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Death by manga chapter 62 . 6/8/2011
You know, personally, I think Azkabam is a good thing. There is a saying that I love to quote (I'm not entirely sure if I'm even quoting anything though), "Sometimes, to be a hero, one must play the role of the villian. Sometimes, being hated and never forgiven is a price one must make to protect your ideals."

Though a Dementor is a dumb way to make it. I would use a Buggart and prevent any form of magic on the user. Maybe a crossbreed would suffice, between fear and death. THAT way, every prisoner's punishment is made different each time.
Death by manga chapter 60 . 6/8/2011
Have either of them considered touching up on Dynasty China (you know, BEFORE the Imperialists came in with their Open-door policy)?

Using a Non-Religious version of the Mandate of Heaven and a set up involving a Middle Man system, one could create a way for people to elect any leader they desired at any moment, regardless of terms. (They'd still have to have just cause for removing their ruler)

All businesses could be controlled, but not run, by Government officials, who then supplied their reviews to their boss, who did so again and again, creating a tree like pattern of Bosses/Employees. Products and Profits would all be collected and stored, and payment would be administered systematically. Products would as well be bought from the government, who would then place THAT profit like any other business.

With a system of rival politicians keeping tabs on each others, corruption would decline, and efficiency would rise.
Tmbookworm chapter 5 . 6/8/2011
First off, I am now officially in LOVE with this Harry. He actually sounds a lot my mind minus all the smarts, inmost certainly would NEVER be brave enough to say some of the (all modesty aside) extremely hilarious witty things I think, but HARRY ... I don't even have words for that.

You're an amazing writer, and you HAVE to be extremely smart to know half this stuff, so... How do you do it?
Mezzavia chapter 21 . 6/8/2011
ROFL. A romance! The moment called for Comed-Tea. I'm pretty sure I would've spluttered it all over my desk lol. Hermione is so adorable! XD

I love the way Harry keeps calling people "his"! First Neville, now Hermione.. It just makes me laugh.

"There will be no second date!" He took that so seriously XD. He's supposed to sound SCARY, but it's simply hilarious. It reminds me of my brother when he was 11 years old.

..Actually his whole conversation with Draco was hilarious. It reminded me of Matrix - Blue pill, red pill. It just had that kind athmosphere about it XD. And FINALLY someone has mentioned genetics. Purebloods /Mudbloods - noone has ever THOUGHT about testing their blood in JK Rowling's world, which is DUMB, and highly unlikely - actually - borderline impossible! I could't quite believe it. I'm very curious about those experiments, wondering what Harry and Draco are going to discover 83.

Mmm the mystery of the notes.. This time it really does NOT sounds like Dumbledore (though it STILL could be his scheme.. a very twisted scheme? :/) It sounds a bit like Quirrel. Trying to make Harry distrust the headmaster, maybe..argh! But then Harry says "Like if they both agreed on something, then..." And both Dumbledore and Santa Claus did say not to trust Quirrel..I'm probably reading too much into it.. I REALLY want to know! x)

Too bad he didn't really tell his parents what happened (well, part of it). Noone ever does.. it could've been so much fun. :x
Mezzavia chapter 20 . 6/8/2011
It kind of feel like Quirrel's manipulated Harry into telling him about the Sorting Hat. But I'm probably prejudiced, seeing how the Quirrel in JK Rowling's story turned out. Still, this insistence about becoming a Dark Lord.. his character is really baffling. He can be VERY fascinating.. but didn't they say Tom Riddle was? *argh* He seems to be so tired everytime, after he's held some kind of speech. Is that Tom Riddle talking? I have no idea. You're good x).

I do partly agree on what Quirrel said about nuclear bombs, but I think it's way more complicated than that. Since several states own nuclear bombs, there's formed a delicate balance. People do not use their weapons, for fear another would retaliate. And I'm sure there's a ton of other things I'm not taking into consideration - nor I have the necessary knowledge to understand.

This story is soo interesting 83. Possibly, one of the best I've ever read. It contains a bit of everything.
Mezzavia chapter 19 . 6/8/2011
Harry's need to exploit Draco's offer is kind of sad. Can he really not let himself go.. Does he really not want any friends?

I don't know what to think about Quirrel. He does seem to be helping, in a twisted way, but the things he says IN FRONT of everyone can be harmful. It's like he's slowly trying to convince everyone that Harry's the next Dark Lord.

I think Harry's read a bit too many novels and set his ideals/objectives a bit too high. He doesn't seem to know what real life is -seems pretty detached from reality to me- and needs to give every single behavour and psychological pattern a name. (Then, when Dumbledore confused the hell out of him, he didn't even take into consideration Dumbledore doing it on purpose.. I would at least have expected so from someone as paranoid as Harry is.) He can't seem to accept..averageness, for the lack of a better term. Quirrel's lesson about losing was indeed needed. Badly :/. When he succeeded, it was very touching. I was moved x). It was also very clever of him (of you) to use that opportunity to ingratiate himself with the Slytherins :).

(I forgot to tell you earlier, but the Quirrel Points were a magnificent idea [: ! SO helpful - I really wish we had something like that in my class.)
Mezzavia chapter 18 . 6/8/2011
Need.. more..air.. to.. breath. This whole chapter was too funny for my lungs capacity.

"And from that day onward, no matter what Hermione tried to tell

anyone, it would be an accepted legend of Hogwarts that Harry Potter

could make absolutely anything happen by snapping his fingers."

15 pages of Lols, rofls and the kind wouldn't even begin to express my feelings. XD
Mezzavia chapter 17 . 6/8/2011
It's kind of funny- I realized that as soon as I find something I don't agree with -the next chapter sets things right. Anyways..

Lol. I have been writing a fiction about The Lord of the Rings and the Balrog for a friend lately.. It seems to persecute me x).

I'm such a suspicious person. Dumbledore, knowing of Harry's intelligence, must've organized the whole thing (as in giving Harry the cloak with allegated such a peculiar note) to earn Harry's.. I definetely wouldn't call it trust. Whatever :). Argh. Wasn't he hinting at that when he showed Harry his notes on Lily's book? Probably their madness has just been affecting me x). But.. is he acting mad? I can't tell. So intriguing x). They had one of the oddest conversations ever.
mendota chapter 45 . 6/8/2011
I suppose at this point even entropy is being thrown out? :/
wes chapter 59 . 6/7/2011
Since i have read about Harry's true patronus that uses his life and mind as fuel but gives most back through its light. I have wondered what if he casts the patronus and tells it to walk and move in the same space as harry.

Like the patronus and harry's body happen to occupy the same space.

Harry would then have a patronus that is invisible to students who do not know how to detect such, and he would also have his entire body glow (for the patronus is casting light from beneath), which is useful in convincing others he is good.

I have long judged a good book to be one that temporarily takes over my imagination, therefore A and good work
Death by manga chapter 50 . 6/7/2011
Something tells me that Patil may fall for Harry as well. And then it'll get into a four-way intersection between Draco, Harry, Hermione, and Patil.
Raeigh chapter 5 . 6/7/2011
This is potentially one of the funniest scenes in all of fanfiction. I followed this fic once and stopped reading for some reason or another, but I've decided to give it another shot. If you hear from me again you'll know it went well.
Mezzavia chapter 14 . 6/7/2011
Omg! You are brilliant x) I'm not familiar with Turing machines, but apart from that.. the time traveling theory made a lot of sense. You're good at explaining things x)

I have read a lot of fictions yet when I see the review button, oftener than not I find myself with nothing to say. Your story, on the contrary, can make me angry; I even facepalm myself. Some things you say I agree with, a lot of them I can't agree with. Still. You actually HAVE something to say, everyone can see that. Your story makes people THINK. I find myself LOOKING for the review button (I'm reading it in Pdf format).

Neville's line was incredibly cool. Unlike Ron, it did look like you didn't dislike Neville. This seems to have confirmed it (I hope?) and I'm glad - he's a nice char.

Paradoxically, this fanfiction feels like a criticism to the original x). To me, it feels like you love the characters and the world JK Rowling has created, but at the same time think that it could have been done so much better. That a lot of things weren't given as much thought as they deserved. Indeed, just like Harry said, you are "optimizing"- reorganizing- JK's world. Pointing out the plotholes. *rambling*

Harry seems on the verge of realizing something important. That's good. Cold anger is not the answer. It's addictive. Could it be Harry's a bit of an insecure person, deep inside? :/. Well, I haven't read enough to know. His character's intriguing w. I can't wait to find out x).

Anyways, I really feel Harry's pain. When I was little, and adults would just dismiss my protests and my criticism with them having lived "far longer" and thus "knowing better", without giving me a real reason, it was most frustrating. I promised myself not to forget, so I wouldn't ever treat anyone the same way.
Death by manga chapter 45 . 6/7/2011
OK. that was a bit cliche don't you think?

Personally? I would have made a Fullmetal Alchemist reference and had Dementors symbolize the truth. The truth that all humans were afriad to face, and to protect themselves, they created mental barriers to protect themselves, similar to how a traumatized child creates barriers to protect them from truths that they have not matured enough to understand. Maybe before Atlantis ell, they created the Dementors to stop anyone from pursuing this truth without the necessary maturity to comprehend it without traumatizing themselves.
Death by manga chapter 44 . 6/7/2011
I think what Hermione meant to add at the end was, "Her life was over, and THEIR life had officially began.

So, you did the Sleeping Beauty routine. weird.
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