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Smeepalicious chapter 70 . 3/10/2011
... Reblogging this now.

And reading all the Sequences.

And quite possibly altering my entire outlook on life.

Because of a *fanfiction*

Are you sure you're not Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres in disguise? Because my life just got a lot more surreal.
JohnGalt chapter 1 . 3/10/2011
I never thought that I would actually read a fanfiction. In my mind, that's something my 12 year old cousin is in to. I'm an engineering major who needs to be spending his time studying - not reading fanfictions. But when someone posted this on my Facebook wall a couple weeks ago, I decided to give it a try. I almost didn't, but I'm so glad that I did. Within two chapters, I was hooked, and by now, I've read all 70. This is hilarious, engaging, and informative. I probably enjoyed reading this more than I did the original Harry Potter books, and I've been on that bandwagon from the beginning. Harry Potter has been a tradition in my family - when I was ten or so, my mother would read them to my brother and I before bed, and as we grew up, we continued reading them, or at least the first chapter, together, out of tradition. But I digress.

As someone who considered himself a rationalist before reading this, I knew a lot of the science already, but a lot of it was refreshing and new - And I've added Less Wrong, Overcoming Bias, and a few other related ones to the list of blogs that I regularly check.

It says to offer what criticism I can in this helpful text box below me, so I suppose I will do so. My least favorite parts have been (generally speaking) the most incredulous. The absurdity in some parts is, in my opinion, too much. My favorite parts are the interpersonal relationships between the characters, particularly Harry and Hermione, and Harry and Dumbledore. And of course, more science is always a good thing.

I'll be checking frequently for a new update - and I'll try to review every chapter as it comes out, from now on.
Strangeattractor chapter 70 . 3/10/2011
i"Why, that's brilliant, Hermione!" said Daphne in a tone of great amazement. "The way you set it up means we can get away with anything! And I didn't even notice your cunning plan until now!"/i

Ha ha ha ha. I hadn't thought of that either. It's pretty neat.
hellow212 chapter 70 . 3/9/2011
I found this story just a few days ago, and have just finished reading Chapter 70. I absolutely love it. I'm sure it's been mentioned before in the comments, but it seems that Harry's thoughts on Atlantis just disappeared. One minute he was pondering the origins of magic, and the next he wasn't. I'd definitely love to see some more realizations about how magic actually works, I love the science behind it. You're on my favorites list now :)
Aweomsenesisrandomeness chapter 2 . 3/9/2011
Remember Harry its bends the laws of physics.a lot.

(My Favourite Part)

And I suspect, Mr. Potter, that if I leave you alone for two months with your schoolbooks, even without a wand, I will return to this house only to find a crater billowing purple smoke, a depopulated city surrounding it and a plague of flaming zebras terrorizing what remains of England."
AlpineBob chapter 70 . 3/9/2011
OK, so this is my second review of chapter 70, and you've asked us to limit ourselves to one per chapter. Sorry. But I haven't reviewed any chapter in a while, so it should even out...

But what I'm wanting to discuss is - this revelation of the chicken. At the time I read the incident, I was under the impression that Dumbledore (Dd) was messing with Harry in exactly _opposite_ the way it now appears.

I thought that every Phoenix, or at least Fawkes in his dotage, just looked like a chicken. And that Dd took the opportunity to PRETEND to slight of hand with the egg just because he likes pranks (witness his tacit support of the twins).

Or just to confuse Harry because he is "inscrutable at everyone, not just witches." And in fact, my theory is still possible if he just has put Fawkes under a charm to APPEAR as a chicken.

Or the whole incident could have been an illusion, especially as Harry didn't smell anything.

Honestly, to change a pebble into a chicken just to then set it afire? That strikes me as evil. Because pebbles have no feelings, as far as we know, whereas chickens, however limited, do. If I thought Dd had actually done that I wouldn't trust him at all. Insane or not. Because that insanity would definitely have a bit of the psychopath as a component...

And this reminds me that Harry has basically aboandoned the whole, "what to eat if intelligence is might be hidden" question. Which strikes me as a shame. If he had thought it through, it is really a question of empathy, not intelligence. Harry doesn't want to be eaten. He knows he doesn't want to eat anything that knows it doesn't want to be eaten. How intelligent does something have to be to know it doesn't want to be eaten? But I digress...

Sorry about the "extra" review. Delete my first one if you want; basically all it said was that this chapter feels like a digression anyway.
saintjimmy84 chapter 17 . 3/9/2011
This is quite possibly one of the most addicting stories I have ever read. Period. The constant clash between science and magic, between the rational and the irrational, generates a constant tension and feeling of otherworldliness that permeates the entire story. The writing is brilliant and you have taken the characters and turned them into something unique and far more interesting than they originally were.

I just finished chapter 17 and it seems obvious to me what Dumbledore was trying to communicate to Harry with his mother's textbook. It seems to me that he's admitting to Harry that he, too, is messing with things like Fate and Time. And then he burns a chicken.

Anyhow, I have no constructive feedback to offer you at this point, and it seems to me that to do so would be pretentious. You are a far better author than I am. I suppose part of the reason I like your story so much is because the themes resonate so deeply with me - rationality vs. irrationality, the weirdness of the cosmos, the simple, elegant truth hidden behind a veil of confusing, contradictory concepts - these are the things I think about, and to find a story that thinks about them, too, is refreshing. The whole story thus far strikes me as an apt metaphor for science itself - Harry is abuzz right now with the excitement that comes from delving in to the secrets of the universe, and I wonder what mushroom clouds he is going to have to behold before he learns the wisdom of self doubt.
AlpineBob chapter 70 . 3/9/2011
I've read this chapter many times now, and I really do like it.

Even though it feels like a digression. The story is, after all, titled '_Harry Potter_ & the Methods of Rationality' - not Hermione Granger's quest for heroic equality. And given that in the notes the author stated he only understood Dumbledore's discouraging actions in previous chapters in hindsight, it seems the feeling is somewhat accurate. Digression or not, I can't help feeling it would be somewhat delightful if, after all the development of Harry that we have followed, it turned out to be Hermione who actually saves the day in the end...
ANV chapter 70 . 3/9/2011
Hermione just gets cooler and cooler.

Update soon, please?
Wryder chapter 64 . 3/8/2011 is past my bed time... 11:23, in fact...
New Reader chapter 70 . 3/8/2011
Thanks to this story, I have gotten very little done in the last three days. Thankfully, 70 chapters later, I can get back to my life. (Until 71 comes out.)
b17chofcerberus chapter 70 . 3/8/2011
So basically this is one of the more awesome stories I've read in quite some time. I enjoy it more than I did the original, to be honest, and I love the way the changes to the circumstances turn the original story's events on their head. I have devoured the whole thing in the space of a few days, so it might be a good thing that I have run out of chapters and will have to wait patiently for a while. I'm not a math person, but logic and reason I do understand, as I also can empathize with being too smart for my age/own good (though more in the linguistic area than science). Anyway, I think it's awesome, and I look forward to devouring the next segment with Ravenclawian literary gluttony. _
me chapter 70 . 3/8/2011
Hey I loved this ffic, it's bloody briliant!(a british exclamation, isnt it?). Although, I do wish there was more dialogues to make things a bit lighter, you know what I mean...

Waiting for the next installment, this is the worst commercial break in the history of breaks! Come back my marijuana!
Higashiyama Sayuri's Devout chapter 39 . 3/8/2011
Dumbledore stared at Harry.

Harry gazed equably back at the Headmaster.

The old wizard passed a hand across his forehead and muttered, "This is madness."


Sorry could not help myself.
Tripitaka chapter 70 . 3/8/2011
Somehow this chapters Mighty Impressive Dumbledore somehow pales in comparison to the Voice Of Power-User in the aftermath of TSPE, chapter 63... But since his purpose is somewhat different here htat may be negligible. Id love to see more Voice Of Power-Dumbledore!
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