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Pokethat chapter 63 . 12/10/2010
Amazingly done, it is stories like your that make me read fanfiction. Consider your story among my top five favorite stories on this site.
Alfvaen chapter 10 . 12/10/2010
I feel like I need to stop reading now after ten chapters, but I am very glad that pointed me here. I am chortling with glee, often surprised by the turns things are taking. And I wish I had read as many books as Harry had when I was eleven. I look forward to coming back later and reading the rest of this story.

(My own abortive Harry Potter fanfic attempts mostly concerned wizards trying to get to the moon, and 'What if Harry had ended up in Slytherin'. But this is better.)
w chapter 17 . 12/10/2010
Will we make it to 10K before Christmas, I wonder.

Nice things:

Factorization via TT is a nice idea, but what's really nice is how this got resolved. Though he should also notice it would solve all mathematical problems if it worked.

"would just die". Well yes.

"Draco himself was wearing a very controlled face that twitched occasionally, from which Harry inferred that Draco thought it was hilarious but saw no political advantage to be gained by laughing about it now instead of in the Slytherin dungeons afterward.

" - beautiful.

"Hadn't Madam Hooch said that would get him expelled?" - I love his naivety. This is actually excellent where you do make him naive, despite all the intelligence.

'"Just do it," said Terry Boot in a weary voice. "No point asking why, trust me on this one."'

Dean something. Does he know Ichigo?

'"It's a plot hole," said Harry. "I made myself weird enough to distract the universe for a moment and it forgot that Goyle had already picked up the Remembrall."


"Dean something"

Yes, yes, red remembrall is a hint and a usual I have no idea what of.

" I can well foresee that I am fated to sit in the Headmaster's office and hear some hilarious tale about Professor Quirrell in which you and you alone play a starring role, after which there will be no choice but to fire him." heh heh, I did think that Azkaban escapade would be it.


"Words of P&M got lost".

Yes, I do think the idea of D having learned how to hack reality since it obeys heroical patterns is quite cool.

I love the Tolkien reference with D looking at the cloak.

The idea of the rock. I do think Dinosaurusgede Elvis picture belongs here.

"Dumbledore entirely failed to ask any questions about this cryptic statement. " D is excellent here as well. I think one of the weaknesses of 62 or sth is that he's not crazy enough there.

I still don't get why he'd go to Lily's bedroom.

Sneezes, eh.

"Apologies are good" that doesn't even make sense! What am I talking about?

"Yes, I'm very angry!" said Harry. "Grrr!"

Harry's Internal Critic promptly awarded him the All-Time Award for the Worst Acting in the History of Ever.
Acilio chapter 62 . 12/10/2010
"No," said the old wizard's voice. "I do not think so. The Death Eaters learned, toward the end of the war, not to attack the Order's families. And if Voldemort is now acting without his former companions, he still knows that it is I who make the decisions for now, and he knows that I would give him nothing for any threat to your family. I have taught him that I do not give in to blackmail, and so he will not try."

I love how this passage could mean that Dumbledore really killed Narcissa as a message to the Death Eaters for their attacks to families of the Order's members.?
Juryu chapter 62 . 12/10/2010
Even though I understand your point about the dementors being unspeakably terrible, and azkaban being more like torture in hell than a prison... all this talk about how it is so obvious that the Good Thing to do would be to get all the prisoners out of there makes me a little uncomfortable. Let us not forget that they are criminals. I know you probably mean punish them in a more reasonable way, or get these dangerous people out of society without going so far as to destroy their souls... but that's not what I'm reading. I'm reading "just set them free". I'm reading "poor criminals, we are so bad to them". Besides the fact that I'm not entirely sure torture by dementors is not a reasonable punishment for at least some of them (e.g. Voldemort's followers who used killing curses on innocent people just for not hating muggles)... there is also the issue that these criminals are powerful wizards. Maybe the only way to keep them from escaping is to put them in a state of mind where they can't use their magic anymore. It's also not unreasonable that Harry might think it's good to set them free... There are plenty of people in real life who think like that. But I think there should be at least someone in the story reminding him that the prisoners are prisoners for a reason.
Chaos Dragon chapter 6 . 12/10/2010
i haven't finished this chapter, but i had this revelation that i absolutely needed to share based on the last bit of the first part. ie:

Possibility two: He'd be taking over the world.


But Harry still couldn't stop the huge smile that was stretching his cheeks so wide they were starting to hurt.


"Ignore it, it'll go away. Ooh, shiny!"

it took me a minute to stop laughing once i said it out loud, but this is like jayne cobb meets artemis fowl. i love it. look forward to reviewing more in the future :D

dinosaurusgede chapter 63 . 12/9/2010
Beautiful chapters..

have a nice holiday/break, Less Wrong! :D
Inzainiac chapter 51 . 12/9/2010
Very interesting fic so far. I want to read more, but then I'll have to wait until your back from your break to remember and begin reading everything again. I guess I might as well slow down my inhalation of this story and study for my exams...
James M chapter 63 . 12/9/2010
I just recently discovered Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, and immediately fell in love with it. Please keep up the great work; it's very much appreciated.
w chapter 16 . 12/9/2010
Here we go again.

Here's a solution to the D N conundrum. D only _claimed_ to have burned N so that no further family attacks would happen. Still leaves open question what actually happened to her, but at least does not make D unreasonably evil.

Good things:

Minions. Recruitment. BTW it _is_ interesting how long Draco will manage to abuse CG here. "Loved.. get married" in both context.

Q rocks. But we all know that. The entire lesson is amazing.

It is weird H doesn't think of Milgram right here.

You use the word "sheer" quite often.

All of this chapter, really, is excellent.

One more note - I do hope H's thoughts about simulation when he got Time Turner mean you won't go meta with this. While "I'm in a book" is a reasonable answer to why magic works, it would be sad, I think, to break the 4th wall so much here.

Hope you're enjoying your hiatus.
GuesssWho chapter 63 . 12/9/2010
Azkaban was something I couldn't stomach in Harry Potter either.

To be honest, there were more than a few things I didn't like in that series, especially towards the end. She didn't do anything 'unusual'-that is, not a cliche-at the end.
Anon chapter 1 . 12/9/2010
This is a pretty bad idea of posting this when you're probably not around to see it, but Harry seems to have an oddly low amount of interest in things that are not science, in particular it hasn't even occured to him to look at the names of spells from a language-point of view as his only clue as to where they come from.
klao chapter 24 . 12/9/2010
The worst thing about MoR is that it spoils you. You become so used to reading about _really_ clever characters, that it's really hard to go back to the average (science) fiction. Where all the characters hold the Idiot Ball in turns, or frequently at the same time.

Sure, I've noticed some of it before, and was frustrated by it too. But, after exposure to MoR it became unbearable! Damn you, Less Wrong! ;) Now you'll have to keep writing or there will be nothing for us to read!
GuesssWho chapter 30 . 12/8/2010
Warhammer AND Lovecraft, brilliant!
steffiii07 chapter 10 . 12/8/2010
both my eardrums just popped and im pretty sure my lungs are going to be sore for a week... to funny... I can't stop laughing t hurts everywhere, and still can't stop, I was silent the entire way through and the at the last line it was like and bomb explosion, I just couldn't stop
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