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showstopper573 chapter 77 . 9/21/2011
viva la review semi revolution!
AR chapter 36 . 9/21/2011
He'll never really belong will he? In either world..

It's a little sad..although she has managed to find the balance between her two's too easy. He is too RATIONAL to get it.

It made me sad...the end was funny though. Good to see he's still 11
AR chapter 35 . 9/21/2011
I feel uneasy...

I'm not sure why. I feel like I should be understanding some key element to the whole story here but I just don't grasp it..

So he believes in chaos and in traitors and negates Quirrell's plan of following one mark. Understandable...too easy to fail. No one person should have that much power..

But..I dont know..something doesnt seem right..

I'll figure it out. But really know how to make someone think dont you? I was so engrossed in the story I forgot to review the previous chapter. Ah well..
AR chapter 33 . 9/21/2011
You are beyond diabolical..

And I loved that you put in the Prisoner's Dilemma in this..

It was just simply inspiring..

Really really amazing writing
AchvfreeC1 chapter 2 . 9/21/2011
Plague of flaming zebras reminds me of the bunnies made of fire in NGE: Nobody Dies.
AR chapter 31 . 9/21/2011
Oh that was just beautiful!

I honestly did not see that coming...even though I expected her to win like most readers.

But goes to show doesn't it...
AR chapter 30 . 9/21/2011
The Robber Cave Experiment! Classic. I hope you have read Lord of Flies by Roy.

Pretty sure you have considering your knowledge of psychology and literature but be sure to do so if you haven't.

I will say that it was expected..NO one is that nice. Hermione deserved this moment...and she earned it.

Great writing. had me in fits over the sunshine regiment and the smiley face. Hahahahaha
AR chapter 29 . 9/21/2011
That is the very sad part of having brilliant friends. It is a hard lesson to learn...not being jealous and learning the difference between being envious of someone elses fame and just wanting to be recognized for your own work.

I liked how she asked to become general. Looking forward to how that works for her.

Good writing..
AR chapter 28 . 9/21/2011
I think I figured something out...I kinda wish I hadn't. I'll miss the mystery.

Then again you hardly keep me hooked with a single plot.
AR chapter 27 . 9/21/2011
"I've lived the lives of all the characters in all my books, and all their mighty wisdom thunders in my head. Somewhere in there was someone like Lesath, I expect, though I couldn't say who. It wasn't hard to put myself in his shoes."

This chapter made me cry...

For so many reasons. is the one thing that really defines us as a person isn't it? It is taught and polished and if you're very lucky or maybe are blessed with an imagination that makes you really FEEL.

And even then is not enough. You can never TRULY grasp the emotion because you don't have their history..

Yours is the first story I have read that allows Snape to be human. It is very close to how I imagined him to be and deeply wished that Rowling had given us more insight to his character.

You are truly an amazing writer...just about my favorite one.
AR chapter 26 . 9/21/2011
You use irony quite well. I thoroughly enjoy your original HP bashing. funny..

Ended on a dark note...I still can't peg Quirrell. And I still think the boy is a little too naive to trust him the way he does.

It is my second day having found this story and I am still reading it whenever I get a free moment.

You're an amazing writer
totalreadr at yahoo chapter 77 . 9/21/2011
I've noticed that while Harry/the narrator calls Minerva "McGonagall" until Harry gets to know her, and Binns "Binns," and Dumbledore "Dumbledore," and Quirrell "Quirrell"...

Harry/narrator calls Lucius Malfoy "Lucius," and (especially) Snape "Severus." The latter even before Harry has ever met him.



Ch. 27 doesn't defeat my suspension of disbelief, because Snape doesn't give Harry the full story. How the boy wasn't just wooing, but was a best friend from before puberty; how the girl therefore could not have been just beautiful, but rather had to have had best-friend-before-puberty-worthy qualities. (Note BTW that it's quite possible to love a best friend for their many good qualities despite any shallowness that may also be present.)

But ch. 77...does defeat my suspension of disbelief.

Because Snape and Lily *were* best friends before puberty.

So I just can't see Snape equating himself to some random boy who not only isn't a girl's friend, but doesn't even speak to her and just watches her from afar.

I don't know about you, but I see a huge difference there:

The difference between "creepy" and "not surprising"; the difference between "pathetic" and...well, again, "not surprising."

Eliezer, I know you've lost a sibling. I have as well. I'm not trying to disrespect your genuine loss when I say...

It seems to me that when you're best friends, you may love each other as much as siblings do. Not in the same way, since friendship can sometimes lead to romance (and sometimes not). But as much as.

So imagine siblings. Imagine a civil war. Imagine they had a falling-out around the age of 16 over sides in this war (as Sirius and Regulus did). Imagine one of them joined up, perhaps to show his big brother he too could be heroic (as interview canon says Snape joined to impress Lily). Imagine his actions led indirectly to his sibling's death. (I am suddenly flashing on the American Revolution version of the song "The Ballad of Donald Monroe." Hey, that was originally a civil war too.)

Might he switch to his dead sibling's side, in the sibling's honor, and/or to avenge the sibling's death?

Would he still love his dead sibling decades later?

I don't see how this changes if you make them best friends instead.

Not even if, upon hitting puberty years after they'd become best friends, one of them developed a sexual attraction *too*.

I just think you're drastically oversimplifying the Snape/Lily backstory here. In a way that makes Snape's behavior defeat my suspension of disbelief. I can see Snape leaving out the info, "I acted like a future DE, making my best friend think less of me. Oh and THEN called her a Mudblood." I can't see him painting himself as pining from afar when actually he's talking about his *best friend*.

(Two nitpicky additional points: (1) interview canon says Lily could have loved Snape romantically if it weren't for his obsession with the Dark Arts; this implies her real problem wasn't shallowness but rather confusing "likes Dark Arts" with "thinks I'm inferior for being Muggleborn"; (2) canon James *isn't* handsome, he's skinny and speccy with an unremarkable face. Unlike Sirius, who *is* described as handsome. I always found it amusing that both James and Snape were skinny and dark-haired! Methinks we know Lily's type. Anyway, James *was* rich - and also charismatic, good at sports, and consequently popular - so you could still argue Lily was shallow...but not on the grounds of James' "good looks." But I don't think Lily was shallow, see point 1.)

Nice parody of Mary Sue names though.

Oh and what outlawpoet said.


I like ch. 6's point about some gifted children's lack of trustworthy authorities and consequent isolation. I think (or maybe just hope) your vignette communicates the issue with an emotional clarity that Hollingworth's description in /Children Above 180 IQ/ lacks. She just told it; you show it. I hope you read Hollingworth at a young age and learned that you weren't the only one to have felt that way.
AR chapter 25 . 9/21/2011
It is extremely humbling to read a reference about psychology...especially organizational psychology and then not completely grasp it.

I/O was a self taught module..

point is..I liked how you shifted the acts. Amusing and make me anticipate the finale all the more..great writing technique.

(oh and I read the reviews of the previous chapter. Death Note after're awesome. And Gargoyles too...well rounded and witty. Brilliant!)
AR chapter 24 . 9/21/2011
Diabolical...absolutely diabolical..

It must have been a very interesting head to come up with all details in this plot without overdoing it..

Also, question: is the "Tragedy of Light" inspired by "Death Note"?
Mr Stereo1 chapter 76 . 9/21/2011
Again, reading through the story-so-far, I have to say I want to see more from Lesath. Although I can only speculate on his wider character, what I've seen so far seems like an excellent character hook, especially considering all the different ways in which his mother's condition and his father's implied-if-not-stated 'history' with Bellatrix could be spun. Is Harry going to forget about the 'evil' Slytherin, or is he going to take the older boy under his wing (in an odd way)? Maybe ask him to tutor him in something or another?
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