy or squee-worthy lines. Mind, I didn't discover Feynman until I was a teenager, and I haven't actually read any of the lectures (though they're on my list of "Things I Must Buy When I Have The Money”), but I at least –recognize- every reference you’ve given thus far, even if I occasionally have to look them up to remember the details of some of them.

I’ll admit that I always absorb traits from anything I’m reading for an extended period of time, whether that be as simple as wording mannerisms or as expansive as energy states, but it takes an extremely well fleshed out character to put me in this level of mindset, so much that I’m still babbling in my head the next MORNING. I reference Miles Vorkosigan for a reason – Lois McMaster Bujold is the only author I’m aware of that can influence my mental processing this strongly and for as long. Usually I can shake the effects off within minutes of communicating on my own (whether that be verbally or in text like this), but Vorkosigan novels can have me at manic speed for a week (and the Chalion series makes me extremely solemn and introspective.) It’s the next day and I’m still stuck in your Potter-Evans-Verres brain speed.

Which is slightly annoying, but worthy of a testament to how excellent your writing is. And I happen to *like* the little manic bugger, so that helps, too.

I shall post another review, possibly nagging for the next chapter, as soon as I’ve finished your great galumphing volume of work here. Given that I had to be *interrupted* in my reading to even notice time passing, not once, but THREE times yesterday? I thoroughly expect that will be before the end of this weekend.
Dvellec chapter 77 . 11/4/2011

I've come to the following possible arrangements of bottles. Unless I've embarrassingly screwed up, these all follow the constraints and are the only arrangements that follow the constraints.

So I'm kind of stuck. I don't see any clue that would allow us to discern which may have been the "giant" and the "dwarf".

Only bottle 7 is guaranteed to be safe, and Hermione could sample that and that would let Harry either throw out two possibilities or the other five possibilities. But after that I don't see what can be done without a risk of sampling poison.

It's clear that the Forward potion is constrained to bottles 3 4 and 5 (it cannot be 2 and 6 since those must be identical and there is only one F, and the clues say explicitly that 1 and 7 are not F).

So am I on a potentially good track, just missing the solution, or have I misunderstood the problem? (Or is there an error in the problem).


On another subject, I want to be part of a possible minority of fans in saying "take your time writing the next chapter" to EY. Of course I want to read a new chapter soon, but it's more important to me that the quality never drops for rushing. I don't think EY needs to hear this, I think he is aware of his working pace, but at the same time it might be good to hear that some readers appreciate that, since it's the impatient who will post reviews saying "it's been a while since the last update", while most of those who are content to wait won't say anything. I donated a small amount to the SI during the drive, it was the least I could do to thank you for this incredible work. You have got me interested in their work and I have put it on on the list of organisations I would consider being a more serious contributor for when I am no longer a student and have more predictable income (hopefully!)
NotImplementedExcepton chapter 77 . 11/3/2011
I'm on my third read of this fic, and the only thing I'd like to criticize is the update schedule. You seem to have fallen victim to the palling fallacy ;)

If I may make a suggestion: pick a pace. You don't need to release chapter updates all the time. Once/month or once/two months is a reasonable pace. We all know you're busy and have other obligations, but It would really help to have a regular (no matter how infrequent) update schedule, rather than a ton of chapters all at once, then a several month break.
Guest chapter 15 . 11/3/2011
i cant believe it i have been bested by fiction how dare you cruel world (but seriously great job on making a story that confuses the reader but ends up with no plot holes my eyes can see)
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